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    Free XM?

    I just installed the GEX-P10XMT in my truck. Just for S&Gs I tried it out, to my suprise, it worked. I got all 200some-odd channels. Is this normal? Is it a free trial or something? My GEX-P10XMT is a refurb unit, could the old account be active on it?
  3. I read somewhere that there is an addendum to the iPod controller instructions. It said that if it is connected via the bus cable, then the power and ground don't need to be connected. Any verification on this? Is it is true, do any of the other modules require their power and ground to be connected. It would be a much cleaner install if all you needed to connect was the bus cable.
  4. In my CrewMax I mounted the antenna under the center speaker hole. I put the antenna in the hole and used the ground plane to tape it to the hole from underneath. Works like a champ.
  5. Is there a hard button for the voice recognition that you can remotely mount. I'm talking about a button that you can mount within easy reach that does the same thing as the soft button on the screen. Seems to me that having to look down to press the soft button defeats purpose of having voice recognition. I think another brand offers one, does Pioneer?
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