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  4. Thank you Lehe, you are a lifesaver. Thank you also for the TestModeKeys. Now I can save my SD cards that are locked. You're awesome!
  5. Check your messages for the 4000 image. I think you can use the service menu to change mode and unlock the SD card so you can use again. I have a GOLDENEGG mode change key, but the 4000 I believe doesn't use the newer GOLDENEGG but the A and N testmodekeys even with the latest firmware. I don't know which A or N variant would change the mode unlocking the SD. Some of the MUCH smarter people on here may chime in. I have an N key that I have labeled "NorFlash_MODECHANGE" that may be the one. It's a shame wasting SD card especially when the smaller 4 and 8 GB quality cards are scarce now. I know
  6. Muy mal producto tengo el mismo problema exactamente veo que salieron con esa falla solo se conecta muy pocas veces y no me deja acceder al Bluetooth
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  8. Can anyone point me to an AVH-4000NEX image? This is so frustrating. I fixed this before and thought I saved the image in a safe place and can no longer find it. All the links are down. I found one the other day that said it was for the 4000nex. I flashed the SD card and the unit booted! I tested bluetooth and the radio and then tried CarPlay and I had no sound! Everything else worked fine... I figured maybe I just needed to update the firmware (as iOS has been updated several times since 1.05 firmware). It would not take the update even though I put it on the USB drive correctly etc. I did so
  9. I have a 4100nex radio that the hd radio does not work it grayed out but the Bluetooth and everything else works
  10. Hello guys, I have an AVH-Z9150BT. After a recent restart, it showed a software error and would continue to reload. I also found a solution on the website. I just found the firmware version 1.02. Do I have to use an "image" file inject the NEW SD card? Any solution to this problem? If so, can anyone share it? I would be very apperate!
  11. Okay, just found the following guide in one of the the Shtirlitz posts. Will try it on the RW03 and come back if I have the results.
  12. I’m stuck in this same situation. Did you ever find a solution?
  13. Hello AVIC Community, Looking for some language support regarding an AVIC-RW03 which came with my Japanese import car. Hopefully this is the right sub forum. I was able to select English in the "NAVI" menu which hold a tile button for selecting Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. This only changed some minor texts to English but the majority is still in Japanese. I am able to go into test mode by pressing the NAVI / Standby button and rock the second ring on the volume button right - left - right - left - right - left. So far so good. In the test mode File Manager I can
  14. SPH-DA110 AppRadio Corrupted Beyond Repair Fix I thought I would share this, it might help someone to fix there corrupted AppRadio There is no SD card in this model the firmware is on a S29GL128S90TFI02 Flash chip you will need to reprogram that chip. Added firmware below taken from a good working SPH-DA110 AppRadio. Good Luck. S29GL128S90TFI02@TSOP56.rar
  15. Thanks for the reply, car came, previous installer had all speakers hooked up at 2 ohm load and radio still had piece of insulation behind it. I removed insulation and sold customer a 4CH amp. hopefully should be good now.
  16. Yes it can. You just needed to be an AVIC411 member, which you now are.
  17. Anyone have a shortfuse hack? The one on page 1 cannot be downloaded
  18. Check wiring. MB cars are very tight is space. Wire maybe pitch or came loose.
  19. Hello, as mentioned in the title, i installed an AVH-W4500NEX into a 2011 MB C250. It blows the onboard fuse ever 3-4 weeks. it has done it twice, and now a third time. Has anyone run into a similar issue? Or am I working with a defective radio?? Thanks in Advance
  20. Hello guys, I have bought a avh x8600bt 2016, its been a great bit of kit, about 3 years ago started playing up, but in the mean time I have sold the car this was on and haven't used it since. Now I would like to put this on another vehicle and its stuck in boot loop. Is there any chance for someone to share with me the SD image for my model please? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello Hirez, I have tryed your link but it gets me to create an account. Its all russian and seems dodgy. If you managed to download it, is there any chance fo ryou to upload it on another server for me aswell pretty please!
  22. Hello I have a Pioneer AVIC – 5201NEX unit had a flash screen repeating over and over. I'm wondering if it's the SD card and hoping that someone here may have the software that I could download onto that new SD card and try it in the unit. Thank you for your help
  23. 2 SunTzu this is not possible for the average user. You can patch the library for the right time.
  24. Hi all, I have an Avic Z130BT that I’ve had for many years, I think I originally installed it in the H3 back in like 2011 or 2012. I had pulled it out of that vehicle because I was going to put it in something else, but decided not to so it sat on top of my garage fridge for about a year and a half. I rewired the plugs and reinstalled it, but the left side audio (front and rear) is very low for media audio, but appears to be normal volume for nav alerts and vehicle alerts. I’ve checked the obvious (fade/balance) and it’s set for 0, the VR Control is also set to L/R0. I’ve connected sp
  25. Hey, looking for firmware for AVH-Z9200DAB. Could anyone who fixed theirs share the files? Appreciate your support!
  26. Try turning off the proprietary (factory) stereo. I had the same problem which drove me beyond madness.
  27. I just wanted to mention that this button press sequence works with the latest firmware 3.04. I was unable to find any info regarding the bypass working with newest firmware so I wanted to post that it still works. Be patient if you’re not successful with button sequence because you will eventually get it. Good luck and happy viewing while driving!
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