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  1. AVH-4100NEX w/iPod via USB static/audio issues.

    one user fixed the static issue doing a new warp snapshot with the ipod connected, so this may very well be a problem of the software, btw dont do this without the hardware mod, or you will be sorry.
  2. AVH-4200NEX issue with detaching faceplate

    btw you can detach the screen without retracting it, the slider is under the front bezel, slide it and monitor pops right out never have to deal with this as i always leave mine installed
  3. AVH-4200NEX issue with detaching faceplate

    pioneer is using cheap plastic which is warping in the heat and returning form when its cool, even the GEARS on the servo are plastic!
  4. 8200 mute (yellow/black) wire

    usually for things like this, a DMM helps, testing the wire voltage when pressing MUTE, if theres no signal change, it's an INPUT, if theres a change, it's an OUTPUT usually, its also in the installation manual, that most people tend not to read.
  5. AVIC Development Mod - Developer Debug Menu

    or just use the console uart, where adb is always available without playing with the debug menu (which disables the iphone link when you switch to device mode)
  6. What are these numbers on map?

    looks like pair and impair, house addresses comming up, left side of street is pair and right side is impair just a guess
  7. hmm my ios 10.1 on iphone7 plus is jailbreakable still, but i have not had the time to play with it yet (yalu jailbreak)
  8. Carplay how to install

    i think you need IOS9+ for carplay to work, it should be in the Settings of your phone, built into the OS
  9. AVH-4100NEX

    the NEX5000 folder must be on the root of the USB/SD card
  10. AVIC-NEX 8100 Alternator Whine

    try to set the brightness to max of the headunit, and see if it still hums, some people hear that kind of noise because of the pwm backlight.
  11. F150 Steering Wheel Controls

    your not the only person on the forum with steering code issues, have you tried updating the firmware on the headunit and then trying again, and using the proper idatalink adaptor to retain the steering controls, is the installer knows whats he doing? you could call pioneer, but they would definately want to know what module you installed to retain the steering controls and/if it has the latest firmware itself etc, so you'd need to know that. the installer supposed to make sure that works
  12. Best AVIC unit

    "best" and "budget" don't mix. You may get those features from a couple different units. Is your car "the best" for what you were able to "afford" ?
  13. Steering Wheel Controls Messed Up 8200NEX

    SDTicker, is it perhaps because you updated the firmware? Perhaps Pioneer updated the keylayout files which means you either have to downgrade firmware, update your idatalink, or change/edit your keylayout file.
  14. I've forgotten AVH-4000nex password

    USB1 or SDCARD slot yes, NOT USB2 <-- simply wont work for testmode.
  15. you could fix this easily with uart adaptor, to disable WARP, your unit will boot again normally (and slow), then, upload GOOD firmware to your internal SD card, then re-enable WARP from the BSP and you should be back up and running like new