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  2. Security Password Removal Script

    Thanks this made my day
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  4. Blake, Smoke, Ron, netz, everyone...thanks! The instructions in this forum were simple and clear. This latest link worked like a champ. Did the install today, upgraded from factory original to v7.0 and BT v3.32. Still didn't fix my bluetooth connection which has never worked for android; now my phone tells me 'incorrect password' instead of just 'can not pair'. I'll keep working on that. Recap: 8gb micro sd; FAT32 format; load and run shortfuse hack; get correct cardinfo file for x920bt; download link above; replace hack on sd card with cardinfo file, firmware folder, and update folder; run update [password = passwordpassword]; update firmware in bluetooth in settings; eject sd card; enjoy updated unit. Just a note - Blake's link worked great. smokingman's link gave me a 23 hour estimated download.
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  6. Avic6000NEX keeps restarting, help!

    Will work but something wont like bluetooth
  7. Avic6000NEX keeps restarting, help!

    Thanks for the reply. That is my understanding from the research I've done. I cant however find a 600nex image. I've found a 6100 or 6200 I believe. Will either of those work?
  8. Avic6000NEX keeps restarting, help!

    Sounds like a bad SD card. You need to get the SD card image from one of the users.
  9. Avic6000NEX keeps restarting, help!

    No one can direct any help this way? I suppose this will just have to be a dead 6000nex
  10. 4000NEX Black Screen

    Did you find the fix? I have exact problem.
  11. Navigate Contacts AVIC: Please Reply

    Pioneer does not develop a navigation application. This product is from NNG: iGO Next Gen. Avicsync is iGO NextGen which uses Navfusion technology for synchronization. All of these products are made by NNG. Why NNG did such shit I do not know. iGO can use voice search. and also online services. But all these features are removed from iGO for Pioneer Support for usb modems is available in the Pioneer firmware and there are no technical problems to implement all online services with voice search. I think that with the advent of Carplay \ AA navigation will finally disappear from the radio. It’s cheaper to buy iGO in the appstore than to use it on AVIC. But they still haven't made Carplay support for IGO.
  12. Last week
  13. If you believe that the AVIC navigation systems for which we paid Pioneer a decent chunk of money should be able to import our Contacts addresses into the navigation system, please reply to this message indicating your support. BTW, I don't need someone telling me, "Oh, I just use Apple CarPlay". That's not the issue. If you're interested, please read my background discussion below. Please reply to this message saying something like, "I want Contacts Navigation" or I agree, etc. I purchased my second AVIC Navigation system for my new F250 and installed it myself. So, with the Maestro iDataLink and wiring harness, my cost was over a thousand dollars, and it took me about three days off and on to get everything installed the way I wanted. Went to test the navigation system after importing my contacts, and the only things imported from my iPhone Contacts were the phone numbers. I can't believe that Pioneer STILL has not written code to use my iOS Contacts to automagically navigate to an address in my Contacts database. In this day and age, and being a database developer myself, I can frankly state that there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the absence of this software development feature. So, as this $1000 or more system is currently sold to us by Pioneer, if we decide to use the AVIC system for navigating to an address within our current address books, we need to MANUALLY enter the following information: 1) State 2) City or Zip 3) Street Name 4) House Number Folks, that could easily require manually entering 15 to 20 bytes of information ... every time you use the system. This is precisely why computers and software programs were written ... to save people time and frustration. I called Pioneer tech support and first reached a Level 1 "support" technician who had no idea what I was talking about. Asked to speak to a supervisor, and I was transferred to a fairly knowledgeable person who understood the issue and subsequently escalated my concern to Pioneer's top AVIC support contact here in the US. So, the perspective of this individual went something like this: the Chinese software developers have taken the posture that there is NOT ENOUGH INTEREST in having this functionality within the navigation system. And of course, since these people believe they can walk on water, that's pretty much the end of the conversation. There is an app on Apple's App Store named "AVICSYNC" which presumably had this functionality built into the software, but I (and MANY others) could never get it to work properly with our older systems. Attempts to use that software resulted in the AVICSYNC app complaining, "No usable address found". Interestingly, support for that app was dropped after the AVIC 8200 system, and the AVICSYNC app, which is still available on Apple's App Store has a 1.3 star rating out of 5 stars. It has been OVER A YEAR since it was last updated. The user reviews are horrible. As a database developer, I would not be able to sleep at night if I were responsible for developing that software. And the individual who actually IS RESPONSIBLE should be embarrassed and ultimately fired, since he or she is not doing his or her job. Simple math alone would allow me to say, "Let's assume there are 5000 AVIC navigation systems currently in use today. And let's assume that 10% of the users of those systems would like to be able to navigate to the address of an individual within their Contacts database, without manually entering 15-20 bytes of data or more. That would mean that 500 people want that functionality". If it were my software, I would provide the functionality if only 50 people wanted it. In summary, Pioneer apparently needs a few people to remind them of their obligation to provide their users with the best possible user experience; it should make life easier, not more difficult. If you agree, please respond with your own simple message in order that we may send a simple message to Pioneer.
  14. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    @Shtirlitz проверь пожалуйста ЛС.
  15. Avic-RX055

