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Chuck88's Mod v3.4b with Pioneer FW 4.0 and Primo 2.0 - Updated 2013-04-13

*** Smartzoom navigation aid ***  

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  1. 1. Do you use/prefer smartzoom during navigation?

    • Yes.
    • Yes, but my mod doesn't have this feature or this feature is not working correctly.
    • No, I hate smartzoom.
    • I don't know what smartzoom is. Know it here (copy and paste): http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/28658-abbs-chrome-nav-mod-v325-aug-30th-10/page__st__165__p__213857#entry213857

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Does anyone still have access to this file? I'm running AVICnet 2.1 for AVIC F series but trying to integrate it with Chuck88's Mod v3.4b with Pioneer FW 4.0 and Primo 2.0 because my Reverse Camera works with Chuck88's mod but not with Avic.net. 2.1. I came close last night but got an error about an abb1 scheme missing (i think it was a scheme file) but i don't have access to my avic all day so having the WinCE 5.0 Emulator with Chuck88's iGO Nav Mod would be nice. 


P.S. Chuck88 if your still around I read on the Avic.net forum where you mentioned that you had successfully completed this. Any chance you could upload the complete Flash Disk

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