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  2. 2 ONURARD You deleted system files, system file load error (6-7-8), restore files from copy!
  3. hello i have avicmrz05 i have connected it to the car and i got an error like this. then I copied the files uploaded to the site for mrz99 as in the video. I deleted the original mrz05 files, after copying the mrz99 files, I got the error number 7 and the tape does not open at all, can you help? 1385911069_WhatsAppVideo2023-03-25at23_59_28.mp4
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  5. It has been sitting in the box since I traded my VW in many years ago. Now the circle is coming around, and my son has a VW GTI as his first car. He was thinking of upgrading the factory stereo to something with BT. Would my AVIC be a decent install, or is it too outdated to use? I never got into the hacking or modding of it, and I don't even know what version of software it has installed.
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  7. downgrade firmware 1.14 in the Debug menu, you can set the time manually
  8. Just noted that my navigation is not working even though everything else seems fine. Nav gives me a blank screen. Updated the firmware to today's latest (v.1.21) This does not help, Same problem Can't change clock for DST. Ideas?? Must have happened since the last time change.
  9. English: Greetings, I have a working Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT, how do I make a backup copy to share it?
  10. Sent you a PM, looking for a HD

  11. Hi guys, looking for help on an old f60dab. Sorry it's a bit of a long post but here's what happened so far... I realise most users here have moved on, as I once did. I hope someone may be left who can throw some advice my way. But at the very least pls read this as a warning. After screwing up a good mates 8 year old f60dab by failed updating? I have gone through many of the old posts of days gone by to try and remember what to do. I also tried to download relevant files to assist but sadly nearly all links dead or fail to download. I keep trying. However with my mate scr
  12. Saludos,tengo un Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT funcionando,como hago una copia de seguridad para compartirlo?
  13. Thanks, I got my AVH-Z9100DAB back alive with the AVIC.img, however now I’m not able to access FM and DAB audio sources. Any suggestions for that issue, is there a better matching image somewhere or what can I do? /Thanks
  14. Mine is stuck in a loop now too after trying a factory reset. Any solutions? Seems to be a bug in the head unit itself. Wonder if pioneer knows of this issue
  15. As most of the posts on this forum are pre- stone age, ie 2010 would anyone know of a up to date list of models released and where they fit in terms of development. There has been a huge changes in the shift from win ce to android and possibly other formats. But equally lots of changes to pioneer units themselves. Do any even come with cd / dvd anymore. I know very few sold today even have built in navigation. What always confused me, especially now in 2023 is what series do all the 'newer' units fit, if any. (my personal answer would be c.rap ) but there may some models OK ?? S
  16. Wow, and wow again. Reading back it seems like one or two really clever developers knew their stuff discovered the holy grail and made great strides. But here in the future (2023), It's like the clever scientists back then discovered the true meaning of life, shouted out a few instructions for a while and then left the rest of the human race to fend for itself without a manual. As much as I appreciated all the hard work, commitment and support from these clever people in keeping my unit working and updated, sadly I couldnt keep up with the understanding and conflicting procedures and
  17. I updated successfully to version 1.20 after many attempts. Once updated I discovered I couldn’t access Bluetooth anymore. That was 2years ago. I recently found an article stating it was a two part update, the second part being a Bluetooth update. I may try that on a slow day, goodness why so difficult Pioneer? AVH-4000NEX
  18. Hi, my F960BT unit has started showing the dreaded "Software error" message. I gather I need to replace the internal SD card with a clean software image. I have scoured around but cannot find one to download. Can anybody help me out with one please ?
  19. Pioneer restorator 1.7 Reading files *.ver ,*.prg ,*.iarc, *.dat (initdb.dat partially) *.ver files auto size check, crc files auto recalculation of cs and file sizes *.iarc files full unpacking with restoration of original paths and file names replacing the image to fit or smaller than the original size (for now) *.prg files auto size check, crc file and header auto recalculation of cs and sizes in file and header support for JP and EU versions Generating nb0 and hdr files nb0 for subsequent unpacking in utilities hdr to restore the prg file with s
  20. Internal hardware is different between the series. x000 to x100. I believe audio path was different. Darn asd. You are fast.
  21. no there are hardware differences between x000 and x100
  22. Did anything ever become of this experiment? I still have a 6000NEX (F960BT), and am curious if it's worth trying to load another device's firmware.
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