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The AVIC Development Mod

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#481 Inspectifier Wrectifier

Inspectifier Wrectifier
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Posted 18 January 2017 - 06:14 PM

Hey, da C-Dev site in the first post be out, for good, yo. New link: https://jenkins.adam...uild?delay=0sec

#482 Magister

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Posted 18 January 2017 - 10:07 PM

Hey guys I am looking for some quick advice/help and hope it's not too much to ask.


I upgraded/updated my maps almost a year ago and got them up to date with Q3 2015 I believe at that time. I see Q3 2016 is out now and I would really like to upgrade to this. The problem is I kind of forgot exactly what I did to do it before and lost the flash drive I had used for it and I feel like I had found another guide that went a little more indepth that I am having trouble finding again now.


Esentially I would like to upgrade from where I am, to 2016 newest maps. I want to backup my unit before I do this. I have a folder on my desktop called "igo backup" and in it I have "copy_script.sh" "script.sh" "sdcardcwwversion.txt" "sdcarddataversion.txt" and "testmode_a.key" Is this all I need? I thought there was a script to actually move the files necesary.


If this is the right files I need for my flash drive, does the testmode_a.key get me into the mode where I can manually copy and paste things? Can I get in here and copy my entire igo folder to create a backup of everything I have now incase something goes wrong? The only thing is I remember having an issue where I would get error messages trying to copy everything to my device manually and I thought I had used a script to copy the whole igo folder and am at a loss now what to do and do not want to brick my device.

I'd like too, but I am not sure we need a license file (.lyc) for 2016Q3 or not? If yes, I haven't found one yet so didn't bother to download 6GB at 100k/s from virus infected websites... When you did it to 2015Q3 did you install a Pioneer_LMG_for_North_America_SKU_2004688_2015_Q3.lyc file with it?


And yes when you put the USB with testmode key, your unit will boot in testmode and from the "file maintenance" menu you can copy/paste full directory, this is how I backup my iGo, I select the iGO folder (in extdata iirc) then [copy] then go on the USB drive and select [paste]

#483 Svoiss

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Posted Yesterday, 03:48 PM

So I've put in the correct pins rx/tx/ground. Made sure the com was correct on my computer for the uart cable. And I'm not getting anything in putty. Switched rx and tx turned the radio back on and still nothing. What else do I need to be doing ?


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