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FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

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Hi guys and thanks!


I just wanted to confirm that the google drive files worked and saved my Avic-F700BT.


One important step that can not be stressed enough, this NEEDS to be done on a Windows PC. I tried unzipping and loading the SD card on my Macbook and got a fatal error. Redownloaded the files on a PC and unzipped them there, problems solved. For those of you requesting people to reseed the torrent, all you need to do is download the files shared on this google drive. (it's also much faster).

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First let me say thanks for all the hard work and you guys are amazing.
I downloaded the 3.1FX torrent and extracted it to ta 16GB SD Card that I formatted Fat32 (using diskpart).  I am running 
Map Version: 01.000600 and Version: 2.009000. The File structure is as follows:


SD Card\My Flash Disk (Folder)
SD Card\Testmode (Folder)
SD Card\Device.nng (File)
SD Card\
Winceimg.bin (File)
SD Card\Winceimg.cks (File)


I downloaded the files from a shared torrent and then from


I follow the instructions below but after step 4 it displays 100% immediately (no count up to the 100%)  and progress does not continue. Am I doing something wrong? Is the SD card to large for the Wince upgrade? I’ve tried both the torrent and the shared google drive files but both halt after step 4. Thank you!


1. Insert SD card into AVIC and turn it on.
2. When the pioneer logo comes up, press and hold the menu, map, eject and the reset buttons at the same time. When your screen goes completely blank, let go of the reset button but continue to hold menu, map, and eject buttons. This will bring you to a blue screen, telling you to reset the unit (ignore this), you will have to enter the service combination. Press the volume knob in this sequence and you will see * signs for each push: Up, Up, Down, Menu, Left, Right.
3. Select Wince Upgrade
4. Select Update SD Format

5. Wait until it says restart in the bottom center. Reset the unit and leave the SD card in.
6. You should be greeted with testmode (It will look very similar to normal windows). Open Explorer and copy the contents of the "My Flash Drive" Folder from the SD card to the "My Flash Drive" that is located on the unit. Overwrite everything. (It will the copying will take 140min but will only take about 20)
7. Press and hold reset for 5 seconds.
8. Select your language and voice options.
9. Enjoy FX3.1 

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Bringing up old news but..........


I installed this update a couple of days ago.  Now I can't play music through my SD Card or USB.

It recognizes when I plug them in but nothing happens.  They both sit in "Loading" and do nothing else.



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bonjour a tous j ai besoin d'aide je vient d'achete un autoradio pionner avic f900bt met impossible de le metre a jour j ai suivis les detail sur le site pionner les manipulation a faire me aucun resultat meme en fesant reset 

comment je pourrait faire svp merci a tous 

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