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  1. I will save the donation to next update there comes out. And to all who donated big thanks, you will be the first who get next update in first order Thx again
  2. I have find him on DBA All information for donations is in 1st post mate and in my profile
  3. Nice to see you sell my product/map update on DBA in Denmark, why not send me a donation for my work? I have pay for this map and share it on this site.
  4. 1st post is updated, the file in my post works 100% on all models I will say thx to all who have get this update to work Thanks again. Flomsen
  5. Okay boys and girls, download the file in 1st post and install it. Need feedback if it works, remember post me a PM with your pioneer model if it works 100%. so I can update info to my 1st post, thx
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