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  3. Hello all does anyone still has the SPH-DA160DAB service manual or info on solder job and firmware update please ? Got that white screen for 2 weeks now on the radio.. Thank You very much for the help.
  4. Well sounds like it's down to a switch on the red wire. I don't have a Pioneer anymore but I thought there was a way to select an Off source (which turns off audio and display). Might depend on the firmware version.
  5. ^"Press and hold the "Talk" button (just to left of Volume -+" all this did was mute volume is there another button to left of volume? thanks
  6. Press and hold the "Talk" button (just to left of Volume -+. This sets the AV source to Off. I don't know if that carries over after you restart via ACC Off. Keep in mind that the unit is usually never completely off (unless the battery is disconnected). The red wire is a trigger to turn it on/off. So turning off the audio/video using the Voice button is the recommended way. If that doesn't suit your needs, then you could install an On/Off switch to the red wire.
  7. I'll rephase how to not turn radio on w/ ACC on? how to turn radio off w/ engine on? do I have to add my own switch? I am aware of the yellow constant 12VDC an red switched 12VDC. thanks for advising
  8. I'm sure you can find installation and user manuals online. The unit has two +12vdc power sources. Yellow and Red One is constant and the other is connected to an ignition switched source. That's how you turn it off (usually turn off the ignition).
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  10. You need to find the password to unlock it, then get linux with a patched kernel that can initialize locked SD cards. Then unlock it with said password.
  11. Pioneer AVIC-Z110bt caution screen may appear reversed Well I just had to have a backup camera now I have no display an my buttons are locked. I do have the AVICs green connected to the RP4GM11 adaptor red w/white trace (which is the parking brake) before I did this connection I was unable to enter addresses in the NAV, parking brake must be ingauged. I have the camera power an the video signal cables power connected to the chevy express's green reverse wire an grounded to body at HU end just the RCA plugged into the brown RCA. in settings the camera was on an polarity was bat
  12. Всем привет! При копировании NAVIVUP Каким-то образом была удалена папка USER от avic-rz800, если у кого-нибудь есть исходник данной папки (rz09), будьте добры выложите архив! Заранее спасибо!
  13. simply amazing!! my trusty 4400nex went into a boot loop back in November, I didn't think there was any hope for it, so I bought a new Pioneer unit, and they are total garbage! I figured I'd revisit the 4400 just tonight and did a search and found this thread. the old girl is alive and kicking again!!!! thanks for this awesome thread guys!
  14. Not sure if i should post this, but I found it other places. when it asks you for the password, enter (space bar) (spacebar) SERVICE (space bar) PASS (space bar) OFF(space bar) After that, press down on the top left next to the word password for about 5 seconds. Then a message should pop up saying that the unit has been unlocked.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm glad I've found this community after so much looking around online. I was recently given an AVIC-Z930DAB and I immediately started working on configurations and mods but it seems like nobody on the internet has this specific unit or even talks about it! Very few accessories for it as well... Even here on the forum I only found only a couple of references to my specific model. Does anyone know why is that? My best guess is that it could be sold under different names based on the country or because it's a halo product. The first thing I wanted to test is the
  16. Read this thread to find and install the last firmware and maps for the AVIC F920-BT http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/85011-new-release-f20bt-f30bt-f40bt-f920bt-f930bt-f940bt-f840bt-etc-2019/&do=getNewComment Note: the firmware and maps are updated together, not separately. Bluetooth drivers are a separate step. You say your Bluetooth is not working, so it might have a hardware problem which new firmware can't fix. These units are about 15 years old so hardware problems are common. You sound unfamiliar with Pioneer nav units. The SD is ony used for updates, and to play m
  17. Hello everyone! Apologies in advance for terrible english, but whatever. I came across an older Pioneer, an AVIC-F920BT and scored a great deal on it and figured I'll put it to use right away. Everything of the wiring was hassle-free to mount and connect, but the software itself seems to be a challenge for me. I have done a fair bit of googling around on it and found out I've got stuck and am now going to ask the professionals for help.... on this forum, that is. I want to upgrade the firmware on it, since it is platform version 2.000 and Application version i
  18. Hello, sorry for my bad English. (Google translator) My radio, AVH-Z9200DAB, also gave the error message a few days ago, software error. I would now like to install the firmware from the AVH-Z9100DAB. I found the firmware on the Pioneer website. It is a zip file, how do I make an image from it? I hope you can help me.
  19. Did the file from the first post but then the radio goes into the firmware failure screen and I did everything right but can't write a different file or anything. It's the 4400nex
  20. Hi, can you provide the detailed instrucitons on how to repair or point me the way. thanks i know how to solder, board level IC.
  21. I have seen some people here that say they know the password code to unlock the sd card, but I do not know it and I don’t even know how to unlock it even if I did. There are far smarter people than me that show up from time to time that could maybe help, but unfortunately that person is not me. Sorry I cannot help any further, that is all I know.
  22. How did make the SD card visible in a computer? I pulled the card from a working avh-4200NEX, but it's not visible in the computer and so I cannot backup the file image.
  23. Thanks, Datsun, for the info. Does this mean that there is no way to duplicate a working stock sd card?
  24. If you pulled this card from a working 4200 then the card is password protected. Once you place the stock sd card in a unit and turn it on the unit it will protect the card.
  25. I have the stock SD card out and I want to backup the image. But I still don't know how. I'm happy to share it here if I could extract the image from the stock SD card.
  26. I have removed the SD card from my AVH-4200NEX headunit. The pupose is to backap the image file. However, using an SD card reader, the stock SD card is not detected in WIndows. The SD card reader is working with other SD cards. So how to backup the stock SD card in Windows 11? I installed Ubuntu WSL (in windows 11) but the stock SD card is still not detected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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