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2017 (v7.0) Nag Screen Removal Z, X, and F series

19 August 2017 - 02:33 PM

For those who have installed the 2017 release (v7.0), here is the Nag Screen Removal hack. Requires  supertestmode.zip (unzip it; copy TESTMODE.KEY to your FAT32 SD). 


This should work for Z110, Z120, Z130, Z140, X920, X930, X940. It should also work for F-series comparable models and likely others that have v7.0 firmware.
This is dangerous - especially for noobies. Make a backup of any files you change - in fact making a backup of all files under \USER is a good idea. It is very easy to accidentaly delete files or whole directories in TestMode. Copying and Pasting files is a real PITA and is very error prone. I recommend watching the YouTube video by JasonH on using TestMode (even though he calls it HackMode for historical reasons). Do not install Hackmode!
Note: Install the 2017 map update before installing this hack. Do not patch the file on the 2017 installation SD before installing the 2017 Update. If you do, the installation will fail.
Note: I have no way ATT to verify that the F series NAVI.EXE is the same binary, so it would be helpful if someone could verify the bytes below are correct at that location. If not, more research will be necessary.


Make a copy of the NAVI.EXE file on the 2017 update SD (in \UPDATE\USER\PRG\APL) to patch.
Then using a hex editor (such as HxD):
  at offset 0xBEC18  
  change 05 00 00 0A   to   00 00 A0 E1
and save the file.  HxD also has a binary file comparison that can  be used to make sure that only the above 4 bytes were changed.
Then use a separate SD with TESTMODE.KEY and the patched NAVI.EXE on it. With your headunit turned on, insert the above SD. It will boot into TestMode.
Go into File Maintenance.
First, you need to identify the "active" set of files. There are two \USER\PRGx directories on your HU. The active one is indicated by the presence or absence of a file named \USER\PRG.FLG  If this file is not present, the active application files are in \USER\PRG0\APL. Otherwise, the active files are in \USER\PRG1\APL. From now on I'll just call it the Active directory.
The goal is to replace the Active NAVI.EXE with the patched one using File Maintenance. Since TestMode will not allow you to overwrite an existing file, you need to delete the one already there.
Using TestMode, go to the Active directory and delete NAVI.EXE. Then go to the SD and select the patched NAVI.EXE and select Copy. Then go back into the Active directory and select Paste. It might take a minute to complete.
Then remove the SD and reboot your headdunit. The app should start and allow you to see the map without presenting the annoying Nag Screen.

Map Update Hack using "ShortFuse" method - Z110-Z140;X920-X940

14 August 2017 - 05:38 PM

Confirmed to allow firmware updates for all Z110, Z120, Z130, Z140, X920, X930, X940 - and probably their corresponding rest-of-the-world units. It works for all known update versions through 7.0 (2017).  This hack isn't necessary for updates that have a hacked  VERINFO.DAT file. However the two methods will not conflict. Of course you will still need to have a CARDINFO.CIF file that matches your unit.
This was an early method used to hack map update releases. It was discovered/documented by member ShortFuse. Use this hack to allow installation of new update releases without requiring a unique password from Pioneer (which binds the update's unique media number to a specific headunit's serial number). It involves patching a DLL on the headunit prior to installing the update.
I only recommend this hack for those experienced with modifying/hacking their AVIC units. This is just an interim method to install the maps/firmware until a more "user friendly" way has been documented. It requires familiarity with use of TestMode to copy/paste/delete files on your headunit. TestMode's user interface is not intuitive and very frustrating and error prone. I recommend watching JasonH's youtube tutorial - but do not install Condi's Hackmode. Just  download supertestmode.zip; unzip it; copy TESTMODE.KEY to your SD; insert in your headunit. I also recommend making a backup of all the files/folders on your headunit in the USER folder before trying anything. Put that SD away and keep it. If you brick your headunit with no backup, I won't be helping you. Let me be clear here. The danger isn't that this hack will damage your unit. The danger is that you will inadvertently delete something important using TestMode. If you use care it is perfectly safe.
1. First Boot into TestMode.
 You'll need to identify the "active" set of files. There are two \USER\PRGx directories on your HU. The active one is indicated by the presence or absence of a file named \USER\PRG.FLG  If this file is not present, the active application files are in \USER\PRG0\APL. Otherwise, the active files are in \USER\PRG1\APL.  Upon further research I see most people using this hack say to use the USER\PRG0\APL file. From now on I'll just call it the ActiveDirectory.
2. Get a copy of ActiveDirectory/RenewallFlib.dll.  If you still have the files from the last update installation, you can also get it from there. Actually I don't know if it matters where you get the file. Copy it to an SD and then move it to your computer.
3. Using a hex file editor (like HxD.exe) apply these changes to your copy of RenewallFlib.dll: (if the expected values are not found at any location, do not continue - your firmware is not compatible)

  • Offset 000019F0:  0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3
  • Offset 00001A10:  0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3
  • Offset 00001A3C:  0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3
  • Offset 00001AD8:  0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3
  • Offset 00001C1C:  0250A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3
  • Offset 00001C24:  0150A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3

IMPORTANT - do not modify the file on your new firmware installation SD - it will cause the installation to fail. Use a different SD with Testmode.key and the patched file.
4. Copy the file back to your HU into the same ActiveDirectory. Hint: you must delete the old one before you can "Paste" the file back. TestMode silently ignores overwrites. 
It is a very good idea to keep a copy of the original file. This DLL (library) only gets used during firmware updates. 

Edit: It wouldn't hurt (and might help) if you copied the modified file into both APL folders (\USER\PRG0\APL and \USER\PRG1\APL). This way you are sure the hacked DLL will be used.
5. Install the unmodified map update
With this "ShortFuse" hack installed on your headunit, the update will work as described in the release documentation. When prompted for the password from Pioneer, the password you enter will not be validated in the normal manner. I suspect you could enter almost anything.  I recommend entering "PASSWORDPASSWORD" just because I know that works. If the update software rejects that password, you did something wrong.

If update fails and you are stuck with "Wrong SD" message:
-boot into testmode. 
-go into file maintenance
-remove the file USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log
this will kick the unit out of upgrade mode, and should restart into regular mode on next power up (remember to remove the TestMode SD).


2017 US/Can Maps available for Z & X n10,20,30,40 Models

23 July 2017 - 06:15 PM



The Navigation.com website now has the new 2017 maps for Z130BT, Z140BH, X930BT, X940BT and for earlier models Z110bt, Z120BT & X920BT. http://www.navigation.com


I suggest reading the installation instructions found on the above website before installing. 


Note: I posted the same message in the X series forum and requested that they post any discussion on this update here.  No info yet on hacks to bypass the installation password or any other mods.  The F series guys (which use the same firmware but EU maps) usually are ahead of us on finding hacks, so keep an eye over there.


04 July 2017 - 01:37 PM

TestMode is much safer and easier to use than Hackmode - which installs and modifies your system. Sometimes the install goes awry, leaving your unit unable to boot.


To get into TestMode on most X and Z series units, download this file supertestmode.zip to a PC, unzip it, put TestMode.key on a FAT32 formatted SD, and insert it in your unit.


IFAIK this file doesn't work on  x950 & z150, but if it does, or someone knows one that works - please post to this thread.