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Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD background woes

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after many many failures i think i have the best solution, at least it works perfect for me...


Pioneer says that the unit has a resolution of 1440x240 in fact that is not correct, because pioneer counts the subpixels too, so 1440 subpixels divided by 3 (3 subpixels, one for each color blue, green and red) makes 480. And 480x240 looks way more correct than 1440x240. Now there still is this Aspect Ratio correct problem, that is caused by the unit itself, so again i tried many many times and found the correct resolution which your picture should be...


It works with any 16:9 aspect Picture like: 1920x1080 or 1280x720 or 1440x900 so there is a wide variety of pictures out there that we can use.


After you have loaded a Pic of 1920x1080 you resize that pic to 480x380, your pic will look stretched in height but if you put it on your unit the unit itself will shrink the height to the correct aspect ratio. so the pic fully fills out the units display without being stretched.


I apologise for my bad english, i am german ;)


But i hope this helps ;)

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