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Any Xm hacks out there?

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Just remember, once a deactivation signal is received by a radio, it will not "lose" its deactivation signal several months later. BUT.... if you turn off your radio (or remove your XM tuner in this case), THEN cancel the account, dont use the radio or tuner for several months, it is theoretical that you can begin using that same cancelled unit for a while more. It is true that XM slows down how often they send a deactivation signal to a cancelled Radio ID over time. They eventually will, but the time period between signals becomes greater. You might not even be listening when a deactivation signal is ever sent ;)

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Yes, however this only afffects veichles such as the Buick Encore with the Intellilink Infotainment system. 



The way i've always done it is 1st Clear and reset the radio (wont affect any presets or settings) 2nd Go to siriusxm.com/refresh

3rd. Tune to channel 0 or 187 4th enter the radio ID ex. SV9PDO43 5th enter valid info, 5th make sure you are in a open area (ex. not in a parking deck, or garage, do not shut off the vehicle.  6th ENJOY!

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