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  1. Hi, Do the backgrounds on my new Pioneer unit look lousy or is it just me? I just installed the AVH-P3100DVD and am happy with the results but for one exception. I really don't think the backgrounds come out looking 'good'. By good I mean clear, sharp, and perhaps not stretched. Now I guess I am spoiled by the nice images I get on my computer LCD monitor so I was hoping to see something similar on the head unit. Could it be the touch screen layer plus anti-glare that is making the image look lousy? I am hoping someone can confirm is this is the case or if I have a defective unit. First I thought it might be a resolution/scaling issue. I tried the recommended 500x240 images but they didn't look good. So I checked the spec's on the unit. 5.8" screen with 336,960 pixels (1440x234). Pioneer's web site states the screen is QVGA (480x234x3). So I tried trimming the 500x240 pictures to 480x234. They were no better. It even appears to me that the JPG is stretched to fill the screen after uploading. I should note that the text that the unit displays is sharp and clear but not the background. Any insights or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!