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  2. Hi a couple questions to experienced users / owners who have gone through this. 1. I have only seen the "Software Error" screen a couple times. Usually I just get a scrambled screen and a garbled image of my splash screen. Is that the same issue here? 2. Whats the fastest speed SD card the head unit can benefit from? If i'm going to get a a new one should I just get the fastest I could get or will some not read by the head unit? Thank you all. Mike
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  5. Hb een probleem met mijn Pioneer avic-f7000bt. Uit het niets blijft het scherm blauw en start hij niet op alleen de CD speler doet het wel maar kan verder niks hij speelt de CD gewoon af. dus hij start verder niet op geen radio en geen navigatie. heeft iemand een idee wat het probleem kan zijn heb hem ook gereset met het knopjeasr blijft hetzelfde. gr
  6. Hey All, I'm trying to make a back up of my internal SD for my AVIC 5201nex, I "successfully" made a back up using the script but the file was only 4gb which I feel is WAY too small compared to other backup files that are 7GB - 8GB, when I tried to flash it to an SD card it just messed up the SD card and would not boot. I realized that the USB was FAT32 so the max file size is only 4gb, but when I format the USB to NTFS for the bigger file size, the radio will not boot up into test mode, it seems the USB has to be in FAT32 mode for dev. mod to work. How is everyone else getting th
  7. superr just done my f940bt your files are great and simple keep up the good
  8. troubleshooting my car rear camera picture keeps showing 3 screens at once per
  9. To clarify, I found part number CSX1184 from PacParts which is listed as a replacement touch screen. What I'm not sure about is whether I need that or if this soft, matte outer layer is separate from the touch screen. I'm confident I can do the repair, just not sure what part I need and whether I can get it.
  10. I was removing my 5000NEX head unit and ended up scratching the screen. The actual glass screen is fine it's just the outer screen protector that got scratched. I found a replacement screen protector online but not sure if it's what I need. The scratch is pretty light, more of a deep scuff, but since the screen is a soft material I don't think it can be repaired. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I have a Hema HN7 navigation tool that uses Naviextras Toolbox for updates, backup etc but the tool box does not detect it so there for no sign in window appears any helpers
  12. does anyone know if this update works on the AVIC-F77*series HU? happy to contribute to paypal for this if this works!!! regards A
  13. Do you know the password of the .rar file but images downloaded from MEGA? tks
  14. Good day, I have a Avic 6200NEX and would love to have something like this made up but with a Chevy and maybe an avalanche logo on it...in black, then maybe in grey with light neon blue highlights... http://i.imgur.com/YasLl2n.jpg
  15. if you have the entire hrz09 hdd image, could you please share it!!! would appreciate it alot, you could upload on mega.nz or onedrive.
  16. if you still have the the all hdd files on your computer, could you please upload it on MEGA.NZ, because i have hrz08 and hdd is corrupted so hrz09 data should work. try to upload LDATA on mega please.
  17. Right after startup unless it is hot outside, my unit will display "No Data" about every 10 seconds and stops playing the radio. All other features work just fine (CD, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, Phone call) I confirmed the antenna is installed, in fact when removed, the signal will grow week, static, but will still play (except for the 10 seconds as mentioned) so I do not believe it is the antenna connection. I have also held the unit out of the dash and tried to shake it to see if there was a loose connection, but it didn't alter the timing of the "No Data" message. I suspect it is a resistor
  18. Hi I'm hoping someone can advise how to return AVIC-MRZ088 back to radio mode?... Buttons aren't responding and the screen is stuck on Raku-navi , lite..
  19. Does this apply to the 4200nex I'm having the same issue
  20. Recently purchased a used unit off ebay from reputable distributor. Installed into my 06' Ram 2500 as well as my Pioneer XM tuner. XM Tuner has power, IP Bus cable placed in OUT port of XM tuner and to the only Bus cable input on AVIC unit. Power and Ground both in place on XM unit. I have updated the AVIC unit to the most recent firmware and the XM tab on the Source menu remains darkened. Another issue I have come across is the IPOD input the AVIC unit comes with. Using an apple cord the phone came with, my iPhone XR music will display on the unit and play but the sounds comes from my P
  21. My AVH-W4500NEX now thinks it is a AVH-W8500NEX, I used the download information and noticed that the name is listed as a AVH-W8500NEX Just FYI most everything else appears to be working fine. Thank you for the info Bret
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  23. I've been trying to find a copy of the 5201NEX SD back up as well. Please let me know if anyone has one. lxr200@verizon.net
  24. I dont have the test jigs to lay the boards out and take voltages unfortunately. I guess when the monitor or keyboard are corroded it blows a particular thing. Just need to figure that out, thanks
  25. I found MRZ07, you can download on the link from above
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