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  3. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Any luck with maps anybody?
  4. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Have you selected english from the navigation menu?
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  6. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi everyone, I have been through this whole thread and tried everything. I do not know what to do. My language won't change. I have an MRZ05. Please help!
  7. I began having a problem with my NEX 7200 after cleaning the screen with the unit off. I assume a tiny amount of cleaning solution caused the problem. The unit is about a year old. It has been about two weeks since this began so a drying out period has passed. The problems are: Erratic or no response to touch screen input. Erratic or no response to hard button input. Reassignment of some hard button inputs Unexpected opening of the tilt screen without any input. When in the Android Auto mode the unit seems to operate without some of these problems. Pioneer factory service wants $230 (not including shipping to them) to fix the problems and this quote is open ended meaning it could be more. I am sufficiently skilled to remove and disassemble the screen unit. I doubt the touch screen is bad but it may have a wet or contaminated or burnt ribbon connection. I can locate a replacement touch screen without much trouble. The hard button assembly I can not locate easily. If it happens I need a hard button assembly does anyone know how to obtain one? I noticed Amazon is selling new NEX 7200 units (sold by Pioneer) for $549 a little more than twice the price of the repair quote… if the repair quote actually is $230. I’d appreciative anyone’s comments or suggestions. BTW... I found a recent YouTube detailing the disassembly of one of these units. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvUFv5GVRTY
  8. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    @sushi714 Naviextras claims it’s an issue with AVICSync. needless to say, I’m back to being lost
  9. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    I was hoping so! I reached out to the guy in support that's been helping me for an update today. I just don't understand how this isn't a bigger priority for them? Currently I'm working with Pioneer who claims that Naviextras is aware I called their support number (be prepared for a long wait) and just explained that the traffic feature wasn't working. Evidently, it's only working on androids, but not iPhones.
  10. Yeah....Waze for IOS12 was released today!!!! We now have Waze on Carplay!!!
  11. iPod playlist problem

    I am trying to use an iPod Touch connected by USB, and music playlists are in alphabetical order, instead of the proper order in the playlist that I’ve made. This has been a problem on both my previous 8000NEX, and still on my new W8400NEX. Apparently this also happens on some other Pioneer units with USB-connected iPods or iPhones (not using CarPlay). This did not happen with my old iPod classic. I still like a wired connection for my music; it sounds better than via Bluetooth. I realize this is an obscure problem, but wondered if anyone had this issue. I have searched all the settings on both the head unit and the iPod, and can’t get around it.
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  13. 2016 Maps *WORKING* for X850 / X950 / Z150

    I got the 2018 maps. They just released a few weeks ago? Gauging interest? Soon as I posted the 2016 they were for sale on ebay 10 minutes later so im kinda hesitant to post here. Im assuming the process is the same to copy the files
  14. Looking for 2018 update F9220BT

    Hello Community, I am searching a long time for the New 2018 Europe's update for Pioneer Avic F92220BT vas anybody got it? I would be very thankful! Greetings Brommie
  15. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Hey @MostlyPepper! Sorry -- don't think I was subscribed to this thread, but I am now. Glad you made some progress, even though it doesn't seem like Pioneer has been. What method of contact did you use to reach out to Pioneer Support? I can try to reach out the same way to add some pressure. Maybe it'll help move things along the more complaints they have?
  16. Pin 38 in your wiring diagram looks promising. I checked my 987 diagram and it looks comparable to my pin 19 (both BRN/WHT and go to a module on the right side of the frunk). To access you'll have to remove some of the liner plastic trim. Probable just held by a few screws.
  17. Thanks Ron, yes this diagram came from my 981 2012-2015 Service Manual. Thanks for the tip on the Brake fluid cover, I don't think 987 is that different from the 981, it should be in the same location. Many thanks for your help. Al
  18. I have a 987.2. so your 981 wiring may be different. Is that a 981 wiring diagram? I have printed instructions from the EuroMotorSpeed kit. It says to remove the cover over the brake fluid reservoir and you'll find a black 46 pin connector with all the wires for ABS. On mine, it was the BRN/WHT wire going to pin 19. Your's looks different. Basically, any wire that pulses when any wheel rotates will work.
  19. Thanks Ron and other contribiters to this thread. I solved the program startup error on my unit by using testmode and forcing nav and platform writes from downloaded firmware to nand and it worked!
  20. Yes, thanks. It's a 2013 Boxster. According to my wiring diagram, White/brown is Terminal 31. There are 4 wheel sensors coming from the wheels into the PCS control unit, but I can't find them.
  21. Hello. Is here anyone who can help me? I need backup files for my F310BT or a working backup from an modified device, because I'm afraid i will brick my device if i do this method, as i read from the prev. posts... Is there any working method to get get this device working with modified software, like iGO8 or Primo. I had a problem with my device it is an F310BT on 1.0004 Firmware, but the AvicFeed icon is grey and if i start the unit the navigation starts and not the laucher. How can i reset this to work properly, because i have don reset with button, from software but nothing helped me. I also downloaded the AvicFeed PC app to get the apps but it not recognise any SD card ot the unit in PC connectivity mode....
  22. Maybe if you stated the model and yr someone could tell how to connect VSS to a pulse wire. Hint - it is in your ABS harness below the brake fluid reservoir. Probably White/Brown for Porsche.
  23. Lots of info when I search speed pulse.
  24. This message is becoming a problem as it remains on the screen blocking the actual MAP for the entire journey and I can't find a way to clear the message. Any Ideas?
  25. C6 OEM Antenna

    Wow, you lucked out finding that adapter. I had a similar issue with the XMRadio antenna in my Porsche, it would not fit the XMRadio tuner. Rather than cut/trim the Porsche OEM connector, I took out my Dremel and cut the outer housing of the XMTuner which was only $39. Worked like a charm. The satellite radio antenna was mounted on the rear trunk lid.
  26. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I am having the same issue with my AVHW4400. Did disconnecting the GPS and using a micro bypass work? I assume you have to then put phone in airplane mode.
  27. Home address

    I was finally able to the correct home address by typing in a few address street numbers different. Like 256 instead of 250 and that worked
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