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  3. Ok, so first run through, with 4G (my iPhones LTE) disabled and 3G enabled it dropped twice in a second and then was perfect. 2nd run it dropped 4 times in 2seconds. Normally with 4G it'll drop a lot with long pauses over 5-10 seconds, so definitely a huge improvement. Still doesn't fix the problem though. Still don't get why it's not happening to everybody with the 4400. I've only ever found one other post about this which I can't even find anymore, and I'm pretty sure the guy got a replacement from Pioneer and that ended up doing the same thing, which almost leads me to believe its something to do with our environment/cell providers/electicity/vehicle. Anyone else find that there are certain "hot spots" that it happens in, or does it seem completely random?
  4. it happened after one of Apple's recent updates, I never used to have a problem with my wireless connection dropping out, they have chosen to ignore the issue.
  5. Backups and Images

    how can I format/erase my SD card in the unit ? I want it to be readed in my pc after that. thanks for the help
  6. SD card format

    Hi, how can I format/erase my SD card in the unit ? I want it to be readed in my pc after that. thanks for the help
  7. Yes, sorry, clipping was probably the wrong term, it is a loss of wireless signal. This is what I suspect too... the road close to me that it always happens at literally runs alongside power lines. Strange thing is I have overhead power lines all around me here and it doesn’t happen when I drive under some of the other ones. How could they produce wireless tech that can be affected by power lines?! then again, surely this would be happening to absolutely everyone using wireless CarPlay and not just some people? Going to be testing shortly up that road disabling LTE etc to see if I can pin point what’s causing it.
  8. I can NOT associate my iPhone XR to Navi on my nex 8100....?????
  9. it is not clipping, it is loss of wireless signal, I experience the same on my 4400, 4500, and a non-pioneer wireless carplay system, it is electrical interference, power lines or something like that likely. plug up the phone and use carplay wired, you will see it never drops......
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  11. Try turning off LTE as a test...
  12. Hi Everyone As the title states, my music app has been cutting out/ clipping on and off sound for a few seconds at a time. Almost feels like its briefly losing connection like when you going out of bluetooth range. This is using CarPlay in wireless mode. I tried the other day to use a cable connection, but the cable in the car is not an original apple charger (gave a message of unsupported hardware or something) but the phone still charges with this cable. The clipping still continued so Im guessing the hu is still using wifi for data transfer. Then I figured out its been happening at the exact same locations every time. Find it happens less out towards the country side, but a little more often in the city. There's an offramp I use normally once a week or so, that it consistently happens on, a long ramp about 400m 1/4mile, and now recently at an area that's doing roadworks nearby my house. Like clockwork it starts messing around when driving in these areas. The first time it happened on the long offramp, I was convinced my amps ground cable was loose as that has happened in the past causing clipping, and the long hard cornering was affecting it, but nope, it was tight. Only then started keeping track of the locations where it happens. Happened with iPhone 7, and now iPhone XS. Software on both phone and hu have consistently been updated hoping to fix this problem. What kind of interference (the only thing I can think of that must be causing this) am I experiencing and how do I fix it? Any ideas?
  13. advanced topic: hidden debug menus

    My bad,it's a X850BT unit! But thanks for the tip
  14. Hi Guys, I know this isn't anything to do with the NEX series but i am still in need of help with my AVIC MRZ02 CAZZERRIA dvd deck. The issue i am having is the "Cazzerria" startup splash screen will come up then after 10-15 secs a black screen appears, the buttons are still lit and the Eject button works, but nothing else works..... This is the first time i am installing the radio into my Acura RSX, so far the internet is telling me to perform a firmware update but for the love of God i can't find the firmware files online, i am always directed to Japanese websites. The deck has a SD card slot so i'm assuming that's where i can update the firmware files. I hope someone can assist me with this! Cheers!
  15. MVH-2300NEX black screen

