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  2. Hi, i was updating with sd card my avic f920bt and after some copying i get an error and a reboot loop that says update problem. i attach a photo. Can anyone help me? thanks in advice, regards
  3. I have the c2550-NEX. I have to touch the guidelines icon each time I put the car in reverse. Is there a way to make the guidelines on by default as soon as I put the car in reverse? FYI: I am using the Pioneer's guidelines, not the camera's guidelines.
  4. backup camera wiring questions

    I just installed a backup camera on a c2550-NEX. You do not have to tap into the reverse lights for power. If the camera wiring harness has a power and ground wire (mine was red & black/red, then connect the red to +12v accessory in the car's harness and black/red to the ground wire in the car's harness. The "reverse trigger" wire at the pioneer harness should connect to "reverse trigger" wire at the iData harness (mine was light green and labelled). This way the camera has power at all times when the vehicle is on or in accessory position. You can then select the camera to view continuously (from the Pioneer settings menu) or it will activate automatically when the vehicle is placed in reverse. And no added load on the vehicles rear lighting harness. I did no wiring at the rear of the car whatsoever, other than feeding the camera's cable through the bumper and rear panel. Though depending on the camera you selected, you might have to wire the camera power and ground to the camera's harness power and ground at the back. I've attached the wiring list for a 2008 Ford harness with the PAC C2R-FRD1 and 2550-NEX. Your color codes may be different. Note: mine has no steering wheel controls (SWC) or NAV (VSS). It also shows correct wiring for the micro bypass unit (for informational purposes only). PAC C2R-FRD1.txt
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  6. backup camera wiring questions

    HI Installed the pioneer dmh c2500nex..Great stereo so far..Been reading about installing a backup camera..States connect the backup light power to the violet/white wire in the stereo harness (reverse wire)..When I check that violet/white wire (putting the vehicle in reverse), it shows power to that wire from the stereo (have 12 volt light, connected one end of light to ground in vehicle and then touched the violet/white wire in stereo harness in reverse). I'm using the idata harness and maestro RR to simply things. So if that wire is hot in reverse, why do I need to send a signal from the reverse lights as stated in all packages if that wire already lights up when put in reverse. To me that would seem that the stereo already know that it's in reverse. If that's the case, can anyone identify the [placement for the camera wires. I believe it has a rack (which goes to the brown plug in stereo). Then there is a power and ground(can they be connected at stereo) and finally what wire connects to reverse or maybe I don't need to connect to violet/white. or could I connect the power to the violet white and that would supply power to the camera Any help would greatly appreciated Cheers Al Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  7. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone has any verified experience (using an SMD DD1 or O-scope maybe) in finding the preout's clip/distortion volume level with an AVIC unit (5100NEX in this case). I'm not even sure what the max volume number is on the volume circuit but I know on the AVH line its generally around 39 or 40 but I think the AVIC uses a higher number scale? I know I can use the 3/4 volume rule of thumb but I was hoping to get a real account to better set gain. Thanks!
  8. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Ty, on another thread I mentioned that it did. removed the microbypass and hardwired everything and did the touch screen bypass.
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  10. I've tried unpairing and repairing my phone from the 8200, but it still won't auto connect. I typically have to go into my phone to manually connect it to the 8200. Would this be a phone problem, or a problem w the 8200nex?
  11. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Should work on your 8500nex. Worked great on my 8400nex.
  12. I updated my AVIC-7200NEX about a month ago and it has given me nothing but trouble since. It screen freezes on startup, it's GPS is about 4 MPH slow, and I keep getting a ODBC connection message. I would like to down grade the firmware but not sure where to locate the the old firmware file. Any suggestions? And before anyone asks, I have tried reinstalling it twice.
  13. Avic f840BT no settings

    Witam. W kostce zasilającej jest kabel ,czwarty od prawej strony górny rząd. Podłącz go do masy lub po prostu do obudowy z tyłu radia i po problemie
  14. Avic-F960dab password.

    Bonjour, Suite à une panne de batterie et étant le 2eme proprio du véhicule, mon Pioneer F960BT me demandait un password que je n'avait pas, bref la panique Je viens de faire la manip avec une microSD 2go que j'ai formaté en FAT32, ensuite j'ai dezippé le fichier .rar dans la microSD poste allumé mettre la carte SD attendre la liste de choix choisir "initialyze factory default" éteindre, puis redémarrer l'autoradio C'est fait !!! Laissez vous ensuite guider pour re-paramétrer votre pioneer
  15. av.exe seeking for my F930bt

    can you send me Av.exe for my F930bt to????? Liviu.certan@gmail.com
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  17. AVIC-Z130BT Backup Camera has No Picture

    Check connections behind head unit.
  18. GPS Nightmare

    I am having the same problem with my NEX4400. I would try updating the firmware. Pioneer tech support will want you to do that. I was told by the installer and pioneer the speed pulse wire does not need to be hooked up. After hours on the phone with Apple and Pioneer troubleshooting, Pioneer is going to replace the 4400. At the end of the conversation the Pioneer tech said that I am not the only one having this problem. When I get the new unit installed I will post back my results.
  19. Pioneer Tech Support Unavailable?

    Speed sensor is not hooked up. Installer did not want to tap into the Mercedes Wiring. Tech support at Pioneer said that should not be a problem. I would hook it up myself if I knew how. After hours on the phone troubleshooting with Apple and Pioneer, Pioneer is going to send me a new unit. At the end Pioneer tech said “you are not the only one with this problem”
  20. Swapping avh for avic

    Should I remove the microbypass I have and just ground the green wire and do the soft bypass?
  21. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    I have change the language but some touch icons are not working, specifically the top right and the bottom left. (back, exit, display tilt...)
  22. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    avid mrz02
  23. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    which model you have?
  24. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    please advice how you have replaced those files and with which files are replaced. I have the same problem. regards.
  25. Starting off, I will admit I have very limited knowledge of stereos but have already searched this issue to come up empty handed. My dad purchased a 370Z with a Pioneer avic-z130bt and a backup camera installed; everything worked absolutely fine (I drove the car several times myself). Without knowing 100% what he did, he synced his Iphone through the Bluetooth connection (which works fine) and set some radio presets. He is adamant that is all he did, he did not wander into any setting screens. Now when the car is put into reverse, the screen changes to black with the message "Images may be reversed" at the top; there is no video like before. I checked that the camera is set to on and the polarity to battery (which he says he had never touched). Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  26. Swapping avh for avic

    Just match the colors. It wont be a plug and play.
  27. Swapping avh for avic

    I'm about to swap my avh-x5600bhs for an avic-w8400nex in my 2012 Ford Focus. Will I be able to unplug the old and plug in the new? I have a microbypass and the steering wheel controls installed.
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