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  3. Me I would get the 8200. Easy to use and have rear camera lines. 8500 they removed it. But they added it back in 8600. But I still like the 8200 interface. 8500 and 8600 have wireless AA/Carplay. But rather have it plug in. But wireless is just convenient. And wireless video mirroring from the phone.
  4. What's the difference between the interfaces? Did a search here but I'm not finding the details or seeing what people don't like about the newer one.
  5. I have Avic-960BT, yesterday I tried to update it with the SD card and I don't know after completing to 100% it restarted and then started giving error Software Error, contact pioneer service center or authorized dealer. Dear Abdel Did you manage to get the problem resolved? Can you help me??
  6. 8200 is good 8500 has newer interface
  7. Me ajude por favor. Fiz cópia de software e agora aparece uma tela dizendo erro de software o modelo do meu aparelho é uma avic f80tv.

  8. Fiz cópia de software e acabei brick meu aparelho. Agora aparece uma tela dizendo erro de Software. Como faço para arrumar isso? Me ajude por favor. Modelo AVIC F80TV.
  9. Hi all, I'm thinking about putting a Pioneer nav unit into my Rav4, replacing the aging Kenwood DNX unit which I've liked a lot, but which is developing problems and lacks modern phone integration. I'll probably go with an AVIC-W8___NEX series unit. Looking through the threads here I can't really tell, are there problems doing the bypass on the 8500 and if so, would an 8200 be a better choice? I would certainly want to be able to use the navigation and Android Auto functions without having to stop every time. Are there any other reasons to choose an 8500 or 8600 over an 8200, or vi
  10. Hello, How to make Alert and Speedcam active for France and Switzerland (AVIC-Z820DAB) ? I did a lot of testing. First of all, to start you must have access to the files and to the Service Menu of the device. What you can follow towards the end of this post... At this stage, in Switzerland, it is possible to add a "Switzerland.txt" file in the "/extdata/iGO/content/speedcam/" folder and also delete the "/extdata/iGO/content/speedcam/speedcam.spdb" so that this last file *.spdb is regenerated by iGO. The same is possible for France with a "France.txt" file. At this
  11. Note: This is still a working solution as of July 2021. If you trust yourself with a Dremel and saw disc you can cut the front of the face around the SD slot detents. This will allow you to fully access the factory card slot. Why go this route? In some later model fords the radio was a "custom" size and not a 1 or 2 din unit. When the 4400 went in, the dash had to be modified for the unit to fit and a "custom" bracket went in. well, it was the level of tight where you knew it wasn't going to come back out.... Once the screen detached, the mounting bracket swiveled out (with som
  12. Normally when i would get a call or Make one it would automatically switch to bluetooth audio automatically. Now if i want to hear the call i have to manually switch to bt audio
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  14. Thank you for posting this HondaR! Also thanks to JamesI75 for the posting image and thanks again to timcampbell092. This helped me a lot. Enough that I made an account just to say thank you.
  15. Here's better description. I have a pioneer 7200nex in my car and never used to have any issues but as of recently i noticed, after trying to make a phonecall over bluetooth for the first time in a while, i cannot hear any phone audio. When i dial a number from my phone, my music on my headunit goes off like its switched over to a phone call. I can see on my phone that it is dialing as the time counter keeps going up and if i switch my phone over to speak, i can now hear the phone call. Also if i go under the actual "mode" part of my head unit and switch from like my radio over to "bluet
  16. Like under audio settings i assume?
  17. I'm curious what others have experienced when using CarPlay. My pet peeve is that when I start my car, if I am listening to the radio last (so it's on radio when I start my car) my phone will connect to CarPlay wirelessly (great!) but it will automatically start playing music. I go days between listening to music on my iPhone. In an attempt to stop this, I have no locally downloaded music and I have turned off cellular for the Music app but it still plays music. Ideally, if I was listening to the radio last, I still want to listen to the radio. I am curious if others have experienced the same
  18. I wrote this issue to Pioneer support and they directed me to AVIC-F930 user's manual on the page 192. I tried all those recommended settings and the only what was working for me is MPEG-4 format and MPEG-4 compatible codec with MP4 extension and 320X240 resolution with maximum 768kbps. But 320X240 resolution is too small and the video quality is too poor even on AVIC-F930 6.1" screen size.
  19. Check speaker output setting over BT. Make sure it's on all speakers
  20. I am interested in this. Can you provide detail on the screws and the way you 'manipulated' the bezel?
  21. So i can play music with my phone thru bluetooth on my Avic 7200NEX but if i try to make a phone call it shows the phone call menu but i cant hear anything but the person on the other line can hear me. How do i fix this?
  22. http://honda-fit.ru/forums/honda-fit-Proshivka-magnitoly-Carrozzeria-Avic--MRZ088-t39142
  23. Just curious as to what the current OEM version is for this model. I got my stock SD card to start working again & checked and it's 1.0. I don't see any fw upgrades on pioneer's site but find it hard to believe that this far into the lifecycle that it's never had an upgrade.. Is that correct? Thanks!
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