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  3. I connected a rear camera to my unit made all connections only time camera comes on is when I go into map settings and change view to camera when doing this it is only showing split screen with map than when going to drive still spit screen but black on one side map on the other anyone now how to correct this please
  4. nobody knows the password for the Debug menu file modification required for this there is nothing useful
  5. I belive you have to edit the apk to bypass the pasword
  6. Do you know pw or is it still a pioneer secret?
  7. I just have free time during the day to look on the site.
  8. Any of them. Just wanted to fiddle with android options. I swear you're the only one that responds here! LOL.
  9. DEVELOPDBG ON is not working on my 4400nex. I'm still rocking firmware 1.01. Thx DJ LPM
  10. Last week
  11. @boneeI tried reseating 60 pin on display side...no luck. Ive removed screen from slide and popped open screen case. 48 pin from mobo to lcd looks ok. Anything else specific to look at? I have not opened box yet.
  12. No. It started doing this in dash. Only thing I did was take it out of dash to diagnose.
  13. Hello. I am writing from Georgia, Tbilisi. I need your help so much, because there is not a professional who can help me with my problem. I have a Peoneer Avic-X940BT. While updating the firmware, there were wriiten "an error" After that, it does not turn on at all. Is stopped and the system has no reaction. I think the flash memory has a problem where the firmware is installed. Do you know what the problem might be? How can I solve this problem? Or, what model internal flash memory did the firmware use that I could buy.I downloaded the firware file from an unofficial site.I can send you all t
  14. What was done to the radio when it got a result screen. Was the radio taken apart??
  15. I'm actually having the exact same issue but with a Pixel 5. Wired works fine but I'm way to spoiled with wireless now. I was on the 1.02 firmware before replacing the SD card though so I'm not 100% sure that's the issue. I tried clearing the Android Auto app data and cache but that didn't help. Someone somewhere suggested clearing Google Play Services but that has a lot of other implications to Google Pay and my Wear OS watches so I'm avoiding that if at all possible. Has anyone else experienced this after replacing the SD card? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  16. Is this the LCD or do I need to reimage SD? Been working fine for two years and just started derezzing. I checked wiring and couldn't find a loose connection or anything. Thx in advance. dj lpm
  17. Ok, thanks for the help asd255 I did find that the base map is the only content that is active in the "white". All of the POI, Landmarks and such are all marked "inactive" and "red". License issue maybe?
  18. RonS

    Password lost

    Security Password Removal Script for Z110/120/130/140, x920/930/940
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