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  1. Cheapest Ive seen them yet

    Story has changed!!! lol Ok so he said next week so I'm gonna try and call tuesday to see if they got them. Also said 1000-1100 on the F90 but if I find it cheaper they'll match it. Also have the local shop diggin up a price on a F900. We'll see.
  2. This is the question I'm stuck on......
  3. F series at Best Buy?

    Most likely July. With my luck it'll be August lmao
  4. so who will be waiting

    I was all read to swipe the card for the D3 when I heard about the F series and with all the features I couldnt say no especially for only a couple hundred more bucks!
  5. Bypass?

    I noticed that ad earlier today on ebay. claims he can bypass it. does need some spell/grammarcheck in his auction though lol
  6. Cheapest Ive seen them yet

    Called them up as I only live right down 74 in Monroe and the guy did sound asian. Had no clue on a price and also dais it'd be another month to get them in???
  7. Cheapest Ive seen them yet

    Think I may do the same with the sonic ebillpay
  8. F series at Best Buy?

    X2 I also have some credit so I'm just gonna have to settle for the F900??