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EU F900BT does not start / Black screen

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so you think i should:

1- format MBR

2- try again update of wince



i found a thread were someone said if you can't pass the read process and write, it surely means that the flash memory is damaged..

i think this could be the case also...

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well i tried to do a MBR Format but that doesn't do anything, i mean the unit doesn't work.. so i guess that the problem should now be hardware related..

I did a UBoot test and it returns "Bad"...

only the memory test returns a OK.


All other tests or actions cannot be performed via service mode, unit looks to be dead with faint heard beat... :(

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yes and not working...


anyway i called Pioneer in france and the guy was really cool.. during the discussion he noticed a i bought the unit 2 months ago from a car dealer.. he told me that if i had a bill notice from this car dealer, then my unit even used, was under warranty for 3 months!!! so in order to save money he told me to call this car dealer so that this last one would send the unit covered by the warranty.. i called the guy and guess what, it is under warranty, so it will not cost me a dollar (euro in fact !!) :)

so once returned i will be able to tell you exactly the diagnose and if you are interested will have a fresh new unit to give you files from :)

For folks out there the cost at Pioneer for a soft rebuild is at 130 euros and if the motherboard is out of order, replacement is 300 euros.. ouchhh... :?


So now the unit is on its way to the car dealer.. :)

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yes i will use all the files from my flash disk of the second unit. problem is that i'm using the tesmode i currently use on the second unit but it doesn't work on the faulty unit... strange...

i hope that your wince file will work on my unit.. if yes i'm sure i'll be out of the ..... :) lol

Let me know if you need any EU backup file for your huuuge zip :wink: i'll be glad to help as well.


almost done with your file (90%)... will see that tomorrow morning and after work.

Could you send me please the original EU files also?  My f900bt is on blue screen. and i tried everithing....  :((

thank you

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