    And at $175 just to think about looking at it. I’d rather just save a bit more and get a new head unit. oh, well.
  16. advanced topic: hidden debug menus

    First, you didn't state your model. Second, this is an obsolete thread that hasn't been touched in 8 yrs. Assuming you have one of the covered AVIC models, I suggest you get someone who is "smart on downloading programs" and follow these simple instructions: Security Password Removal Script
  17. advanced topic: hidden debug menus

    I just hooked up my system but when I unplugged my radio is send me to password I don't know it and I'm not too smart on downloading programs is there any other way to bypass the password? The easiest way possible I need guidance
  18. MVH-2300NEX black screen

    only pioneer service will help you
  19. On F10BT it only works with ShortFuseScript, Cardinfo from 2017 and Password: 1111111111111111
  20. MVH-2300NEX black screen

    Hey Bonee, thanks for the reply. Here’s the video you requested. the unit was working great from probably 2 years before I wanted to put the camera to it. Since the camera the only wiring changes I made were to connect the camera. So at the back I put ground to frame, and trigger wire to reverse lights. This camera has a trigger wire at the head unit too and suggested connecting it to the head unit to “complete the circuit” per the instructions. So the other camera wire is connected to the purple with white stripe wire and the RCA to RC slot of the unit. thanks again for any help. IMG_2612.MOV
  21. Garmin Express Updater

    Except that the Garmin Map Updates link is not at that web address. Try https://support.garmin.com/en-US/ql/?focus=software
  22. MVH-2300NEX black screen

    record a video to show what it is doing. include the wiring that was done.
  23. MVH-2300NEX black screen

    Hello, I have recently attempted to install a back-up camera to my 07 Tundra with my MVH-2300NEX. Not knowing there was a polarity I have apparently done something wrong. I actually had a couple of tires at getting it right as switching between the polarities allowed me a chance to return to the system screen and change the polarity. What I got now. The radio comes on when I apply power. Sometimes it shows the Pioneer logo and sometimes it won't. The hard buttons light up but the screen stays black. If I put it in reverse the camera works beautifully (I cannot do anything with the screen or hard buttons when in reverse) When taken out of reverse the screen goes black no function, and only the volume buttons work (I know this by hooking my phone to the unit and playing Spotify) What I've done. I feel like everything; disconnect the neg battery (nothing), Disconnect the positive battery (nothing), hold down hard buttons sometimes one at a time, sometimes two at a time (I honestly don't know or could find anything that worked on the internet. I also hit the hidden reset button on the right side of the unit. I called pioneer tech support to which Brian told me to hold down the two buttons on either side of the middle (home) button (i did for 5, 10, 20... seconds and nothing). I disconnected the unit completely from the truck from about an hour. reconnected but still no screen function. Pioneer repair wants quite a bit to just look at it. If anyone got any ideas I would be greatly appreciative Thanks in advance
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  25. Garmin Express Updater

    Hello everyone,I introduce myself Samuel and I work for the firm Garmin Express Updater Let me introduce you to What is Garmin Express updater?Garmin Express updater is computer software used to update maps and device software by downloading and installing the latest versions on to the device. Because these updates are released by Garmin several times a year and need to be installed to get up to date.Garmin Map Updates – As we know Map updates provide the latest changes to roads and locations on the map in the navigation device. The map files are large because they contain detailed information. So this takes longer to install.Software Updates – As Software updates make changes to the operating system files but these smaller files usually download in a few minutes. Garmin Express may ask you to reboot the device. But no need to worry you will be assisted by Garmin Experts who are available 24x7 for every assistance required.
  26. AVIC 8200 NEX


    I have the above device and am looking for a way to switch it to Europe map. What can I do?  greetings from Germany

  27. Avh 4200 software error

    the best cards for pioneer are the ones that I recommended to you. Transcend: For AVH 8G - TS8GSDHC10U1 For AVIC 16G - TS16GSDHC10U1
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