    How do you set the time on this system
  16. AVIC-HRZ0088

    Good day to everyone.? I bought an avic-hrz0088. Please, if you have any information on how to translate this model into English or Russian. First of all, thank you.
  17. Help with C9P5 please

    Hi guys, I bought a Japanese import Mazda Atenza 20s (2010) with a pioneer c9p5 installed. I never knew that my car had a backup camera until I bent over the clean my rear licence plate. The camera was turned off from the settings(had to use translate to work my way towards it). I enabled the camera and it was working great until I pressed a button which translated to 'front plus side plus back camera' and now, nothing comes up on my screen. My music is working, buttons are working, I can see the reverse camera but when I put the car to drive or park or anything other than reverse, the screen goes black and one of the japanese buttons opens up options like contrast and brightness for camera. Also, my screen is working as it works for reverse camera. Is there a way I can hard reset the unit without taking it out? I couldn't find a reset pin hole. I tried to disconnect and reconnect the battery but doesn't affect the head unit. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a unit like this; https://www.croooober.com/en/item/cparts/00000139/Memory-Navigation-digital/8084837/The-Price-Cut-Has-Closed-Mazda-Genuine-C9P5-V6-650-AVIC-MRZ-0247-Zm I'm based in New Zealand btw Thanks heaps
  18. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Good day to everyone.? I bought an avic-hrz0088. Please, if you have any information on how to translate this model into English or Russian. First of all, thank you.
  19. Next 5100

    It is called AVIC-5100NEX without "t". What do you want to do? What does not work?
  20. Next 5100

    I have the next 5100.doesn't do anything with my android phone..Bluetooth is the only thing Help
  21. I’ve just tried the anti theft service pass off and hidden button - on the link you just sent - it worked, and it even let me reset the password. thank you all who have posted over the years...wasted a bloody whole day today just to fit a reverse camera which the trip the fuse...hence password reset needed. Funny thing is I set the password 12 months ago and even gave myself a hint...which for the love of me didn’t have a clue!! phew...all done.
  22. Sorry, I don't know anything about the F960DAB. Did you try this method? http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83592-security-password-removal-script-for-z110120130140-x920930940-some-older-f-series/&do=findComment&comment=348733
  23. AVH-P6800DVD + AVG-VDP1

