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  1. my D3 "whines"

    The static in the background when you press a button is normal. For some reason the audio file they chose has static in the background.
  2. Crutchfield free backup camera offer - how long?

    Yup, we're the immature clowns Actually I think we have a pretty good idea, considering you've managed to turn a simple question into a 6 page long thread with you drama. Umm, and you're trying to what exactly? Because I'm sure you go around cursing at everyone and threatening to fuck them up in real life. Somehow I really doubt that. Hopefully that was the last post by this SOB. Either way, I vote to just ignore him from now on. I'm done with his sorry ass.
  3. AVIC D3 and CD-IB100II

    You'll get the same features that you get when you use it with a D1/2. It'll work as an external device (if it works at all). Buy the new cable. Its $20.
  4. Crutchfield free backup camera offer - how long?

    C'mon Paisan, he doesn't have to worry about someone stealing his D3. If anyone comes by hes tough enough. He'll take care of em.
  5. Crutchfield free backup camera offer - how long?

    Nice I'll catch a train into Penn and meet you there. This'll be fun.
  6. Bypass and still hook up reverse lights

    I try to be nice when I can
  7. Bypass and still hook up reverse lights

    Ok, just so this asshole shuts the hell up.... Do the bypass. Hook your camera and reverse gear input up as usual. It will all work. Now f*ck off.
  8. I Need It!

    He meant three single RCA cables instead of one RCA cable with three connectors. I'm sure they make that. Check out your local radio shack.

    Take off yours caps lock por favor.
  10. AVIC-Z2: Pioneer, do you not read COMPLAINTS???

    billyboy- Please take off yours caps lock. If using lower case letters makes it hard to read, go to View -> Text Size in Internet Explorer and make the font bigger.
  11. Update for Z1 Comeing Soon

    "They are expecting it shortly" Hah. By that, they mean "We have absolutely no idea" It'll probably be out by the end of April, but based on what 'T' has said, DO NOT do the upgrade unless you want to lose your bypass.

    Ummm, I would check your sources on that bit of info. I can't find anything on a Z1 recall.
  13. Bypass AVIC-Z2

    You would need to take an RCA cable and connect the video out to the rear camera in. You would also need to put 12V+ on one side of a switch and the reverse gear input on the other. Flip the switch and it'll make the AVIC think that you are in reverse, and it'll switch to the camera input, which will be your video out.
  14. Bypass AVIC-Z2

    Most likely it's just a switch to disconnect the nav antenna and VSS wire and ground the parking brake. Anything else, I would believe it when I see it. Paid the 10 bucks, yes nav antenna switch. Yea thats what we figured. It also explains why when I emailed him to confirm it was a real bypass and not something that you hurt my navi accuracy like a switch on the antenna he never wrote back.
  15. Blue Tooth question

    Please edit your post with resized pictures.