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  2. So I have my W4400NEX on a bench with a power supply. Currently have power going to The constant and ignition rails and ground to ground. I successfully purchased a new SD card, loaded 1.00 on it and it booted just fine. Used a thumb drive to update to 1.01, then when attempting to update to 1.02 I got an update failed message mid update, I believe. Every single time a power up the unit, it immediately is attempting to update with the 0.00 -> 0.00. Whether there is a USB thumb drive present or not, it tries to update and fails with the 0.00 ->0.00. I tried a new SD card with
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  4. Welcome to the community! For a clean look, consider using graphic design tools like Photoshop or Canva to create a Toyota logo on a plain black background. You can easily customize it to match your preferences. If you need assistance, feel free to ask! Enjoy your AVIC-7000NEX.
  5. Hi there, im new here and need help to get the avh-4000nex headunit I purchased online up and running. It appears that someone has taken the original SD card out of the unit before then selling it to me. if I understand correctly I now need another sd card (4-8gig) which I have to first copy a image on? can someone please send me the image file to use and maybe a bit of instructions on how to do it using a Mac? thanks in advance
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  7. I'm having the same issue and now my 2007 mustang GT want cut off either,unless I disconnect the battery and pull fuel pump relay, looking at replacing ignition switch..
  8. Here's the BT Firmware that came with the 2013 update. Obviously you'll need to unzip the file. FIRMWARE.zip
  9. I know this thread is old. I know the X920BT is even older. Any chance anyone else is still running this unit and recently experienced a bluetooth meltdown like I did and has a link for the bluetooth firmware update that still works?
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  11. @bojan229 Yes, I solved it
  12. Bump! I'd be eternally grateful for any help!
  13. is there a maps for mrz-009? maps of europe
  14. Does anybody have Z9200DAB or any experience installing older version to this device ? Thank you
  15. Hello guys, new on the forum. I recently brought back to life my F900BT, and now I need maps for it. I need Europe or just Serbia if it exists separately as a map. I searched here on the forum, found some older links but none of those are working.
  16. Thats the old password. It doesn't work anymore. **correction, that password doesn't work on some models anymore There is no way to do this on windows or any sort of VM. You need Linux with a patched kernel that allows you to execute a special command called CMD42 that locks and unlocks and can erase SD cards. You also need the right hardware. You have to have a built-in SD card reader that connects to your motherboard via a PCI bridge, not USB bridge. Thats why a USB adapter won't work.
  17. My AVH-4200NEX recently started the dreaded boot loop and searching the internet eventually led me here. I had no idea these radios had an issue until my problems started and of course I did not take a backup for my unit since I never thought I would need one. Is there a copy of the 4200NEX image somewhere? Looks like the two posters quoted managed to get a copy of a good image or new SD card so hoping someone can help me out. Thanks!
  18. @imyeremy Did you get that to work? I followed the instruction posted on here to flash over the fx3.1 files (https://mega.nz/folder/zxk03JJT#o2b_QPi1_CyTaRTbtMe4zg) and am able to get the head unit running but there is no bluetooth firmware. when I go to update the firmware it shows nothing as installed. Also when I look at the device info in the windows explorer it shows up as 'avic-f700' not 'avic-f700bt'. It looks just like the one in imyeremy's picture - with the led BT indicator on the bottom left, I'm pretty sure it should work. Any recommendations on how to add the BT files
  19. Hi peeps, new here. Just bought a avic rw99 problem is it a bit big for my crv but I don’t want to sell. Any ways any info you Peps have on this unit will be very much appreciated. f1d6b650-6529-4d98-b3df-4fc02fa6627c.mp4
  20. I have the problem of it sliding out then only flipping up maybe 2°. The ribbon is only attached on the screen end. Can this be easily fixed? Audio shop here in Austin, jsut said to scrap the whole unit. Not willing to give up that easily. Any help is greatly appreciated. Tia
  21. Boa noite amigo! Tem como me ajudar? O meu pioneer é o AVH-Z9280TV! DEU ERRO DE SOFTWARE. Preciso dos arquivos com cartão SD. Me ajuda.

  22. My unit refuses to enter normal boot mode. Only works in Warp mode. In normal mode, it shows password error... "Jupiter MMC init failed, set password failed" ...and freeze in the Pioneer logo. I must be removing the sd card incorrectly. I do it using the testmode_N key. Or with the testmode_A, selecting the "mode change" option on the 7th page of the test mode menu.
  23. Meu som está parado já tem quase 4 meses. Estou agoniado. Assistências técnicas burras condenaram Meu som. Sendo que o problema são os dados do cartão SD que estão corrompidos.
  24. Já resolveu o seu? Se resolveu, me ajuda irmão.
  25. most of the new pioneer radios are cheap chinese manufactured. they are just a pioneer emblem.....
  26. Hello, I have an AVIC RZ-06 and have been searching everywhere for translation from japanese to english before i found this forum. I tried to follow this tutorial and i'm stuck at Step 3. Have extracted the iniDB.dat file, but i can't edit it in Notepad++ (even tried Far manager) or anything else because it doesn't open properly. Can someone please help me with this?
  27. Hi, pls can i get igo maps to my f960dab?
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