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Frankenstein AVH-W4500NEX

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So I bought a "used" AVH-W4500NEX online and it appears to be what I would a "Frankenstein" radio (where more than one broken units are reassembled to create a single working unit). Is there a better term to use? For example: the screen module is badged with AVH-W4400NEX in the corner and the serial number on a sticker on the unit does not match what is shown in the system information screen.

Since I'm new to these units and have a lot to learn about them, can someone explain how "swappable" parts are between the two models? It seems they're basically the same hardware with a few minor changes (I think I saw someone list the hardware differences somewhere online, but can't find them again right now). Also, are the sticker serial number and the one listed in the software supposed to match, or not really?

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