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skip warning and nag for AVIC F900BT 4.001000 update

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works.. the first time i started the unit it went to the ipod screen where i was before.. as soon as i hit the map button in the botton right corner the unit rebooted.. but after that initial reboot seems to be working fine..

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yea i have sat out in the car for about 20 minutes now trying to make it do it again.. it hasnt so this mod works! why still the nag screens if the unit was left on nav?? nag screen called from a different place?

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2 FourG, i naven't time for answer at this moment, and my english very very bad :(

but i find other way for fix navi warning, and i just go test is,


so, if anybody want test with me, please return original mainmenu.exe,

and repleace CommonLib.dll from this attachment.



sorry, at this moment i don't fix parking brake warning, i try it later, but need time,

or anybody can compare attachment with original file and try do it.



Hi Carver,


Can we get a 3.0 version of what you've posted above? It looks like this is a more recent version from the file that is on the first post of this thread.



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When you have time, can you please upload the files again. It seems to have become corrupted. Possibly when the AVIC database crashed.


Also, can you tell me where to add the file?


Many thanks for your hardwork!

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Here is NO WARNING pack

Unpack it into APL directory on your F900 with 3.01 software and you never seen any warning messages (expect while the system is startup)


http://rapidshare.com/files/265125458/N ... 1.zip.html

+ mirror

http://rapidshare.de/files/48064527/NO_ ... 1.zip.html


Be happy )))



Hey, thanks so much for helping us out with the files! Just a small question though, what are the other two files (AV, Video) for? I didn't seem to see them in the original upload from the creator.


EDIT: Nevermind, I looked at your previous posts and realized it's for the reverse camera warning message.

Everything works great, no more NAV warning messages. Thank you all for your wonderful work!

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