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  3. I'm stuck it's saying incorrect sdcArd how do I fix this
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  5. F88DAB update maps

    Downgrade F88DAB to firmware 1.04
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  7. @djexplorer i did the hack, and afther that i installed the maps. Just for sure.
  8. i think so...but you can also put hack again if it no starts without hack
  9. carrozzeria AVIC mrz088

    Go to this address : http://honda-fit.ru/forums/honda-fit-Proshivka-magnitoly-Carrozzeria-Avic--MRZ088-t39142
  10. Avic F840bt ok, 1) Official last fw 2) Shortfuse 3) Map from Godzilla folder (ty) all ok
  11. @spoon1 Hello! If I have a hack and update installed from 2017, can I only install the new maps? Only 8 Gb card? F930BT? Thank you.
  12. Video rainbow scrambled

    Hello, I have a w8400nex. Recently my video for backup camera is rainbow scrambled, and jumping around. Things I tried:different cameras, hooked a DVD player up and same thing happens to both camera input and video input. It’s not the rca cable, tried different ones and verified it works in the house. Tried resetting settings. Tried button reset with pin into the face. Tried to do a firmware update, but it says error, possibly cuz it is already up to date. Tried video setting of pal, ntsc, auto, etc. So I have three cameras ran through a video switcher. I have eliminated the switcher while trying to troubleshoot this issue, so it’s not the switcher. The weird thing is one camera works fine(It’s a boyo camera), while any other camera or video source gets scrambled. Maybe the signal is a different voltage, not sure why it works and nothing else. Anybody have any ideas?
  13. Password AVH Reset

    Hello, I downloaded the dropbox file and was able to put it in my thumb drive. I have a Pioneer Avic-5200nex. I plugged it in and tried to go to factory default and initialize it. I kept getting an error screen that contains the photo attached. I tried activating and inactivating my Bluetooth and it still gives me this. I have no idea what it means by "please turn the power off to test Bluetooth." I don't have anything connected to Bluetooth and not sure how I can turn off the power without that screen turning off as well. I am stuck and not sure what to do.
  14. Hi everyone, I have an AVIC F80TV (made in Brazil), and it suddenly lost GPS signal. Already tried to replace the antenna, upgrade firmware to 1.08, delete and restore the iGO folder in the EXTDATA folder, and even replace the entire EXTDATA folder itself, with no results. My guess is that some files in the internal SD are corrupted. If somebody can give me a hand, i would really appreciate. Thanks!
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  16. After installing AVH2AVIC, can I reset back to factory default and run stock firmware?  I want to confirm that I can reinstall the Pioneer firmware (on their website) for my AVH-W4400NEX if I need to.

  17. I have one AVIC-F90BT in Australia and the Bluetooth, GPS, USB, Settings and phone functions are not working. I already performed the update but it still does not work. I was told that I need to do the test mode, plus other things but I don't know how to do that. Could you please help me out. The radio is working fine. Thanks, Renato/Australia
  18. It is installed and it works well, just a pity that some street names are not known suddenly, or a roundabout that is not in the right place, but it works well. Thank you
  19. AVH-W4400NEX Bad SD Card

    I have this issue too. Did you ever get an image?
  20. Backups and Images

    Was anyone able to find the image for AVH-4200NEX?
  21. AVH-4400NEX Software Error

    Bux, were you able to find the image? I have this model as well.
  22. That makes total sense and yes, this is exactly the same popup window that I got in Dutch (Man, never would have expected that this forum would improve everyone's language skills right ). I suggest that @maunav90 gets back to us and let us know in detail whether that was the case and/or how he resolved the issue. In any case, it all worked brilliantly and without a glitch for my father's AVIC-F930BT (maps upgraded from 2011=>2019, firmware upgraded to 8.000) , so thanks for all the efforts @RonS, @godzilla and @spoon1 , also on behalf of my happy father ! I even hooked up his relatively new Samsung smartphone to Bluetooth in the car while I was at it. That was also a real eye-opener for him, and it was clear that this will result in safer driving.
  23. sorry for my english. hello friends my navigation is with maps from MY2010 - original map, never update , should I change cardinfo -file with 2017y or follow the steps described in the forum?
  24. According to Italian section of the map installation manual, the prompt to enter the password is preceded with this screen: I don't speak or read Italian (or Dutch), but this is probably equivalent to what you described for your installation. After responding "Si", it prompts the user to enter the password. I think the image @maunav90 posted is after he entered "PASSWORDPASSWORD" and it was rejected. So it was asking the user to re-enter the password. I suspect that he never (or incorrectly) installed the Shortfuse hack, so the password it was expecting was the "real" one registered for this unit's serial number. Not the hacked one "PASSWORDPASSWORD".
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