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  1. So looking into much of the info on here and elsewhere I seed that most of the models run iMX6dq freescale sabre which is now another company but the sabre was a tablet and parts of it are still in there. its running a very stripped down android 4.4.2 and I may be wrong in this called jupiter. Everything thats been done so far depended on testmode and related keys. sometime in the firmwares after 1.07 for my nex the old keys no longer worked. I have seen some that have reverted to the older firmware does this work and were they able to edit bsp again or I have seen that you can still do this t
  2. werent people trying to run linux ?? and on avichacks could've sworn saw pic guy running slack on his unit. I just leave it up to the pros but it would be nice to run a browser of some sort on my 5200
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