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Pioneer 4100Nex Password Screen

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On ‎4‎/‎3‎/‎2016 at 3:58 PM, hi-phile said:

This is my first post here.  I didn't steal my 4100NEX, but when I was working on the HU to add some additional cables USB and HDMI to the back it failed to power up right after doing that.  So then I thought the HU was dead.  I then removed the main plug and pulled the 10amp fuse, and plugged it back in, then it finally powered up, and now it's asking for the password I set, but I forgot it.  The password hint shows, but I tried various passwords that I thought I set, but none of them work.  If you could please PM me the procedure I would be greatly appreciative of that.

any info you can help me with this. Mine is doing the same thing as I just bought it and the owner does not know the password.

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I downloaded the .rar file,  decompressed it and copied the files to a 8 GB USB stick.  I had previously wiped the stick and reformatted it.  I'm using a Mac.  I formatted the USB stick first time as MS-DOS, tried it, nada.  Went back and reformatted the stick as ex-FAT, put the files back on it, checked to make sure they copied over.  Deck still did not recognize the stick.  Now in my case, the deck (NEX 4201) was installed with a USB dongle out to the glove box from port 1.  I have used this connection before to update firmware, and it works fine.  However, in this case, the deck did not see the USB stick, or to be precise, the deck did not go into 'factory service mode.'   I've rooted other Android devices so the process is not completely foreign to me.  Any suggestions?

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