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  1. Trying to Get the Unit Working Past Splash Screen

    Just a little update on my new finding. The unit is still unresponsive after the initial boot up to the splash screen. I found that the USB Plugin has power when the unit boots up, but the USB loses power as soon as the screen and buttons go black. Is this any indication for the unit not having enough power to boot. I’m running out of ideas and getting to the point of letting my hammer do the talking lol
  2. Trying to Get the Unit Working Past Splash Screen

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I deleted the pairings with other phones through Bluetooth settings. Did not mess around with anything else on the unit. I tried the testmode.key just how you mentioned but it still boots to splash screen, screen seems to flicker a little bit than the screen goes black, and 10 sec later the buttons go black. Eject button is the only button functioning. I haven’t installed anything on it other than pairing up my iphone. Thanks
  3. Hello, I wanted to write a post because I have been searching the internet in hope to find a solution to my problem. I have a z140bh in my 2005 4RUNNER. It worked great until it didn’t. Last thing I remember before the unit started to crap out was that I purchased a new iPhone and linked it to the unit. While I was in settings pairing my new phone, I wanted to declutter the users on the unit so I deleted all the previous users on there leaving only my phone in there. I must have deleted the main user which caused the unit to stop booting up past splash screen. The unit boots up to the splash screen with all the buttons lit up and than everything goes dark. The only button that works is the EJECT button which I have to press down for a few seconds for the unit to open the screen. I have tried removing battery for 30 min, I have tried loading up the SD card with test mode file I found here in the forum. I held Mode and Previous Track buttons on boot up but nothing helps. Prior to unit going out I did constantly get a message on bootup about brake wire not being connected properly but I’d press ok and it all worked. This sucks so I wanted to ask if there is anything else I can do before pulling the unit out and taking it into a shop. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be as detailed as I could. Thank you