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iGO8 v8.3.2.71348 Jan 07 2009 on my Avic S1

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My TTS its NOT working either. :cry:


It will not work with Avic S1 , I made several attempts to solve it but couldn't .

One more thing , dont try to install different scheems or scheem changer IT WILL NOT WORK with Avic S1

Pioneer cant run it .

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Mirror 2




Next Navigator 8 (YE-G 828) - v8.3.2.79297 (March 2 2009) Nav N Go iGO 8 R3 series

Requirements: WinCE operating system 300 MHz processor, 64 MB memory, QVGA or VGA touch screen display


Overview: GPS Navigation Software for Windows Mobile based PNA devices featuring stunning 3D navigation with outstanding graphics of buildings, landmarks, and entire cities. This version has been extracted from Next YE-G 828 PNA device and as usual, it has been patched to work on PNA devices.




If you are using the previous version of IGO 8.3.2.x just replace "IGO8.exe".


Use the data.zip and branding.zip from this release with caution, as they do not contain all resolutions and they are not tested yet especially when using skins.

The branding (inclusive POIs icons) are different than in the previous versions (customized for Next).


Recommended use:

-add all licenses from the package in this thread to license folder;There are a lot of license related problems with different IGO8 builds,which are fixed using the correct license(s).

-replace (overwrite) data.zip and branding.zip with LZF v9d (or newer) provided in this thread.

-of course,you need to populate the content (maps.pois, dem, buildings,languages and voices)




IGO8 software by NNG is in a continuous development cycle.As the software is used in a number of PNA devices (like this version) newer builds than the official retail one become available. Common sense tells that a newer build may have fixed bugs and/or new features, but this might not be the case. A new build may also introduce new bugs , so use caution when upgrading a version you already have.


It is HIGHLY recommended that you delete your save folder content when you change your software version (remember,you will lose your current settings,and any saved routes, favorites and other user saving in this case but may eliminate some problems do to compatibility between versions).


If you use a skin, and you have problems switch to the default skin, and check if the problem is still there. Many skins work only with some specific builds ( in general if data.zip is compatible between version the skins will work also).



Also, do a hard reset as some devices keep some setting in memory.

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Enjoy guy's these new releases !!!


I have decided to sell Avic S1 after many days and nights playing getting maximum out of it , but the unit is very out dated to have it all :( And I can do much more with newer units . So I dont know if I will be on this forum very often . Anyway I always ready to help if I can . 8)

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what u have to do is to load a unlocker on the memory card,insert to GPS and do soft reset.Black button on the back. After that everything should load automaticly.

Yes , that is correct !! If its not the hardware problem then everything will work just fine :wink:

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UPDATE - Nav N Go iGO8 v8.3.2.80621 (Mar 10 2009)


- March '09 update. This release is patched to work with the Generic WorldWide license

that enables TMC Pro feature in some European countries.




Download Instructions:


- complete navigation software excluding the Content:


Download :


pass: squirrel



NOTE: Please remove any other licenses present in your license folder as this release won't recognize them!


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Yahooo !!! :) I got iGO8 v8.3.2.71348 Jan 07 2009 going on my Avic S1

Tested on the road and it works amazing !!!!

i am new here. i have a avic s1 can you please help me to get the 2009 update for mine

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I'm thinking about installing this software on my AVIC-S2, but I don't want to lose the possibility of reverting back later on. Does this wipe the original Pioneer software, or just load alongside it?



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if anybody needs help with getting AVIC map update, installing igo map on s-1 or s-2 please just write at: service@gps.pol.pl :D:D


OR~ dont't you want watching movies on your's gps navigation? yes there is some possibility watching *.avi movies on AVIC s-1 & s-2 :D:D

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