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HOW TO: Add Branded POI icons :UPDATED: 04-21-09

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Hello to everybody!

Does anybody know is it compatible with 4.00 firmware (last update from CNSD-200FM)


Or maybe I did something wrong?


I just put branding.zip to MyFlashDisk/APL2/iGO in the original firmware (without replacing ezreader.exe or something)

and nothing changed


Please help!


FW 4.0 doesn't not exist yet. The 4.0 might be your program version.


Nothing happens? What do you mean or what do you expect? Did you set POI to show on map under setting?

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Sorry, my fail


mac os unzip this branding.zip automatically, so excess level of folders was created inside archive (branding.zip/branding/igo/...).

So i download this archive again in windows machine, and put it inside APL2 folder, and everything happen!


Confirmed: It works with CNSD-200FM updated AVIC-f900bt.

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