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w4400nex how to bypass e brake

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7 hours ago, gettrey said:

I'm in the process of installing a 4400nex in my excursion.  I have a couple of questions.  After doing the "set on" menu change, is the bypass still necessary?  Also, with the bypass installed, will I have trouble getting my AA to pair with my phone?  I have the micro bypass installed right now, and I'm getting the "please stop vehicle and look at your phone to finish blah blah blah" even when the vehicle is stopped.

I've heard that you can just ground the e-brake (no bypass needed) once you update the firmware to 1.01. Have you connected the GPS antenna? That may be necessary. Otherwise, not sure why you are stil getting that error msg.

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On 12/23/2018 at 6:04 PM, YellowSnow said:

I am in the same boat. I can't get Android Auto to work at all after installing an AVH-W4400NEX in my '03 WRX today.

I installed the head unit into my car, but it was getting dark so I didn't install the mic or GPS antenna yet and everything is working great so far, except for Android Auto. When I try to use it, I get, "To use Android Auto, please stop your car and check your Android phone," on the head unit. There was also another brief error about needing to connect the external GPS antenna so I guess I'll go ahead and install that too when I install the mic tomorrow. I should also mention that my phone is on Oreo, not Pie, and I think I've hear that you need Pie for wireless Android Auto and maybe the USB cable I connected to the head unit (USB port 2 on the back) was a crappy one (I tend to cycle ones that only charge, don't work with data, to my car) and I just need to use a better one?

So far, I'm hopeful since everything besides Android Auto works even though I didn't connect the e-brake wire or the speed sensor wire, and really don't want to. I even used the screen mirror to watch some Youtube videos.

So what's the point of the external GPS antenna other than to nanny you? When I get Android Auto working, will I be able to put my phone away and while running Google Maps or Waze, it'll use my phones data plan but the head unit's external GPS antenna for the GPS app on my phone somehow???


To update, I installed the GPS antenna but I'm still getting error messages from the phone and 4400 about needing to set the brake when trying to use Android Auto. I have to use USB because it's a Galaxy S7 with Oreo, not Pie. So I ordered a micro bypass, but someone on another forum said I just need to ground the e-brake wire, no micro bypass required once I do that, so I'll try that first.

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Update on my install:  I pulled my head back out yesterday and realized that my remote trigger wire had pulled out of the connector.  After I fixed that, everything worked.  So I have the pioneer 4400nex, google pixel2xl, and microbypass installed.  I have GPS antenna connected.  I do not have the VSS connected.  Everything is working fine.  My AA works great, and wireless AA works well also.  I still couldn't watch video in motion, like others I could see it until about 10mph then a warning screen would come up.  So I updated the firmware on my head unit and did the "set on" input and now I can watch video at any speed.  I would like to thank everyone who has posted information about these issues as it has guided me to this favorable ending to my install.  Let me know if you have any questions about something I may have left out.

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Worked like a charm, shout out to krankin for this tip!!

I also installed the micro-bypass (was very easy) and originally it was failing after I started moving (sometimes the parking-brake error came up).

l installed the update and pressed the screen ~10 seconds and voila works flawlessly; took less than 15 minutes from download to install.

The installed micro-bypass also opens up all possible menu items, even when moving, BT, video, etc...

So far it has worked great without errors/warnings!

Lastly, the 4400 is a great DD deck...solid response time and customization!!  

Cheers and NHY!!

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Hi, new member here. 

I'm in process of installing 4400 onto my 06 Odyssey and will try to tackle the bypass issue later.

The volume coming out of speaker is very low even after cranking up the max, including AA and CD playback. I tried to connect/disconnect amplifier on but no luck. 

Any help is appreciated!   

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