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Full AppRadio2 control via Android phone via ARLiberator App

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Agreed. Check the arliberator forum for people with set up like you and if you can't find the answer, email them or post a new topic and the arliberator crew will figure it out for you...they have awesome support...

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Dev on XDA reports progress with no detail but states hacked AppRadio app should function on AR2 and AR3.

update: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=45685145&postcount=381


dev posted exciting news, "Now the minimum set of features that I wanted is complete. It works even better than I thought. The Pioneer App only shows that small icon in the status bar to indicate whether it's connected or not. Once you connect to the radio, that annoying Pioneer app homescreen is not even shown, you get full mirroring right away!


Only thing left to do is to clean the code a bit and do a few more tests. Now I am pretty tired so getting some sleep first. Tomorrow evening I will make a first release version so some AR3 people can test it."

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I was wondering if somebody could help.


I currently have a SPH-DH100 Have a HDMI Lead running from the unit to 




I have this connected to my Samsung S3 aswell as a normal samsung S3 lead


The setup works perfectly on Appradio


I have purchased Arliberator today and for the life of me cannot get it to connect. I am sure my device is rooted. Download the APP Root Checked Basic and that replys with "congratulations, this device has root access!"


I have been trying to connect it the following way


Start car with no phone connected either via bluetooth or wires

On head unit pair unit with phone

On phone open Arliberator

On Phone press the Force Start Button so it says connecting

Connect all wires

On Head unit force a Blue tooth connection.  


on phone it asks for access to contacts etc, so i press yes everytime. When the connection gets to 75% Arliberator says connected. Then when the head unit gets to 100% it says failed and Arliberator disconnects


I can get a complete bluetooth connection if i have arliberator open and in ready to connect status. However if i try to connect it after a bluetooth connection, Arliberator just says connecting for a hour or so


I am running a S3 GT-I9300 with 4.0.4


does anybody have a any suggestions


Thanks very much



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I have had my Appradio2 for a while now, I had it working fine connected to my Galaxy S3. I recently upgraded to OS to jellybean 4.3.

It worked fine with that also, but I had to do a factory reset on my phone. Now when I connect to my radio everything seems to be as it should except the radio doesn't recongnize my touch. I know how to calibrate it but I first have to make it recongnize I've touched it at all.


Ok also the radio is muted, when I checked the speaker icon it had a red circle with a line through it and said off. I can't seem to figure out how to turn the sound back on.


Please help

Thanks Andy


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Ok, so it doesn't work for a Galaxy S3 by the sounds of it. Who would spend $30 on an app and process that has no guarantee that it will work?. My S3 is my companies, Root it? What does that do? Why not just make it so that you plug the phone into existing cabling and it just works? Why do we as the customer need to pay $1K then do all this d**king around just to make the functions work that are advertised to sel it? Who else sees a problem with this?

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