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In Topic: AVIC-F10/F20/F920/F9210/F9220BT EVROPE MAPS UPDATE

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

Does this update also work voor the F30BT?

It should. You'll need the right CARDINFO.CIF file. Maybe just skip step 4.  If the CARDINFO file doesn't match your model, nothing will happen when you insert the SD.

In Topic: x940BT - Bluetooth Device deletion/remove

Yesterday, 04:20 PM

Hi forum users,


I have the x940bt and I've been using the Bluetooth and my iphone since I go the unit back in 2013.  So the Bluetooth registered list is lengthy and I don't have the phones anymore.  Is there a way to de-register the not needed connections?  My new iphone has been registered but when I saw the list, i have 5 or six other devices listed that I don't even have anymore?  I just want to know if there is a way to remove the unwanted devices from the list.  I don't see any delete or remove buttons.



According to the update documentation, installing the Bluetooth firmware clears the Connection List. Presumably this would also happen if you re-installed the same version. BT v3.32 (latest version) has been around for about 4 yrs and I don't recall whether it cleared my list. Actually, I've had the same phone for over 4 yrs.

In Topic: 2017 US/Can Maps available for Z & X n10,20,30,40 Models

Yesterday, 12:27 PM

Uploading the maps now. Looks like nothing was encrypted, just needs a cracked .dat file like the 2015. I copied the files from the SD as well as form the unit via USB/drive to make sure no file changes. I think pionara was the person who got the 2015 to work.

In the mean time (until someone gets a hacked VERINFO.DAT), the "ShortFuse Method" I posted will work. Just takes a little more effort.


BTW, which version do you have, the one for Z110/Z120/X920 or the Z130/Z140/X930/X940? I don't know what the actual difference is in the firmware. And last time the Z140 version worked on a Z110 with the correct CARDINFO.CIF.  But there were many differences in the actual files.

In Topic: X940BT aux input issues after update

22 August 2017 - 08:50 PM

I just got my external usb/aux cord mounted up nice in the factory location in my scion... Anyway... What input do i select for the aux cord? Also, certain inputs disappeared after i did a hard reset. Should i reinstall the update?

Did you check your installation manual? If so, you'd see that isn't an aux audio input that splits off the USB cable.. It is for a special A/V input. If you don't have the installation manual, you can d/l one from Pioneer. It is designed to interface with the iPod cable or the Pioneer A/V mini-jack cable (CD-RM10). The input source is A/V 1.

In Topic: 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

22 August 2017 - 05:38 PM

CD's are so "last century". :rolleyes: