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Have you installed AVIC 8200NEX to 2007 ESCALADE? I got problems!

12 October 2017 - 03:59 PM

HI I got Escalade 2007 and started installing AVIC8200NEX to my car... I ordered new frame with 2DIN... But:


1. Radio is too long? Has anybody installed it before to this car? Unit is inch too long !

2. I cannot get Rearview camera when reversing.. It recognizes reverse, etc.. but no camera pic

3. No Rear audio from Radio unit.. ?

4. I have Maestro rr intalled also and GM5 rearview harness, but no power to back screen from harness? There is 3 RCA cables that say to back screens?? Where are those connectors on radio?

AVIC-8200NEX in europe? maps, dvd, etc...

29 June 2017 - 06:09 AM

Hi there.

I just registered and tried to read info about my item. I live in Europe and drive Escalade. Only decent radio that works with all car systems was 8200NEX... IT has connections for Maestro rr+GM5.


But it has problem:


- No european maps

- DVD areacode is 1


So My question is... Does it have firmware that adds european maps and disables / changes DVD areacodes?

Or is it possible to change firmware to european and make unit european.. ?


What other mods are recommended? Bypass of course =)