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AVIC x50 Hack General Topic

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Hey mate thanks for explanation, I tried to hold the eject button and turn on ignition, it didn't work, :( , it is still asking for password, I am not sure if I copy test mode to USB and connect it to USB port, it still can read it from there before reaching to password section or not to recover my password, it made me mad with this crazy password protection, I hope someone has another idea to fix this issue for me,

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nag screen removal will come later, first we must get testmode working !


ok this is attempt 3: attachicon.giftestmode-x50v2.zip




also, wondering if the hidden, in-app debug/service menus work on x50 series. Can someone try it out?

advanced topic: hidden debug menus




Can i use this version to get into AVIC F950BT? if not, can you point me to the right version please?


Many thanks,


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