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AVIC D3: Issues updating to 2012 Maps?

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So I've had an AVIC D3 installed in my MR2 since these unit were released back on 2007. I've got the ipod adapter, the bluetooth module and just today finally got around to switching out the lame Sirius module for the much better XM module (picked one up on eBay).


This unit has served me well for years, and honestly, does everything I expect an auto head unit to do. No real desire to swap it out for something newer as long as it's still working.


Lately I have been getting an itch to update the unit to the 2012 maps (I'm currently running the ancient maps it came with). Does anyone know of potential downsides?


I feel like I've heard stories of people breaking various functions on their units when upgrading. Can anyone confirm whether:


A - iPod functionality is affected? I've got an ancient 5th gen iPod Video that I use with the system (why fix what ain't broke)


B - Bypass. Does the 2012 update negatively affect the functionality that the motion-lock bypass hack unlocks?


This is such an ancient unit, I wonder how often anyone actually visits this forum.

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Well, two years later I finally got up the nerve to do the upgrade (using discs I bought on eBay). I'm happy to report that everything went fine, even though my D3 is 11 years old!!!

The unit's got an iPod adapter, XM radio and Bluetooth with A2DP audio streaming. Why would I replace this thing if it still works and has all the features I want?!

Sure, even the 2012 the maps are six years old at this point, but up to now I've been living with maps from 2007 and mostly doing fine. Anyway, if you've still got one of these units and it works well, don't hesitate to do the update. If you have problems reading discs then probably not advisable.

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