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  1. i know this is an issue on tiburons.....on many harnesses that you buy to plug into the factory harness, the blue wire on that harness actually lines up with the vss wire. sending 12v from the head unit will cause the speedo to go wacky. find out what color the vss wire is in the car, and make sure nothing is connected to that.
  2. Trash it or fix it (N2)

    you need the brain to power it up
  3. What's the best microphone?

    get the garmin mic. i got it on ebay for 15 bucks. it is the same mic as the parrots (single mic, not dual). it GREATLY improved sound quality on the other end
  4. Z1 now useless

    just go to pioneer's website and buy the harnesses.
  5. same here...buy a garmin...much better than the pioneer in my opinion. i also work as an installer and i can safely say i cant wait to get rid of my f90 and buy a kenwood with the garmin built in.
  6. yes it is supposed to stay on until the avic shuts off completely. reason being, is that if you had a 4 channel amp hooked up, it will still use the amp for key beeps and navigation prompts. thats why the amp stays on. if you need it to turn off, id suggest installing a switch on the rem. turn on for the mono block.
  7. NO SOUND?! new deck.... F700BT

    sounds like you hooked up the antenna lead to the amp turn on wire. change the setting on the deck to power instead of antenna.
  8. Wireless remote for the AVIC F?

    how bout something like this.......wired adapter with a wireless remote control thats waterproof! http://cgi.ebay.com/PIONEER-wireless-WA ... 1|294%3A50
  9. Just installed hd tunner but cant hear HD sound

    sounds like you plugged the ip bus cable into the wrong port. it goes in the black one, not the blue one on the tuner...
  10. new f700bt

    hmm thats interesting....i would bring it back to the installer and have them do a current draw test on the unit
  11. new f700bt

    it could also be that the battery could have died when the radio was being installed...maybe when the ign was left on or when it was being tested after the install. when a cell in a battery dies, it cannot hold a proper charge. have a load test done on the battery just to make sure. auto parts stores will usually do this for free
  12. New Pioneer microphone design

    i just bought a garmin microphone for my f 90 i just installed it yesterday and am hoping to try it out today. the garmin mic is the exact same one that the parrot bt kits use.i think they just repackage the parrot microphone. i also have a newer parrot kit, the mk6100 and it has the dual mic like the pioneer one. but here's the one i bought for my f90...hopefully it works better! http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-External-M ... B000F7A832
  13. AVIC-F90BT 2 year warranty purchased from 6ave.com

    when i sent my avic 90 in for warranty service, they didnt even ask for a receipt to prove where i bought it from. i sent it in and they sent it back fixed.
  14. Speed adaptive volume control

    nope...it has never existed on the avic head units....i wish it did though. i remember buying a pioneer 8400 back in 02 that had it...i loved it! my mustang is so damn loud when im on the fwy that i wish the f90 raised and lowered the volume...but oh well..i just reach over and turn the knob lol
  15. Circuit City Sale

    i guess its only for the hardcore bb cc employees. a lot of my good friends work at cc and i work at best buy and i dont care. but its funny how some people get all worked up at my store over circuit city across the street. i just laugh at them and figure they have nothing better to do. my friend at cc told me that at his cc the "liquidation" prices are still no better what they were discounting before. they have 14 700bt radios and theyre going for like 570 or so. nowhere near the price that 6ave had them for.