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  2. Video file playback from USB/SD on X920BT

    Just to update, it works fine with MRZ-099. Did the conversion using Wondershare Video Converter with the said settings. Thank you sir for your help.
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  4. Backups and Images

    Hi, I got the 'Software Error' on my f860bt after a firmware upgrade from 1.06 to 1.21. I downloaded the AVIC_F860.rar archive and replaced the internal SD-card using this image. After replacing the SD-card, I was forced to performing a new firmware upgrade from 1.15 to 1.21. It went well The system now works except for the navigation, since if fails to initialize the maps.I can see licenses and maps for Europe 2015Q3 from within the menu system, but they don't display. I saw some comment in a post here about 2018Q1 maps. Is there some kind of mismatch? *** Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks for your help!
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  6. Hi, I have BIG problem with bluetooth in Pioneer AVIC F8430BT. The bluetooth is simply not working. Search do not recognize any device. Bluetooth option is avaliable only after few minutes after unit starts. In Test Mode I have BT open Error or failure. Flashing from bluetooth menu was not possible, while after maps update the new firmware version was uploaded but nothing has change. Is this hardware failure, or are there any other software tools that can help??
  7. F930bt test mode

    This http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83597-security-password-removal-script/
  8. Hello DZO,
    do you have any experience with an AVIC-MRZ0247ZM (C9P5 V6 650) - built in in a MAZDA Demio (MAZDA 2)!
    The car was imported to Kenya.
    My research in the net found almost nothing and if, then all was written in Japanese language again.
    This AVIC-MRZ0247ZM just shows Japanese language and there is need to change the language to English or German.
    Also needed to change the date and time, because it always shows Japanese time.
    I myself will get the AVIC-MRZ0247ZM in a few days and will try to get into the file system for a backup!
    Attached some pictures of the AVIC-MRZ0247ZM





  9. F930bt test mode

    Hi all new to the site, i recently bought a van with a f930bt headunit in, the unit asks me for a password which the garage i got it from doesnt have and have tried contacting the previous owner for and any help would be much appreiated, cheers
  10. AVIC-RZ33

    Hello Kyriakos! Ive done it for a number of cars in Cyprus but I havent seen your model before. If you wish, call me on 99 987654 to see if we can sort this out for you! Best Fanos
  11. Thanks, this worked for us on a used car we bought and had to install a new battery. We had problems getting the SD micro card out of the radio and got the "red screen" but this $17 dollar solution (to buy the card) and down load your fix worked like a charm.
  12. These units appear to be flexible with bad firmware installs. Try uploading the proper firmware to your unit. It worked for me after my navigation features were eliminated due to some kind of glitch.
  13. Auto EQ Adjustment - Does it help?

    I tried the Pioneer mic and a cheap Radio Shack powered mic. The Radio Shack mic produced a much better result.
  14. Password AVH Reset

    Cravatts, just want to say thank you for the post. It worked perfectly.
  15. Just got the avic w8400nex installed today. And I cannot figure out how to mirror the head unit to the rear display.. I'm playing a video through a us thumb drive and it plays fine on the head unit. When I select the rear/mirror option nothing happens it's just a black screen. The video format is in mp4. Any suggestions?
  16. CD/DVD not ejecting AVH-4200NEX

    Is testkey_s something that I can generate? I found some stuff on this site using perl.
  17. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    Subscribing to try and get the same answer. Micro bypass didn’t work. And I am assuming the the old method of a simple disconnect switch doesn’t work as well.
  18. AVIC-RZ33

    Hi, sorry for posting in the wrong Subforum, but I didn't find a R-Series Subforum. I have imported a japanese car that came with this unit, The Problem is, you can't change the language to english.... Does anyone know if I can install another firmware to this device? Maybe this device was sold in EU or USA with a different Name. Thanks and Regards,
  19. buttons on steering wheels

    Do you guys have buttons on the steering wheels? Would like to know if anyone here mounted buttons on their truck parts? I think the functions are volume up and down, previous, and skip. Does it work perfectly with Android Auto?
  20. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Good day! need a User folder from avic-mrz99. Folders that are on the forum are not suitable freezes on the screen saver.
  21. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi, I was wondering if you have files for me to change my avic mrz09 from jap to english?
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  23. Hello I have the same unit Bricked to : reset loop Can you help me with make backup of your unit ?
  24. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I signed up to this forum for this exact problem...I hope someone figures it out soon!
  25. Glad you're back in business. My Z110-bt is my first and only Pioneer headunit, so I know nothing of the older units. Seems like there were a lot of neat features. Since this discussion went way off topic, I'll clean-up the thread in a few days. There's not much useful info for other people (except a lesson to not go deleting things in testmode ).
  26. Password AVH Reset

    omg! works on my 8850! same issue, battery died and prompted for password on my 2nd hand pioneer set. Only thing is that I need to go back to the installer to get the steering wheel controls done..
  27. Great forum, X930bt still bricked

    Maybe you can help me. I have z120 with the latest map update, was trying the nag screen mod, deleted the PRG .FLG on accident then trying to fix it deleted both navi.exe in PRG0 and PRG1. I am trying to put navi.exe back in both PRG0 and PRG1, but I can't paste, what am I doing wrong? I downloaded the map update again along with shortfuse hack for the update then reinsert map update and nothing. I was hoping that would just replace the files. So now I went into Path: USER\ PRG0 \ Apl \ selected and deleted everything. Went back to Path: SD \ UPDATE \ USER \ PRG \ APL \ selected and copied everything then back to Path: USER\ PRG0 \ Apl \ to paste, but paste is greyed out and can not be selected.
  28. warning screen f950bt remove?

    Hi Hdlandscape Hi Hdlandscape You say Testmode is working. I only see a Reg file when I unpack the zip file. Can you tell us how you did it exactly on F950BT? And was it possible to update the maps? Please share your experiences. Best regards, Kajoe
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