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Diaftia's Hybrid mods V3.6 - UPDATED: 04/19/11 - Now with auto installer.

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Hi everyone


I hope I am posting in the correct thread with this issue.


I have been running a converted MRZ 088 unit for well over three years until I attempted to update the Garmin feature. After this attempt, all extras were gone from the unit, as if a malware was introduced. I attempted to reload the firmware however, nothing works, after a zillion attempts using various different iterations of the firmware.


After examining the files loaded onto the system, I observed a "dump file" showing where execution seem to stop at a "JIT.EXE. I presume this means "just-in-time".


Can anyone here shed any light as to what may have occurred and how this can be overcome.?


All I get from the unit is the slash screen, nothing else.


A few times the system appear to start initializing then stops abruptly, other times nothing happens.


Thanks for any help



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Hello Diaftia,

You have done some fantastic work here. I was wondering though if the mod would run on an AVIC-F930BT Australia unit with firmware version 6.0. Please let me know. 


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