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  2. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi, I have the above backup, but cannot copy or paste , as these options do not appear on teh menu, am I doing something wrong? DZo, can you please advise?
  3. Change Japanese to English

    I have the same issue, I can select, enter, delete and all, but no copy or paste?
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  5. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hello! As far as I know, there is no manual setting in our devices (I have AVIC RZ-05). I read somewhere that to configure you need to connect a GPS antenna and the system itself will set the clock on the device after some time. I have no antenna, I have no way to check it.
  6. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Good news, the 1.30 firmware is available for download. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/PUSA/Car_Electronics/Firmware Update Files/2020-DMH/October_2020/DMH-WT8600NEX.zip
  7. Same here. Tried a couple SD's all different sizes and reformatted. Placed the ISO, even decompressed the files. When I add the SD with the map update, it will promt directly for the update. Tried the double passwords and the 111. No luck. Any tips?
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  9. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hey guys, I bought a Honda Fit and it came with Avic RZ33. I want to switch the clock. It seems, the clock is set for Japan time zone and I wanna change it to European zones. Is there anyway to do it? My radio is in Japanese language so, any pictures are welcome here Thanks in advance.
  10. hello everybody i bought a old hyundai i20 sound edition and it has that navigator. I tried to use a sd with some movies but it does not work...is possible use sd just for update or also for music/movies?
  11. Can please someone help me out, I have the 2017 maps on my F930BT (hacked version of this forum) , trying to update the system with the 2019 maps, But it can't read the TTS sd, tried different sd cards but no luck, The 2019 sd it reads but can't get beyond the password, so the problem lies in the TTS sd that doesn't install? Tried 3 different sd cards from 2 and 4 GB without any luck, What I'm doing wrong??
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  13. Nex 8000 Screen Scratch

    so I was able to wet sand down with 2000 grit and then buff out with a wool pad the the scratches and it had no impact on the screen functionality. the screen is comprised of multiple top layers though and the transition is clearly marked between the layers. and I'm going to have to take the entire screen down a couple of layers where the deepest scratch was or else there is going to be a ring around where the layers merge. I'll try to get some pictures on here soon. the scratches were deep enough to get my fingernail into them lol so I said f it and went for it. the 3 inch drill attached polishing kit is coming is coming in Tuesday for me to wets and the rest of the screen so I don't have a ring. so once I get everything done I will give pictures of everything. if I was going to send it in to get replaced anyways I figured what could it hurt. I basically thought about every capacitive screen I have ever worked on in phones before. it would be nearly impossible to get through the outer layers and down into the capacitive electronics that are always on the back side. really pissed at pioneer for how soft they made the outside though. even low quality glass would have been better. for 600 bucks it should be even 1st gen gorilla glass wtf.
  14. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I tried every setting imaginable. Tethering to my phone, using car wifi, just doesn’t work. I have latest version of ios. Interesting to learn the 1.30 firmware is only currently available for iPhones.
  15. software error screen

    Can anyone help with an EU SPH-DA120 SD card image please? Got a unit stuck in a boot loop.Thanks.
  16. HDD unlocking FREE

    yes is dose
  17. Nex 8000 Screen Scratch

    fuuudge, the 4660-nex just shows "TBD" and out of stock for the screen, I put two big scratches in it while installing, like an idiot. I made sure to tape over anything sharp and everything, and then left my eye glasses in the little holder under the deck while I had it dangling down on top of them and didn't realize it and I was popping the car into reverse and back to find the 6v backup camera power and it slid across the corner of my collapsed glasses (i know it doesn't seem possible) and scratched it in two places. Before I start wetsanding and get out the buffer and try to fix it, I'd like to know how much it costs to replace. How do I get ahold of pioneer support?
  18. HDMI and minijack on one round/square unit

    Thank you very much, I don't know why i was having such a hard time finding that lol
  19. HDMI and minijack on one round/square unit

    https://www.amazon.com/BATIGE-3-5mm-Female-Extension-Mounting/dp/B01NA9135J/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=hdmi+aux+panel+mount&qid=1602862032&sr=8-2 That's the one I bought, quality seems to be decent.
  20. Avic-HRZ99

    Hi Did you succeeded in changing the language??
  21. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I just spent about 30 minutes trying.... Connected car to phone, phone to car, it never works! mfvtgtgs, can you do a video of the update process? Do you use the wifi hotspot, or the wireless smartphones option. What version of iOS? Hey, have you done the brake bypass? I just tried it on my Android and it says 1.13 is the latest? https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gf1D1CLi4DUxYqMz9
  22. Does anyone make a round (easier) or square jack I can install somewhere in the front of my car that has just an HDMI plug and a 3.5mm miniplug on it? I have been tearing through the google forever now and not finding one. I found one with two usb, one hdmi and one 3.5mm. But I already wired up to my car's usb ports, so these two usb's would go wasted and would like something smaller with just the two jacks I need.
  23. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I am using iPhone X
  24. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    using android or iphone?
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  26. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I have gotten to drive around more with firmware 1.3 and have not noted any changes so I am not sure if you’re missing out being on the previous firmware. Maybe it is not relevant but I did happen to read somewhere that when doing the update the parking brake needed to be engaged but I did have it set and the update worked. Not sure why....
  27. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Have the same thing on a 90bt. Ever get this resolved?
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