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In Topic: Updated CNDVD- 1100 HD Europe

17 April 2017 - 03:22 PM



We don't sell things!!!!! We don't buy things!!!!
We help people and not making money of them

Yeah, its hard to believe that someone tries to make money selling 5 yr old bootleg software. And then annoys everyone by bumping the thread every month. I hope no one buys this crap.

In Topic: another day/night map question..

15 April 2017 - 06:22 PM

Did you fix your issue?
I have a peugeot 308 and in my case, I get:
- lights off: night mode
- lights on: day mode
- auto : night mode under light & day mode in the darkness (which is the opposite it should work)

It seems to me that your Illumination wire is connected to the wrong source. Go to Settings/Navi Settings/Connection Status. The value of "Illumination" should be "Off" during daytime and "On" at night. Normally "day" is defined as running lights off, and "night" as running lights on. This is all controlled by the orange/white wire. If it has 0 volts, the head unit thinks it is daytime. Otherwise it is night.
Most people tap this wire to a running light power wire. However if your car has DRL, this gets more complicated.
BTW, there are two independent functions that can be triggered by the illumination  mode:

  • the display brightness is less at night (there are configurable video settings for each video source for both day and night.
  • optionally, the maps change to (sort of) inverse video at night. This is controlled by Settings/Map Settings/Day-Night Display. When set to "Automatic" the map colors switch to night when the illumination wire has voltage.  When set to "Day" the map always uses the daytime color settings regardless of the illumination wire voltage.

So verify that the Illumination mode is correct for Lights On and Off. If the value is wrong, then the problem is with your wiring. There's noting you can change in the head unit to correct this.
I recently changed how my unit operated. My orange/white with was connected to my tail-light power. Instead, I connected it to a Photosensor board. So it is now triggered by the ambient light in the car, rather than the state of my running lights. The circuit board is hidden under the dash.  I mounted the photo-resistor sensor in a small gap between my dash and the roof pillar. It is shaded from stray ambient light like oncoming headlights or street lights. The sensitivity is adjustable. I set it to turn on only when it is very dark. 

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So now, if I'm driving with lights on during the day (like in the rain or fog), I still can see the headunit display clearly.

In Topic: AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

14 April 2017 - 10:52 PM

Thanks for the response, I am using the one brown one, it's the one that has the yellow tag on which says reverse camera in if I remember, it has a small amount of cable which comes out the HU. I also tried it in the secondary yellow AV input which is just the socket, then set the setting to 2nd camera input use as reverse which also didn't work. Really am at the end of my teather as I'm all out of ideas.

I'm talking about the one in the installation manual.http://catalogs.pion...llation_manual/


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The brown one here. No yellow tag. That's the other one.

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You should plug your camera RCA directly into this.

The installation manual also indicates a few settings that affect behavior.

In Topic: AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

14 April 2017 - 07:46 PM

Hi Everyone

I have recently purchased the F88DAB and installed into my Alfa 159 sportwaggon. This is a great unit. I decided to purchase an aftermarket reverse camera which I then installed into the car.

Having tested the camera using a 12v battery and an AV monitor I knew it worked before installing and therefore expected it to just plug and play when installing it into the HU reverse camera Connector. However this is not the case. I put the car into reverse and the HU changes to the reverse screen but just stays black and no image appears. I have tested this with the HU out and the cable running into the AV monitor and get a picture straight away.

The camera definatly works with the head unit because when I go to source AV and set it to camera the reverse camera image appears. The camera is powered the entire time as the power feed is coming from a constant source. I have tried a number of different settings including setting the second camera input as the reverse camera and that still doesn't appear.

I just can't figure out why I can see the image in one option but does not appear when the car is put into reverse especially when the camera is plugged into the reverse camera input. Any help will be much appreciated.



Sounds like you are using the wrong video input connection for the backup camera. There are two video inputs. You should plug your camera's RCA into the brown input on the back of the unit (labeled BC In), not the yellow connector in the harness.

In Topic: Pioneer AVIC-F950BT AVIC-F50BT Europe map update 2016

13 April 2017 - 06:57 PM

I want to read the sd card in my computer, it's not visible due to the format of the sd card. i want to find out wich program i need to see the content on the sd card! Today i installed it on AVIC-F950BT and it works like a charm. Hope that someone will find out what to do or give me a tip 

As I said above, those z150/US-Can  guys were using USB. Maybe they were using the headunit (in testmode) to copy all the files from the SD to a FAT32 USB device? Then they could copy/archive the files at will.