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In Topic: AVIC Z130BT Tuner issue

09 June 2017 - 02:50 PM

There's not enough information here to begin to diagnose this. My first thought is that this is a signal issue. That could be caused by an antenna issue, or a sensitivity setting in the headunit.  If it isn't one or the other, its a hardware problem in the headunit.  That usually means sending it to a technician.


If you've got a manual, look at the FM tuner section. If don't have a manual, download one from Pioneer. 


First question I have is what station frequency does it keep returning to?  Is it 87.9 or 107.9? (assuming a US unit). That might indicate that the tuner could not find a frequency which it could lock onto. Those are the end points of this tuner's FM frequencies.


On the FM screen there is a signal strength indicator for the tuned station. Of course, if it is tuned to a non-existing station, there will be a poor (or none) signal strength. Unfortunately the manual doesn't show how to interpret this indicator, but the screen-shot does show what it should look like with a good signal.


On the bottom-left corner of the FM screen, touch the gears icon (Settings), then touch [Local] then touch [On]. Make note of the sensitivity level (1-4), then set it to 1. The higher the number the more filtering the tuner does (eliminating weak stations). Level 4 eliminates all but very strong stations.


Exit out of settings and try tuning to a station manually. Does it work better? If no change (or even only a little better), go back into the settings/Local and turn if Off. The try tuning again. If no (or only slight) improvement,  I'd next look at your antenna. You may need to remove the headunit to inspect the wiring.


It is possible the antenna connection is loose. If your antenna is in the window glass it is amplified and might be powered by the headunit (depending on how it was initially installed). The headunit's power wire (blue wire in the power harness) might of become disconnected. It is possible the installer used some other fused switched power source, So you'd need to check your wiring.  It is also possible that the antenna's ground wire is loose. Or maybe the antenna is faulty. I don't know how to diagnose this. A stereo shop might have instruments to test this.


If none of the above fixes or significantly changes the symptoms, it is likely that your hardware tuner is malfunctioning. If you are technical enough to service the unit yourself,  you likely wouldn't be here asking for help. So I'd recommend sending it for repair.

In Topic: [X930BT] - Password Recovery

07 June 2017 - 01:07 PM

I followed these steps above and now my unit it stuck on the loading screen!

This is a long thread. Which instructions were you following? I hope you didn't install HackMode.

In Topic: AVIC Z130BT Tuner issue

30 May 2017 - 12:11 AM

Could be several things. I almost never use my radio, so you might need to look-up in the manual. Sounds like the tuner is seeking a frequency lock. There is a setting that affects tuner sensitivity. It might be accessed through the gear (settings) icon on the bottom of the FM screen.

Do you get any stations while it is seeking? Any sound from the radio?

Can you manually tune? I don't mean presets - there is a manual tune up/down.


Also could be a problem with the antenna. Is yours amplified? Could be the power or coax wire unplugged.

Or your tuner could be shot.

Before tearing it out, try a hard reset (disconnect battery) or a factory reset. You'll loose several settings.

In Topic: Want to change my current password (which I know) on my X930BT

28 May 2017 - 02:40 AM

Hello everyone,
A few days ago I seen a video that shows how to set up the x930bt and choose not to use a password on start-up.  I recently moved my x930bt from my truck to my transit-connect work van which has a great security system with it, so I would like to remove my current password (which I setup and know, and use regularly).  Can anyone tell me how I go about doing this?  Thanks for stopping in.

See posts 299 and 300. Password recovery

In Topic: Auto EQ greyed out

24 May 2017 - 07:52 PM

I know this is an extremely old post but I figured I'd ask here rather than starting a brand new repeat thread.  Does the auto eq on the pioneers care if a micro-bypass is wired or not?  I'm about to install a 4200NEX and I'm wondering if I should wire in the bypass first or try the autoeq first and then add the bypass.

Auto-eq has nothing to do with the bypass. Where I was going before with my question (until he started jerking me off) was that many menu options are inaccessible (grayed-out) if the parking brake is not set. This would not apply if he had the parking brake bypassed.