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  1. MRZ-099 in english?

    hi psgill, did u able to found any solution for it. thanks
  2. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    thank you javed . but as per my limited understanding from post 411 it is evident that procedure is not successful for MRZ-099 . could any one confirm if they tried it on MRZ-099 and managed to change language successfully highly obliged to your replies and support thanks
  3. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Thank you Javed for your reply. i have gone through the all thread what i understand from post #93 the earlier describe procedure will not work on MRZ-099. thats why i am asking if there is any update on it . secondly for entering in test mode i have no right left button on the device . Thanks for support.
  4. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hello All, Can some one have solution for converting Japaneses into English for AVIC-MRZ099 . i have imported Honda vezel and all is in Japaneses. secondly what exactly this device functionality . if all together change it with other DVD system does it made difference to some of built in car functionality. Any help in this regard will be highly appericated