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  2. Also, there is another password I saw mentioned somewhere on here for the debug menu, but I cannot find it now. It begins and ends with brackets, like: [DebugBlahblahblah][Off] This is what I was meaning. Probably wouldn't work in this instance:
  3. SD Password should be: LKPFeD4BcVzESR2Y EDIT: Crap, I just went and read your very detailed update on reddit. This is like the same password you had already tried?
  4. Working Image Links Here are the image links that seem to be working. I know for sure the 4400 link works as I am using it on my 4500: 4400: https://mega.nz/file/SdJCgKCJ#13zrFlogMCWNohCvuFsDFcC1uniHgufVZJxZlQPHUag A bunch of others including 8800, F60, F80, F77, F970, DA120: https://mega.nz/folder/46ISTKAC#JGj_lJWtP2LvLD1GuaQ8zA/folder/dqIVRSJR
  5. I bought the avh2avid card as well as I just got tired of trying to find the image. Also, I've had no success in running the backup scripts and such mentioned on this site. I have learned quite a bit, including the password the card is locked with, how cmd42 works to lock the card and the location of a bunch of images on Mega (not the 4500 though). I definitely think getting a working 4500 image would be great! My biggest fear is this new card I bought failing and being right back to where I was For the SD card, I have a laptop that is able to read the card in Windows without d
  6. Hey, so I got the sd card for my avh w4500nex from Russia. Again, I had 2 of these radios, one crapped out but the other worked. So I have a WORKING SD CARD for a AVH W4500 NEX. I will mail it to you, only one condition, It needs to be one of the people that can get this image out to the rest that need it. I don't have a clue how to get it able to backup. I tried the instructions, couldn't get it to do anything with the test files and all that. Maybe I wasn't holding my tongue right or something. I will hold on to it. Maybe someone will respond. Send me a message.
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  8. I tried helping people and then bad mouth me when they mess up their radio.
  9. Hi I busted my SDcard while jump starting my car and now need the base image for NEX 4100. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  10. Hi all Would this also work on the AVH 4100 NEX? Thanks in advance!
  11. thanks a lot! I used hack script, map, TTS and nonag script and everything went flawlessly and took less than 25 minutes on my old F930BT. As a gift, here are the latest fixed speedcam for France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Benelux (all in one, about 11.000 POIs) : radars fr-benelux-sw-deu.7z
  12. Hi, here are the latest speedcams (2021/17/01) for France-Germany-Benelux-Liechtenstein... all-in one (about 11.000 POIs). radars fr-benelux-sw-deu.7z
  13. I have a thread over at reddit (attached, comments have the meat) that covers my attempts to bring my w4500nex back to life after the internal SDCard toasted itself. Thus far I've installed an SD Extension cable so I can mess with the SDCard until my replacement arrives from Russia. Since then I've been able to get touchscreen working with the 4400 image posted on the development thread and have been deconstructing the updates to figure out if the sdcard password is somewhere in the updates (it's not on the SDCard but likley in the NOR flash that update does). Since messing around with the sys
  14. Hopefully this helps someone else. The digitizer is 165mm x 92mm, 6.95 inch, 4 wire, resistive. On the replacement I got, the ribbon cable doesn't come off the digitizer at the exact same location as the OEM (it's maybe 3/4 inch toward center), but it's long enough that you can fudge it over. There is enough airspace in the back cover for it to close without pinching the excess ribbon. It also does not come with the foam insulating tape around the edge, but it seems to work without it. Once installed, run through the 16 point screen calibration. https://www.ebay.com/vod/FetchOrderDetails?
  15. Alguien me puede pasar la imagen del SPH-DA120
  16. Hi everyone. I’m looking for the internal sd card image of my AVIC-8000NEX thanks in advance
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  18. yup unfortunately theyd rather profit off of their fellow members than help a few out
  19. I have a non working 4500. Spent the whole day today getting my head wrapped around this whole thing. I wish I could help but I can't find anywhere to get a testmode script for the 4500. I tried the slack channel too before find the same as you. They actually just deleted my posts. I was able to get my 4500 working with the 4400 image on page 8 but i have no touchscreen. :(
  20. hey m8, can you help me out, i need a image for a avic-f9880bt and i cannot find it anywhere

  21. Good Morning, Aguem would have the disk image of the AVH-Z9280TV. When disconnecting the battery cable, the SD broke. I tried to put the disk image of the AVH-W4400NEX worked in parts. Someone to help please.
  22. Update: Borrowed a neighbor's jump drive and it's finally updating. What garbage software is on this thing. Now this is resolved, anyone have any tips, trick or hacks for this thing? Ex-gf gave it to me after she totaled her car lol.
  23. Sup guys. I have a AVH-3400NEX and I'm trying to update the firmware from 8.09 to the latest 8.15. After switching from a Mac to a PC, I finally got the device to recognize and update file. I first started with the AVH-3400NEX_CVJ4849-B version that didn't take. So I then tried the AVH-3400NEX_CVJ2793-H. The device then shows me the update screen with warnings, so I click update. The screen then goes in and pops back out and shows a back-lit black LCD screen for like 30 minutes. Is this normal? Is it updating? How long should it take? I would love some advice what to do here, I can't seem
  24. i have a 4500nex in my hands right now but I cant get test mode to load.. anyone? no one wants to help in the slack channel because they sell these on ebay and make money
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