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iPhone 5 Compatibility

Posted by JasonH, in Apple 14 September 2012 · 11216 views

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After testing the iPhone 5 with the 30 pin adapter and the current cable from pioneer:
  • Supports audio iPod output with ID3 data and album art
  • Supports audio out apps (like Pandora)
  • Supports controls (track change, thumb up, thumb down, next, etc)
  • Will NOT support video iPod, video app, or Enhanced App Radio functions.
Without the 30 pin adapter, (using the included USB cable) all you can do is charge the phone on the X/F/Z Series.
It appears that the newer AVH Series units support direct USB connection.

Pioneer Compatibility Chart (PDF)

Are you saying that I will still be able to listen to music though my x920 with the new iPhone? I don't really care about video.
Music will work with the 30 pin adapter or via bluetooth/3.5mm, yes.
Is that the Apple OEM adapter cable connected to the Pioneer cable or an aftermarket?
Based on some developer info on the OEM Apple Adapter.
hmmm... thats better than what we thought originally.
this is what I found in macworld also.

"As with the 30-pin connector, the Lightning connector supports video output; Apple told Macworld that Lightning-to-HDMI and Lightning-to-VGA cables will be available “in the coming months.”"

found from: http://www.macworld....ns_for_you.html

also from : http://www.trustedre...cables-incoming

So the real question is, how soon will pioneer be able to research and engineer a cable that goes from the lightning port to our radios?

Also, I wonder, if I were to take the lightning cable that came with the iphone, plug it into the usb port that the iphone cable plugs into, then take a male-male headphone cable and plug it into the other female cable attached, would THAT work? Just wondering... I doubt it, but what if...
That won't work. When you plug the iphone5 in with the lightning cable, on the AVIC's you get "iPod not found" or "iPod not authorized" - basically it can't even see it.

For what it's worth, it will charge and you can play pandora & ipod music via bluetooth. (no album art for either, though)
Another thing I have found is that the SIRI through BT audio will let you voice text, and listen over the speakers. It also will let you play specific songs on your iphone 5 ie: "play (song name on your iphone"). My x940bt will also not recognize the ipod through usb but the other features are pretty cool.
It won't work since the adapter isn't available yet.
I received my lightning to 30 pin adapters from Apple this morning, and they are not worth the money. After I connected the iPhone 5 to the adapter and Pioneer cable, my Z140BH went crazy playing a second or two of each song then changing to the next song, then the next song, over and over. I put the radio in app mode and tried the CarMediaPlay app, and it was doing the same thing, but extremely slow trying to change screens and freezing up. I finally put the radio in direct control from the phone and it worked letting me select my songs from the phone, but still hesitated occasionally. Also no video out, only audio. After the wasted money on the adapters, my recommendation is to use Bluetooth. It works with no issues. Like I said, the adapters are a waste of money.Posted Image
Posted Image
After personally testing, I can confirm that the adapter works for everything except video output/enhanced app mode.

After personally testing, I can confirm that the adapter works for everything except video output/enhanced app mode.

sorry for not knowing...what is enhanced app mode, or should I say what are enhanced apps? I do use video, so that would be a drag to lose.

other than that, the X920 screen, album artwork, steering wheel access..all works fine with i5 devices, iOS6, the Apple adapters connected to the Pioneer 30 pin cable?
Has anyone tried the iPhone 5 with the 30 pin adapter on an AVH-P42000DVD? Mine isn't listed on the compatibility chart, but it is kind of old. I don't really want to go and buy the iPhone 5 if it isn't going to work with my head unit. I'll just get something cheaper...

If you update the AppRadio 2 to the current firmware you won't need to do any of this. Just connect an HDMI cable from the phone to the back of the head unit. Touchscreen now works via Bluetooth rather than through the Pioneer cable. Pioneer now officially supports iPhone 5 connectivity. Yay! Check out this video to see how it works:


This is only for the AppRadio2 though, right? Thanks for posting.

I have Pionee AVH-8400 model with appradio. I have iphone 4s and the
cable needed to work my apparadio. All work perfect. But now i will
replace my iphone 4s with iphone 5, which dont use 30 pin conection, so i
need another kit of cables to work my appradio with iphone 5? you
think, that will work only with 30 pin adapter from apple?

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