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New Release F20BT F30BT F40Bt F920BT F930BT F940Bt F840BT Etc 2019

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16 hours ago, peniko said:

No, I just bought it, as my RCD510 died...

Finally did it. I had to ground the parking brake wire (light blue) and forced the device to think that the imaginary car is parked. Thanks for help...

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The cardinfo.cif from 2017 does not work with F10BT.

It took me a while to make my unit work at least with the 2017 SW again, as it was asking all the time for the right SD card. (I used the script before to replace the renewal dlls , and the password was accepted too.)

I made a  few experiment with patching the cardinfo with the string from 2017, but no success...

At the end I removed the USER\RW\RENEWAL\VERINFO.DAT , which was copied from the 2019 update already there (I know because I checked the content), which apparently does not match the 2017 cardinfo, and put in the 2017 update SD to repair the unit.

Any further suggestions with the cardinfo?

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