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AIVC D3 Please insert appropriate disc

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Hello all,


I bought my car second hand at a dealer. The Pioneer AVIC D3 came with it and it's connected to a blasting set of speakers, amplifier and subwoofer. I drove home from where I bought the car and really enjoying the sound. At home I went through settings and found an option to set nav-language to Dutch (it was in English). I selected Dutch and then the message came up "Please insert appropriate disc". I only had one disc (CNDV 70D West Version 1.0) but obviously it needed a different one. Tried everything, resetting, disconnecting the battery, pulled the unit out of the dash and disconnected it. No Luck.


I found a message on the net of this guy saying he had contacted Pioneer and they acknowledged there is a bug in the system. According to him, that cjhip is not broken but just can't read new data anymore and even Pioneer can't make it work anymore, they just have to replace it. He sent the unit to have it repaired, Pioneer replaced a chip and some other things. It cost him €200.


I can't accept that such a simple change in the settings, like changing languages in my case, can cause a chip to malfunction. The unit was stuck in this 'loop'though. "Please insert correct disc", after inserting the disc it says "Checking disc" and then jumps back to "Please eject disc and insert appropriate disc". No possibility to go back to the menu or cancel the operation.


Searching the newsgroups, I found a DVD, burned it, but no luck. Then I found a set of DVD's of which I downloaded:




There are 2 more which are:





This morning I chucked in CNDV_90MT_EU_1_A. What did I have to lose anyway. To my surprise it started updating. The update was done in 2 parts, it showed a bar saying it was doing 1/2 and after that it did 2/2. When it was done, it asked for another disc, my guess 2A and 3A to get the whole of Europe complete? I have not burned these to DVD yet. As for now I could go back to the menu and play music and radio again. YAY!


Now, obviously as there are 2 more DVD's I am tempted to burn these and chuck them in. I don't really need the nav because I have a TomTom GO730 which works just fine. But the AVIC D3 is equipped with navigation and it should work.


My dilemma is, now it is working and I can listen music, tune in to radio and probably watch DVD's and stuff as well. So I should stay away from navigation. I am afraid the unit gets into this loop again if I insert those other 2 discs.


There is a saying "If it is working, don't fix it". But to be honest I would like to see the navigation to work.


What's your opinion in this matter, should I stay or should I go for it? Please share your thoughts with me!


Thanks in advance folks,




http://i964.photobucket.com/albums/ae12 ... 1_East.jpg

http://i964.photobucket.com/albums/ae12 ... 2_West.jpg

http://i964.photobucket.com/albums/ae12 ... entral.jpg

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