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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I have an AVH-4000NEX V1.11 and trying to update to LATEST version V1.20 but the update keeps failing at 66% each time. I'm using SDHC San Disk card and used the same card in the past to update from 1.21 to 1.11. I tried a different approach by using a USB key plugged in port usb 1 but it's not picking it as the FW update source even when SD card is empty. Any known fix for this. I'm desperate about Pioneer. Regards,
  2. I just got my AVIC 8100NEX today, and when I first ran Android Auto I used to be able to simultaneously also be connected to bluetooth, and Pandora would show up on the Android Auto list to play. It worked great but after I updated the firmware to 1.03 Pandora or Bluetooth for that matter will not work or even be available at the same time that I am using Android Auto. I used to be able to use Pandora at the same time I had Android Auto running. How can I fix this? -------EDIT------ Ok...my mistake. I just realized I have to press the onscreen "headphone" icon twice to have the Pandora, I Heart Radio, etc to appear.
  3. I've seen the european update up on the website since the 16th. Anyone have any idea when the US will receive the update?
  4. Updating 7010bt

    A little background on my system.... Bought the car brand spankin' new and within my standard warranty had to replace my 7010bt 3 TIMES!!! Now it's at that point again where I'm having issues with it and can't get a new one cause dealer said its out of warranty. Issues: Won't charge iPod touch at times when I plug it in, only one side of the speakers work until i hit bump (luckily has it had this issue in a LONG while and hoping it stays that way), Bluetooth doesn't work half the time, screen dims back and forth, has changed languages a couple of times on it own, luckily I can read Spanish and barely got through Finnish. I was wondering where I can find these "updates" that can help some of these problems? Even update my maps? Stupid thing is out of warranty some I'm even down with "hacking" it to get all this fixed. Today I FINALLY, requested from Pioneer the 2.008 update. I honestly haven't checked with version I have, but hopefully have that info by tonight. Any suggestions and directions would be greatly appreciated!
  5. AVH-P5200BT

    I gave up on looking for firmware updates on the Pioneer website a year ago. I can find the head unit and the install / manual uploads but that is it. I looked through the FAQ's and hate asking newbie questions, but the unit has never had a firmware update and I wanted to know if it is worthwhile to keep on looking. A direct link or location of the firmwarm file would be great. Thanks in advance!
  6. F700bt firmware 2.08 bypass???

    Does anyone have a new software parking break bypass for Pioneers 2.08 firmware update? Please Help, I've been all over this forum and can't seem to find one.