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X930BT Upgrade uCom Issue

18 May 2017 - 05:27 AM



I'm hoping I can get an answer here after hours of researching these forums. I have an X930BT that I upgraded from 3.0 to 5.0 tonight, which I read means that it is now an X940BT for all intents and purposes. I did this because my understanding is that you need to install the 5.1 update in order to have the Pioneer Lightning cable work, I couldn't just upgrade straight to 6.0 because I guess it doesn't include uCom updates, which is the whole point of the 5.1 update. I've downloaded and redownloaded the 5.1 update from Pioneer's website and every time I try to update the uCom version, it lists ------ for the version on the SD card. According to the PDF for the update, this indicates a corrupt download. I've also tried reformatting my SD card several times, FAT32 with 16K clusters. If I boot up without the SD card, the deck works normally, and the Application Version is listed as 5.1.


Since there's no going back once I upgrade to 6.0, I want to make sure of what the significance of this is. I'm guessing that I still need to find a way to successfully install the uCom update. Just double checking if anyone has any insight before I proceed. Thanks for any help you all can provide!