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  1. hi, No, I didn't find any solution. It got better, but I think it's heat related and as weather now isn't as hot it works Ok pls. post if you'll find anything.
  2. thanks for the reply. No, camera in my case isn't powered unless car is in "R" position. So there is no camera overheating issue. please, take a look at my video that shows how 5sec power reset re enables HU camera input https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6C19gX-8zU
  3. hi, when car is started and put in reverse backup camera displays video feed to HU just fine however, after 20-40 min drive when I try to park and switch to reverse I got black screen with HU warning ... mirrored ... if I turn off engine and wait for a min or two and turn car to ON or start engine I get video feed on HU just fine I tried to disconnect backup camera when I got black screen (car with engine ON after parking against curb and switch in reverse position) and connect video camera / camcorder input to backup camera output and camcorder shows video just file. so, looks like backup camera works Ok and something within HU. Originally I thought that it's backup camera and got another camera and even added voltage regulator as I thought camera might not take over 12V - so it isn't the case. my connections: backup camera takes power from backup lights camera is connected over rca cable to HU HU gets +12 from reverse light to reverse detection wire (I think it's magenta, has label for reverse) HU is set for polarity as battery How I can fix this annoying issue? thanks