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F40BT EU after software upgrade black screen

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i upgraded my F40BT eu version according the manual of pioneer.

The upgrade went so far ok. After the upgrade the Radio went off automatically but never came back.

When I turn on the power the radio stays dark. Nothing happened at all. The fuses are ok.


I already send the Radio to Pioneer service and repair. They said they need to replace a board because there is no software on the board anymore. This should cost 655€!!!!


I cannot believe that it is not possible to flash the board with a new software /boot loader.


Any ideas?



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Hi Michael


I had exactly the same thing happen to mine so I am guessing it isn't an isolated incidence


Give Pioneer UK a call on 0330 123 1240


If you sent it to AEL to be fixed - it was the same issue as their repair number RRR29653



Hope this helps


K :)

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