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Wondering if anyone knows why the images won't load. I have tried 3 different formats. PNG, JPEG, and BMP. I can get them from my mac to the sdcard but when I choose to load image from sdcard from deck, (Z150BH) it reads. "no image file" really weird. I've had a pioneer deck in the past and didn't have any issues at all.

Anyone that still visits this thread with some insight would be extremely helpful. 



EDIT: Fixed it, I was putting the images on the root of the sdcard and I found this video that shows the images in a folder "pictures"



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Here are a Toyota splash and background that I made for my AVIC-8000NEX in my 4Runner.  The logo on the background jpeg fits perfectly between the icons on the NEX home screen.  The orange background matches the panel lights of 5th gen 4Runners.

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new memebr here. had an avic im my vette, just put a 4000 nex in my ram and made a splash screen to start thngs off...


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New to the Forum...hello folks!


I have a 2015 WRX on order, due any moment now...and I also picked up a 4000NEX HU from Pioneer since in many ways...Subaru never left the 80's LOL  :mrgreen: , so here they are:


Note: I made these on my iPad with pictures I found online, my skills are limited with this kind of stuff so you have been warned. All pictures have been sized for 800x480.



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Hey guys - I'm new at this but just got my AVIC-7000NEX installed over the weekend and looking for a high res simple Toyota logo on a plain black background to use as a splash screen.  I've looked through everything in this thread and can find things that are close but the backgrounds are carbon fiber or leather and I'm shooting for just plain, simple black background.  Can anyone help me out?  Many thanks!

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