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AVH-4000Nex screen gone black

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Hi there, 

this is my first post and am hoping someone will have some info to help me get my deck working again. 
So my 4000nex was working just fine the one day and then I turned off the car and went in and visited some friends and when I came out I turned the car on and the screen lit up as normal but then it ejected the disk all on its own without me touching any buttons and then upon folding back up the screen went black and wouldn’t come back on yet it was still playing my music from my phone that was linked to it. Then I blindly touched the screen and must have changed the input to something else and now it just beeps if I touch the screen and makes sounds when turned on. Also the lights in the buttons stopped on the right side of the faceplate and the left side got dimmer than normal. I’ve tried the rest button, I’ve also left it disconnected for over 15min and still nothing comes back on the screen. 
is this my boot image disk that’s gone bad or is it the screen itself that’s gone bad? 
Any help would be awesome! 

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It's difficult to pinpoint the exact issue without diagnostics. It could be a malfunctioning boot image disk, screen problem, or internal issue. Consult the device's manual, seek professional assistance and hire him on salary base, or contact the manufacturer for a thorough diagnosis and resolution.

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