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working 2011 maps & full poi db on u310bt and friends

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i found the cnsd-210fm update for z series which has updated 2011 maps and full pois, and it uses the same data format as the u310bt navi (cause its probably the same software)


but the problem is, it's 3.5+ gb, which wont fit in the 2gb internal flash of u310bt/f310bt/f320bt :((


well, not to worry! i found a very simple hack that essentially runs the stock nav app & maps/pois from sd card.

this means we can run 2011 maps + full 2010 pois on u310bt and friends.



searching for poi or address by city is not working for CNSD-210FM US/CAN poi - it goes right back to nav screen instead of showing a list of cities.

I just tried loading CNSD-110FM US (2010 map/poi) on the sdcard, and it is working with address and poi search.

Will have to research further why 210FM (2011 map/poi) poi search isnt working...

For now, just use CNSD-110FM in place of CNSD-210FM in below instructions.


I know this issue is for US/CAN maps/pois.... I dont know if this issue affects EU version of update maps/pois.



update :Either you can use CNSD-110FM (2010 maps/pois) without modification, or you can do a hybrid solution: 2010 pois (from 110FM) + 2011 maps (from 210FM).

i was able to verify, simply replacing poi files in 2011 NDATA (leaving alone maps) with ones from 2010 NDATA seems to work, at least with a simple,basic test...

see here if you are interested in the hybrid solution: #20




- you will need at least 4gb free sd card

- you may need the cnsd-130fm update (to get the 2.001 navi update.)

-- you may want to update the OS and the app that lives on onboard flash to 2.001 first. look at steps 1 & 2 here: http://avic411.com/i...-f310bt-f320bt/

- you will need the cnsd-210fm and/or cnsd-110fm update (either us or eu) to get the maps/poi folders (NDATA). look here: http://avic411.com/i...m/47-hacksmods/


1. create a blank file on the root of the sdcard called "DataLocationMark" (no extension - presence of this file seems to be the flag to get the app/maps to boot from sdcard instead of flash)


2. from QI_037_CNSD_130FM\Update, copy the USER folder to the root of the sd card. Alternatively, you may be able to use the APL from your My Flash Disk, if you dont want to or cant use this update apl (f320bt?). Make sure you rename \USER\PRG to \USER\PRG0 if you copied directly from update.


3. you will need to figure out how to extract the NDATA folder from the cnsd-210fm update.

in CNSD-210FM/SD1/Update/NDATA/ there are a bunch of NDATA.NNN files, where NNN is number 001 up to 106. When you join these together, the resulting file is some kind of windows disk image.

-- for mac: open terminal, and navigate to NDATA folder. use command "cat NDATA.* > ndata.img" and open the resulting disk image (ndata.img). Inside this was the NDATA folder (with all the subfolders of maps/pois, etc) and two text files.

-- for windows: use hjsplit to combine into a single file, e.g., ndata.img, and use imdisk to mount the virtual disk image.



4. You will need to create a folder on the root of the sd card called NDATA, and then put the NDATA you just extracted along with the two text files inside of the ndata folder on the sdcard... That's right... it's two levels of ndata: \NDATA\NDATA


5. you may also want to copy the app version file so that the ui shows right version: QI_037_CNSD_130FM/Update/VERINFO.DAT -> sdcard\USER\SYSTEM\RENEWAL\


Pop this sd card in and reset the unit..

It should boot into the app on the sdcard and shouldn't touch the onboard-flash app/maps - as long as "DataLocationMark" file is present in the root of the sdcard


I havent done anything but basic testing.. Don't know if the voice nav, routing, etc works.. just did a few simple route checks and poi lookups... seems to work fine.



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hrmm.. mac native disk image utility mounts it just fine ;)



file ndata.img

ndata.img: x86 boot sector, code offset 0xfe, OEM-ID "MSWIN4.1", sectors/cluster 16, Media descriptor 0xf8, heads 1, sectors 6934464 (volumes > 32 MB) , physical drive 0x3a, reserved 0xd, dos < 4.0 BootSector (0x0)


I'll see if i can fire up my windows xp vm and get it to mount

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It's not working. After I move all this files to Storage Carf it stucks in loading window and stock application didn't start. After I remove card it starts normaly. Should I boot into test mode and start aplupdate manualy? Any advice?

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I will compare them in the morning but I think that they are some. Does it metter if I have some other files and folders on storage card (avic-app, igo...)?

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I've checked now. I have copied user folder from QI_037_CNSD_130FM/Update, but my directory structure iz very diferent. I only have one folder PRG and volume.dat file in this USER folder. In PRG I have 4 folders: APL, Fonts, PLT, USER and 3 more files: EL090APL.HTM, EL090APL.VER and forcewrite.flg. Where did you copy from your version of USER folder?

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i deleted some unnecessary folders (USER, PLT). some will be re-created by application..


ahh - i think that might be it... rename PRG to PRG0


should have:


-- APL\

-- Fonts\







let me know if that fixes it and i'll update the instructions...

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