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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all ! I've done a cursory search of the forum, and haven't found anything that matches this issue. If I missed something, I'm sorry. But here goes: My D3 will read system discs and DVDs with no issue. But when I play an audio CD it will not. It WILL see all track info, the clock will tick down as if it's playing something, and it will switch from track to track. Pause works, volume works and the BEEP will work as well. But there is no CD audio. nothing plays. DVD audio plays just fine, and it will read a NAV disc without an issue. Anyone got any ideas ? I know there is a seperate laser for the CD and the DVD, and I have considered buying the laser and servo (There is actually one for sale on Ebay at this very moment which is a god-send) but it reads track info and scans between tracks. When it does scan tracks it takes it's time too so it's as if CD audio is just muted. And no, it's not muted Multiple discs attempted. Lemme know what you think ! Celerity
  2. AVIC SQ

    Hello, I am an owner of F930BT. Upgraded Mazda 5 stock speakers to Morel Hybrid 602, added Mosconi AS 100.4 amp and a Hertz 10" sub. Installed an Alipine Back Up Camera. The system sounds decent. The best sound by far is reproduced from the good old CD. The 2nd place goes to the USB pen drives with WAV files. Third - SDHC with the same WAV files. 4TH is a USB powered HDD (same WAV) and 5TH is the IPOD via Pioneer cable (ALAC) I wonder why the USB sounds better than SDHC. They must be using the same DAC. Or not? What is the DAC in this particular model? And a more general question: what is the sound signature of Pioneer AVIC throughout the generations? F - NEX? Is NEX a big sound quality upgrade? Looking forward to your thoughts.
  3. Hi guys, So I've had my head unit for awhile and it's pretty great. I've never had an issue...until now. I'm really hoping someone has heard of this or can offer advice. I got off work this morning and ejected the CD to load another CD. However, it's stuck on that CD-load image (ya know where the screen goes gray and has a picture of a white CD that appears is half way in the slot). The screen will NOT retract all the way. After putting in the CD, the LCD panel will not retract automatically. Pressing the Eject button will move the screen about 3/4 of the way, but as soon as it hits this point it goes back down and that gray CD image in the middle of the screen is still present. I have no idea what would cause this issue...but it's really annoying and just kinda crazy. I was hoping I would find something on here, but I wasn't able to. I attempted to remove the CD several times to no avail. I've turned the ignition off...it tries to retract but it fails at that same 3/4 position and then goes back and then beeps 4 times. I attempted to reset the microprocessor with the reset button in the bottom right corner and while it reset...it's still stuck in the same position with that CD loading logo. While it's in this state...I'm not able to do anything. I cannot access the home menu, control volume, use any of the physical buttons on the bottom row (besides the eject button). *** I'm going to try and load the image again via USB and I've considered disconnecting the car battery as well. I don't know that either will work. I might have to completely remove it from the dash and reinsert it. I should note. When I put the CD back in, even though it's in this state, it will play the CD sometimes. Sometimes it won't. Also, when I press the eject button for the screen to return to it's normal position you do see the regular screen, home menu, wherever it was before as it's the screen is moving and attempting to revert back to the original position...but again, it hits that 3/4 of the way position and then the CD loading slot icon returns with the gray screen and it reverts back to it's position. I'm really hoping I can get this fixed and I'm sorry for the long post. I hope this was informative enough to explain my situation. Thank you for ANY and ALL help in advance... Joe
  4. Loading music other than CDs?

    HI, I have a Z1 unit and the CD isn't reading. I really don't use CDs anymore like i am sure most of you. Is there anyway at all to upload music from a computer or any other source? thank you
  5. I have just replaced my F90BT with a new X930BT. All is working properl,y but when I play a CD no information is shown on screen such as album title, artist, or name of the song. I have tried at least a half-dozen different CDs, all original manufacturer's discs, no copies and the lack of information is the same. This was not a problem with the original F90BT. Information from my iPod and an SD card displays correctly. Have I managed to miss a setting somewhere or done something else dumb? Any suggestions would be appreciated.