    Hey There, my name is Ben and I'm a "New Member" here with an Old-school head unit. Quick backstory: I have a 2011 Toyota Tacoma with the JBL Premium Sound package and 6-Disc changer. I hate the JBL system; everything is controlled through the OEM amplifier and does not allow for upgraded speakers/Head Unit without replacing almost every component. So that's what I did - removed and replaced EVERYTHING. I have a massive CD collection, and I still prefer CDs over most any other medium (streaming, MP3, Aux. in etc.) so I wanted to keep the 6-CD changer. I found the AVH-P6800DVD was one of the last produced 6-CD head units, so that's what I started looking for. I found a used one, non-working, from a fellow off-road/Tacoma enthusiast that he was unable to sell. He offered to send it to me for free, I just paid the shipping. It arrived damaged (thanks USPS) with a broken LCD, damaged/cracked housing and bent armature/screws. I was little dismayed, but got to work finding all the parts I needed to repair it. I downloaded the Service Manual and Parts Diagrams, ordered a new LCD and rack gear, and was able to repair/replace all the components to get it working again. In order to get it connected and working with the Tacoma's wiring, I had to install a iDataLink Maestro RR to interface with the OEM harness. I also had to install/program a PAC SWI-X IR module in order to retain the steering wheel controls, since the AVH-P6800DVD does not have a dedicated 3.5mm SWC Remote Input. I also replaced ALL the stock JBL speakers, Amplifier and Subwoofer. All new components, all new wiring. After wiring, programming and testing all the new components - the system sounds AMAZING!!! So much more control over the sound and EQ options. I am beyond happy (so far). I just had foot surgery, so it will be another 2 weeks before I can hobble out there to finish the install and button everything up. Here's what I installed (or am in the process of installing): Pioneer AVH-P6800DVD Pioneer AVG-VDP1 (EW model, converting to UC model) Maestro RR PAC SWI-X Lightning Audio, 1200 watt, 5 ch. Amplifier Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 Polk DB6501, Front Alpine SPR-10TW 1" Type-R Tweeter, Front Polk DB6502, Rear Custom Sub Enclosure, behind the rear passenger fold-down seat All new wiring all-around, RCAs, and 100-amp Breaker mounted on the battery cage Things left to do: Convert the AVG-VDP1/EW model to the [UC] model. I purchased the unit from eBay from a seller in Italy. The model is listed as the EW spec (Europe West?), whereas I need UC spec (US & Canada?). After reviewing the Service Manual many times and studying the PCB diagrams - I found that the only difference between all the specs (EW, UC and ES) are the placements of the Resistors on the GDC PCB Board: Positions R1139 and R1140. The EW spec has the resistor connected to R1139, whereas the UC spec has that resistor connected to R1140 (ES spec has a resistor connected to BOTH positions). So, in theory, I just need to re-solder/swap the resistor's position on the GDC PCB. Service Test Mode Adjustments: I also noted in the AVG-VDP1's Service Manual that there is a "Service Test Mode" where I can change/adjust the GPS Positioning area. I was also concerned about this, since it is an EW model, if it will not properly display the Lat/Lon position in North America. I haven't yet tried, but I do not know how to enter the "Service Test Mode" on this unit. *I have not attempted to modify anything on the AVG-VDP1 (yet). I do not know the proper procedure to enter the "Service Test Mode" but I have a ticket in with Pioneer to get some help. Since this is a very old module - there is not a lot of information out there for it. I did not find any relevant info. about entering 'Service Test Mode'. Wire-up the factory Reverse Camera to work with the AVH-P6800DVD. I need to splice the factory Video Output feed and run it to a separate RCA, connected to the "Reverse Camera Input" on the HU. I will also be trying to figure out to run an HDMI to Composite RCA connection to the addtl. Video Input on that same harness, so I can use it as an external display from my Samsung Note9 (though, I am not sure if this will work as I want it to). I will need to build my own 12-Pin RCA harness (CDE-8255) for the Video Input, since those specific harnesses are discontinued near-impossible to find now. Anyway , I just wanted to introduce myself and provide some initial info. about what I'm doing. I will likely be posting additional info. and/or questions in the various sub-forums on here. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or provide any helpful resources/info. that may be assistance. Thanks! - Ben
  24. Hi - this got me off the password screen and to the home screen on AVIC-F960DAB but then I took the USB out and it went back to asking for password? I should have reset password there and then...do I need to dO somet else?
  25. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi, OK, here is the step-by-step manual: Step 1: Take out the FW, see here Step 2: Get the file named "PS140PLT.PRG". For RZ09 it is in folder NAVIVUP\AVICRZ09\PLATFORM\ Cut out 0x200 bytes from the start of the file: its header. I used the SFK-tool: sfk195x64.exe partcopy PS140PLT.PRG -allfrom 0x200 output.nb0 -yes When you need to extract file output.nb0 by the dumpromx.exe tool (easy to find it on this forum): mkdir DUMP dumpromx.exe -d DUMP -v -5 output.nb0 >output.txt As a result, you'll get a lot of FW files, and initDB.dat of course Step 3: Patch initDB.dat file. Use my sources, take translate.c and translation.txt, and see the code: const long OFFSET = 0x18C8D0L; // RZ09 1.04 0x18C8D0L; RZ77 2.07 = 0x1EA87CL const long BLOCK_LEN = 0xAF00BL; // RZ09 1.04 0xAF00BL; RZ77 2.07 = 0xB5CDFL These constants define the start and length-1 of the data block inside of the initDB.dat, correct it according to your header. Address stores in the little-endian bytes sequence: Go to the start of this data block offset: You can see the start of the Japanese strings data, its in UCS-2 LE codepage. The end of the data block at the end of the initDB.dat file: The address of the last data byte is 0x23B8DB. Use the calc for calculating the length-1 and insert it to translate.c source, and compile it. While running, the translate.exe search for initDB.dat and translation.txt in the current folder. After finishing the output file initDB_out.dat will be created. Step 4: Assemble the updated FW. Get makever.c and compile it. You can change the version if you need it, the current FW version in the PS140PLT.VER file. Replace initDB.dat in the FW by commands: copy /Y initDB_out.dat initDB.dat dumpromx.exe -a initDB.dat fw_104_src.nb0 You need to get the correct output, like this: img 00000000 : hdr=8d908c88 base=88471000 commandlineoffset=88471000 ERROR: could not find pointer for ofs 00000000 Successful file initDB.dat inserting initDB.dat.nb saved successfully If it OK, run the makever.exe by commands: del /Q fw_104.nb0 ren initDB.dat.nb fw_104.nb0 makever.exe mkdir NAVIVUP\AVICRZ09\PLATFORM copy /Y PS140PLT.PRG NAVIVUP\AVICRZ09\PLATFORM\PS140PLT.PRG copy /Y PS140PLT.VER NAVIVUP\AVICRZ09\PS140PLT.VER It creates the folders (NAVIVUP) and files for the AVIC's FW update. Step 5: Just place folder NAVIVUP on the SD and try to update your AVIC in a test mode. Use "Program forced write" menu and "Platform write" command, SD as a source. On Internal SD stayed the original Japanese FW if you want back to it. And be careful, do not power off the AVIC during updating, it can be bricked (or boot looped)!!! Good luck)
  26. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Добрый день земляк! С языками не силен... по этому буду благодарен за науку на русском. имею avic-hrz099 чистокровный японец. хотел бы так же облагородить меню на английском языке. могу попросить ссылки на порядок действий и ПО по обновлению языка? заранее благодарен!
  27. Buy Pioneer AVIC-7200NEX or AVIC-w8400NEX

    Found a guy running over 20 stereo shops based in Texas Custom Sounds & Tint payments@customsounds.com . Paid thru Paypal ship UPS. Says he has over 50 QTY 8500's in stock.
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