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Hi take this folder decompress him and put the folder lang entire inside your flash disk ,the avic reboot because you don't have greek lang




do copy do this  put the folder lang and the folder testmode next on a sd card 


put the sd card on your device turn on your avic 


click on total commander  open at the left side strorage card and at the right side your flash disk (open apl2 and igo and content)


and copy the folder lang inside your flash disk and turn off your device and retire the sd card and restart your avic 

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Thank you so much for your immediate answer. I will give it a try in a few hours.


What about my other issues? Any time i power off my car all settings go back to default.


When i power on again my car i have to make settings regarding region (km/h), toll settings etc.


thanks again

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I've kinda figured it out. While in test mode i have noticed that my flash disk was full (16kb remaining) and therefore could not even copy greek language in the Lang Folder.


I went to the buildings and POIS folder and deleted some countries e.g. Bulgary and Romania  (6MB space). Then copied greek language.


Afterwards i deleted gpspara0.bin, gpspara1.bin, gpspara2.bin, gpspara3.bin and BOOM!!!!


My avic unit went back to normal. All settings stored and greek language installed.


Your support is really appreciated.


Thank you very much!!!!

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can anyone please tell me how to fix my avic f900bt?

After awhile the screen freezes on the welcome image and stays that way. If i insert a CD it works, but the menu button and the maps button are not working.

I updated my device with the latest version 4.0 but it's still the same. The boot button does nothing.

Help please.

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I recently tried to manually update my f900bt radio, but failed. i think i accidentally deleted the DSK1. Now when i try to enter testmode, it doesnt let me and restarts again and again. could someone help me!  :) :)

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