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Just bought car with D3/no disc(s)

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Hello all-

Just bought a 2010 Challenger with a D3, no manual/no disc(s). Nothing really, at all, worked, not even radio.

Took it to audio shop and they charged me $35 to get the radio to work. They said they could  look up required disc(s) Monday, and let me know what I needed, but looking at the Pioneer site they were on, I thought  I saw a disc for $100?

Though I don't mind paying a fair price to get all the bells and whistles, I don't want to get totally taken advantage of, either.

I assume I will need a GPS antenna, and one or more discs?

At this moment, I have radio, and that is it.

I tried a CD: Error

I  tried a DVD: Error

When I push "Map" I get the standard, "Insert Disc" message.

I  can't even figure out how to get a clock?


Is everything contingent on disc?



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When you say you tried a CD/DVD were they copies or commercial disk?


The navi runs off of the disk so you are going to need them. A google search might find some for you but the disk error for CDs and DVDs indicates a defective unit so even when you get the disk you are still screwed. If you have a defective unit the best thing to do is chunk it out the window and get a new unit. The D3 is a 7 year old unit and the capabilities are far better now anyway.

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I called Pioneer today and ordered the discs. They confirmed that if the unit is pulled, or battery disconnected, you have to have the disc to set up system. All of those things did happen upon purchase of the car (unit pulled/battery disconnected).

I simply tried to play a music CD, with result of reading error, then tried the DVD, for movie, same reading error.


Pioneer said noting but radio will work without the disc.


$134 later, disc is on the way.


I didn't realize the D3 was that old. The car is just 3 years old, so the previous owner must have had the unit in another vehicle and installed in next vehicle, the one I have.

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I really don't believe the unit will show an error if the battery is disconnected. And I highly doubt there is anyone at Pioneer that would actually know that info on such an old unit. I certainly hope you didn't just buy 134 dollars worth of disk you cant use if the unit is defective. Good luck to you though.

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