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software error screen

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i've tried the 6100 sd card image in my sph-da120 on a new card, and it gets further than the "software error" page, but never actually boots

Is this because it's not compatible with this model?

How can I get hold of a compatible image?


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Nex-4000 I am in the same boat as y'all. It sounds like a corrupt internal SD. My unit starting getting sluggish then I could not talk to CarPlay. Then I got the error screen and finally went into a boot loop.


I decided to send it in to Jot's Electronics in Arlington, TX. They are a Pioneer authorized repair place. Bench fee is $50 and they expect to have it on a bench in about 2 days from receipt. From my symptoms they believe it is the internal SD. Said they get a lot of these. Hopefully the new SD card will be better than the original. Stinks to have a large 2 year old expensive paper weight.


I post when I hear back from Jot's and let you guys know how much it costs me. I am anticipating $150-$200.

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i have have 5000NEX and DA120  img


I could really use the DA120 img too. Pioneer support are useless and only sent me the update firmware rather than the full version that I requested.

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