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Avic U260 Help!!!

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A few months back I bought an AVIC U260 for my AVH NEX4200. 

My AVIC is stuck on a reboot loop. 

It continually pops up with the error " the application failed to start last time. do you want to reset factory defaults and loose all your poi's, tracks, and settings?"


I hit YES and it restarts and then goes black and goes back to the main home screen. 

If I restart the car or hit the navi button it either goes to loading screen and then to black and then back to home screen or gives me that error then goes back to home screen. 


I have seen some stuff about the TESTMODE fix etc. and have some software I've found. However, all this is for other models of navigation. I wanted to see if anyone had a specific fix or if this stuff should work?

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