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  1. X930BT Speed Pulse HELP!

    The wire is a pink wire on the harness. You probably just have it connected to the wrong wire in the car. If you cant find the wire in your car try just disconnecting the speed sensor wire completely. It should have a little tag on it labeling it the vehicle speed sensor wire.
  2. AVIC X930BT Nav Problems

    K well I moved the VSS wire and got it right, and now it all seems to work pretty well. The only thing is the 3D calibration section. The 3D part has no bars and it still says initializing. Before I fixed the VSS wire it gave me a message that said "G sensor is not detected" or something like that and to double check my installation. I will keep driving around now that I fixed the VSS wire and will reset the 3D thing one more time, but do is the G sensor error probably related to the VSS error?
  3. I just installed a new X930BT in my 2006 RSX last night, and have some serious problems with the navigation. Now I read a couple threads here talking about how it is pretty bad in these units, but mine is even worse. 1. When driving on a road, it doesnt put me on the road at all. I should be seeing what street I am on at the moment on the bottom, correct? I don't see anything like that. 2. When I try to set a destination, it doesnt give me turn by turn directions. I suspect that this is because the GPS still hasn't locked me as actually being on the correct route or anything. I can go waaaaay off the route though and it doesnt even try redirecting me. 3. I have about 9 of the red satellites and 1 signal bar. I know its not the best but I have the antenna installed under my AC vents. I did this in another car with my AVIC D3 and it works fine. 4. I checked the 3D calibration menu and it just says "Initializing" under the status. I've driven for about 30 miles now. That cant be normal can it? Manually adjusting my position doesn't help. 5. Lastly, it is possible my VSS wire is hooked up incorrectly. When I check the status of it, it is around 5-6 when I am idling at a stop. Is that normal? I am thinking that I hooked it up to the RPM wire on accident. Thanks for any assistance
  4. D3 -> iPhone Charging Problem - FIXED

    Is this the only confirmed connector to make the iPhone charge with the D3 cable?
  5. Used D3 value?

    I'm surprised at the value of these on craigs and ebay. I see the F series with built in navi and bluetooth going for 3-400$ used, yet the D3 at the same price. Not sure why someone would prefer the D3 other than the larger screen size.
  6. Just Updated AVIC D3

    I believe that is the "Hide" option. Nothing comes up when you press on the screen?
  7. Hacking the D3 to use Unicode?

    Sorry to bump this, but just wanted to double check. Theres no way to display any asian characters from an iPod to the D3?
  8. Sorry for the bump, but this is the thread that came up in my search. I am looking to upgrade from my 5.5G Video iPod to a Classic. I read that thread and it seems that 1.0.2 firmware fixes it unless you put more than 2 or so videos on it. Is this true? And to clarify, ONLY the video function is broken right? I can have an iPod Classic on a D3 with newest firmware and listen to my music just fine?
  9. Avic D3 lag/ behind in map

    There is indeed a setting in the navigation menus. I forgot exactly where but I believe it says "Edit Current Location". From there you can move a cursor to where you believe is the right spot for your car
  10. i have those, well the 2.4x version...now i have to figure out how to print directly onto the disk.
  11. wait, DONT use paper labels? good thing you said this, i was going to do that. can i ask how you did yours?
  12. D3 Ipod noise workarounds.

    well that sucks. i guess ill have to turn on the light..what a shame.
  13. D3 Ipod noise workarounds.

    has anybody else had success with a ferrite? does it matter where on the cord you put the ferrite?
  14. avic d3 ???

    Yes that is what i said. But it depends on who you are talking to. Apple products are commonly referred to as 1G 2G 3G meaning 1st, 2nd 3rd generation starting with the iPod. Many people confuse this with the 2G and 3G describing speed for the iPhone, which is what Pogigreg is doing.
  15. avic d3 ???

    uh, not one person above has stated that the 3G iphones charge. all i see people saying are that the 2g and the originals work fine, which are the same phone. 2G is not always 2nd gen, confusing i know.