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  2. hi guys. i tryied to install igo on my fb310bt, but i deleted the files without backing them up. can you please help me with those files? when i reset the unit it gives the navgate screen and after just 2 horizontal lines. i know that it was a dumb move. i know...:( Can you please send me the files from "my flash disk" via email?
  3. hi guys...i bricked my 310bt. i didnt back-up my files and i lost all data from "My flash disk". can you please help me with all the files inside "my plash disk"? i know that it was a dumb move...i know
  4. Backups and Images

    Looking for a AVH-W4400NEX image, appreciate anyone that can send a link my way.
  5. Hi everyone, When I installed the Avic Z2 on my truck, many years ago, I removed some wires, that I was not intending to use, from connectors 1 (20 pins) and 2 (16 pins) to avoid clutter in the dashboard. Now, I'm installing the Z2 in my daughter's Jetta but she needs to use the AUX 1 which I don't remember if it was connected to connector 1 or 2 and in which position. I still have all the wires and cables removed. Please can someone help me with the pinout for both connectors. Thank you, Tony
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  7. NEX 4200 Firmware update

    no issues. I guess I am always interested in updates, that's all. typically updates come out every year from what I remember
  8. Last week
  9. No menu when radio starts

    Like I said..... someone mess with the setting or install error
  10. No menu when radio starts

    I found a solution on YouTube. To bypass everything and get to the menu, just press and hold the MUTE button. Then you can go to the camera settings and turn the camera view off and check your "Reverse Gear Setting" option and try changing from "Battery" to "Ground" or vice-versa.
  11. NEX 4200 Firmware update

    What are you having a problem with
  12. No menu when radio starts

    Radio is struck in reverse camera mode
  13. NEX 4200 Firmware update

    Has anyone heard if there will be a firmware update for the NEX 4200 this year? Pioneer shows the last update in August of last year. Just curious
  14. No menu when radio starts

    My AVH 4200NEX has worked fine. There is a backup camera installed. This morning I went out and started the pickup and the image that appeared was the rear view with guidelines. I could not get rid of the video. I turned the key off and then back on, and now I get a blank screen - no Pioneer logo or disclaimer, and then the screen goes black and the rear guidelines show up. I can't get to the main menu, or ANY menu. The radio just sits there with the black screen and guidelines.
  15. software error screen

    ISO AVIC-8100NEX image file Is there any other image files that would work on the 8100?
  16. software error screen

    Also ISO the 4200 NEX file please
  17. software error screen

    Just have to wait someone will get to you...
  18. software error screen

    Anyone else ?? I am really desperated for help... Or maybe better to put this in the bin and get a new radio
  19. 2019 Maps (announcement only)

    ok im interested for my f930bt Have you reached any agreement?
  20. w8500 Navigation Issues

    Mine does the same thing! Do you have anything hooked into your obdII port?
  21. Problem Password F950BT

    Hello everyone, I have my F950BT 2013 with the password blocked and I can not unblock it, I tried the 3 file of Condi and the Testmode but each time the message "Test mode failed starting Turn off acc " I'm desperate, would someone have a solution please ? Thank you in advance.
  22. software error screen

    Hi everyone, I am new on this forum, just got an SPH-DA120 unit from friend in UK to install on my car but actually I am facing some issues with. First is, I noticed the firmware version is 1.06, so it is really an old one. Have tried to update it to latest version ( 1.19 ), have followed all steps and actually I am getting an successfully message saying unit has been updated from 1.06 to 1.19. However, after it reboots, if I click at the "Firmware Information" option, I still see 1.06 rather than 1.19. I have done same process over and over and unit refuses to show new version. Also tried to update it using the 1.07 version but still happens the same... Already made an Factory reset but nothing solves this issue. So no matter what I do, it refuse to show new version. Any solutions.... ??? Another issue I am facing is, sometimes after radio powers on, I got the "Software Error" message, so usually after turning off and on the key again it solves the problem. But from what I read here, it might be an near dead SD card, so better to replace it to a new one ? Any help would be much appreciated ! Cheers, Ed
  23. w8500 Navigation Issues

    Where is the GPS receiver placed? Have you used a metal plate under it? Have a look: https://racelogic.support/01VBOX_Automotive/01General_Information/Knowledge_Base/Where_should_I_place_my_GPS_Antenna%3F
  24. w8500 Navigation Issues

    I've got a brand new W8500 installed in my 2008 Toyota 4Runner. Overall, it's great, with one major exception. The GPS can take 10-15 minutes or more to track my location. I first noticed this when using Wireless CarPlay. My location would be wildly incorrect. At first, I thought there was an issue with my phone, but I then realized I was experiencing the issue with the built-in navigation. That confirms that when connected wirelessly, the phone uses the 8500's GPS instead of the built-in GPS chip. Which would be fine, if the 8500's GPS actually tracked my location quickly enough. This morning it took about 5 minutes to connect to some satellites and even after connecting to 4 GPS and 1 GLONASS satellites, the GPS still thought I was miles away from my real location. The Unit is reporting that the GPS antenna is connected OK. And over time, it will eventually get my correct location. This is worse after long periods of non-use. Is anyone else experiencing (or experienced) this? Any solutions?
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  26. Spot under the glass

    I noticed today there was a small spot that appeared to be growing under the screen of my radio, no unusual heat or anything but just a cosmetic spot. I powered it off and the spot slowly went away. There was no performance issues and everything was working properly. The radio is a W8400
  27. I don't know what is wrong. Maybe you didn't follow the instruction. Maybe there is something wrong with your SD. Maybe you installed Condi's Hackmode or some other software. Have you tried this method? Service access
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