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Found 16 results

  1. CD stops when iPhone on camera

    Ok so I just finished installing an AVIC6400NEX head unit. Configured Apple CarPlay and all the bells and whistles. So to my surprise when trying to take a picture with my phone of the install, I put my phone in camera mode and the music (from the CD) stopped. Hit the home button and that was it, all functions were off. I could not select the CD as input with the camera of my phone on. Got out of the camera mode and bang, the music and all functions are back. Anyone knows what this is all about ? thanks !
  2. Hi, I have BIG problem with bluetooth in Pioneer AVIC F8430BT. The bluetooth is simply not working. Search do not recognize any device. Bluetooth option is avaliable only after few minutes after unit starts. In Test Mode I have BT open Error or failure. Flashing from bluetooth menu was not possible, while after maps update the new firmware version was uploaded but nothing has change. Is this hardware failure, or are there any other software tools that can help??
  3. Hi guys, it is my first post in here. I am an electronics engineer, working in field for about 25 years now. I recently obtained a AVIC F960DAB with problem, but i don't know it's history. Unit once powered displays the following screen: then: What I tried to fix it: Download latest firmware from Pioneer website, extract to SD card - no change. Go to the test mode mode using testmode_a.key (with content from https://github.com/bassrock/AVIC-NEX/blob/master/README.md) only one key worked for me - 007PRODUCT003ALL00833333333007PRODUCT0082013010100820201230000, allowed me to start the unit and go to the FW information screen (see below) and update screen, but it was unable to finish update procedure. other keys did not work (I just simply copied content from website to the testmode_a.key file I also tried to go to the debug screen (as the home screen was available with above key), but it did not accept password (DEVELOPDBG ON). What else I can do to make it work ? (I am able to use console) Best Regards
  4. F930BT

  5. I have a brand new AVH-4200NEX installed in my 2012 Mazda 6 that is having an issue. Sometimes when I eject the faceplate, the tray that it connects to won't retract to it's upright position. I pop the faceplate off and I can hear it trying to retract but it soon gives up and beeps at me 3 times. If I put the faceplate back on it retracts no problem. Try again and I get the same issue. Hitting the reset button didn't help. This is the second unit that has had this problem. The first one lasted about 2 weeks before this started happening. I returned it for a new unit which lasted 3 days before the exact same issue returned. It doesn't seem to be getting stuck on the dash kit at all, as any other movement of the faceplate works fine. I see nothing in the manual about a 3 beep error code and I have only found 2 comments on youtube mentioning the same problem. Does anyone have any insight into what is wrong or know what the 3 beeps are trying to tell me?
  6. Hello. I"ve got avic f-130 in my motorhome. There were instaled AutoMapa (it's polish navigation software). I was trying to update it and I've formated that sd card to put there newer version of software. Now I have error "Incorrect SD card". I was trying to put there Mobilenavigator and it doesn't work. Any ideas? Sorry for my English.
  7. I've had my car for almost two years now and this is the first time I've had problems with the D3. Problem: I turned my car on today and the bluetooth options suddenly aren't available anymore. The only button I can push is "radio".. everything else is suddenly grey. What I tried: I've restarted my car, reset the D3 by pushing the reset button on the front of my screen, this didn't fix anything. I even tried resetting it twice. This was installed by the last car owner. I don't know if it was professionally installed or if they did it. All wires are hidden (bluetooth mic is to the left of my head by the sun visor, but only the mic is visible, no hanging wires, and there's a (I'm guessing) signal/transmitter (small black square) on my dash on the passenger side with the wires hidden inside the dash) so I'm assuming professionally installed. I don't know where to look to see if wires came loose? From looking online it looks like the bluetooth is a separately installed piece? Any help/suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! I can upload pictures if anyone needs to see what the screen in showing. Just let me know!
  8. Hi folks, Newbie - First post here I'm in the UK and drive a SEAT Exeo, basically an Audi A4 B7 with a different grille and have a problem with my head unit: If I'm listening to either the radio, cd or an sd card and my phone rings - The stereo no longer mutes to answer the call, but it does mute if I'm streaming music from my phone via bluetooth. Basically, I have to turn down the volume and take the call, not ideal if you don't notice on the stereo display that someone is trying to call me! If I manually dial a call from my phone or keypad on the screen I have the same problem, but not when streaming music via bluetooth again! It used to work, but no longer does, can anyone help? Thanks in advance Damo
  9. Moved to correct forum - Sorry!
  10. Whenever I started my car, my AppRadio started. When I got prompted with the safety message, a pop-up appeared with the title "Fatal Application Error". Has this happened to anyone and what should I do? Thanks for any help in advance!
  11. Title pretty much says it all, I already know how to do the upgrades, etc. I have the handbrake hack on wire and the speed on software. anyone? anywhere to look? tried torrent sites, saw a few software, but remember here a while back that some of them were useless... where to look at least? thanks guys!
  12. hey guys, i just installed my f700bt today and im experiencing two problems. 1. when i am playing songs on my ipod, as soon as it changes to another song, you hear a static-like noise. but it is fine for the rest of the song. I think my ipod cable is a oem pioneer cable. 2. I have my rear view hooked up and my reverse gear wire spliced to my reverse lights. but it does not automatically change to the rear view when i put the car in reverse. the camera works great when i manually chose to show the rear view camera. anyone have any solutions to these two problems? thanks!
  13. Hey guys, from what I have been able to find online there this is a common problem. When I give the appradio power it starts to load and gets stuck on the pioneer boot logo, I have tried putting the new update (2.45) on an sd card but same thing keeps happening. I called pioneer and they will not honor the warranty sicne i did not buy it from an authorized dealer. Is there any tips on how I can get the system to load.
  14. Just bought a Pioneer avic-z130bt with all the bells and whistles from car toys. I would love to stream music from my i-phone 4 with bluetooth. But when I try only the info shows up on the avic screen without any audio. What gives? I thought this would be a no brainer. I do get audio with the cable for the i-phone hooked up, but who wants to open the glove box and hook up to a cable every time? Anyone else have this problem?
  15. Hey everyone, so I've searched around the forums and read a bunch of posts before succumbing to writing one myself. I have a Pioneer F90bt that I've had for about 2 years. I have no mods or hacks to it, and about 2 months ago it randomly started rebooting itself constantly over 20 mph. I tried the update to 2.008, it updated successfully but it didn't help the rebooting issue. I downloaded the testmode files and the backup files onto 2 separate SD cards I inserted the sd card with the testmode files and it wouldn't go into testmode. I reformatted the sd card for both ms dos (FAT) and mac os extended, and neither worked. I'm using a MAC, not a PC, not sure if this also plays a factor. I haven't checked the grounding or wires yet because I don't want to mess things up further, unless someone can guide me through it. Any help of where to go from here would be appreciated, thanks.
  16. Hello, I have I F700bt that has been installed in my wife's car for several years and it has been working great. She just made the jump from an iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S2 (android phone). The iPhone worked great through the pioneer cable, gave control through the unit, sounded decent, charged the phone, etc. With the Android phone, the only way I can get it to play music through the unit is via the front AUX in, setting "Input 2" to Video; which gets a black screen since I am using a basic 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable out of the headphone jack on the phone. I have tried using a USB to Micro USB cable to connect the phone to the unit. The USB is never recognized, I tried both in mass storage mode as well as debug mode. Majority of files are .m4a copied from itunes into the "music" folder. I also tried a couple .mp3's in the root folder with the same result. I know there has to be a way to get headunit control of the music played on the android phone, but I can't seem to figure it out. HELP!!! Thanks in advance for any help available!