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  2. OEM settings greyed out AVH-1300NEX

    There is no steering control setting on the radio. Its settings is on the aswc-1.
  3. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    On page 19 this member here posted a link to access mrz09 backup. i hope it will help you if the unit can paste those files in USER folder. I am not sure of the outcome. So do it at your own risk. manio112 Member Members 22 posts Report post Posted October 15, 2017 HI TO ALL AND THANKS DZO FOR HIS JOB I HAVE BACKUP OF MRZ09 MAYBE SOMEBODY NEED LINK FOR IT https://mega.nz/#F!nUwjVLxZ!1soULiYcJRyf1W3ANrSFZg Quote
  4. No, the user is taking the shotgun approach for any ideas. See here
  5. Is that the correct model? I have the user folder for an x9310bt at http://www.mybyteideas.com/x9310bt/
  6. X930bt- cant connect blue tooth phone set navigation . greyed out lettres. Tried reseting by disconecting battery. Pull faceplate control and replace. Asked for anti thieft password but greyed out area.

  7. I did. now the unit keeps saying there's a map update but im on the latest. just bought the unit so for the first 45 days I have free updates. trying to figure it out in that timeframe. 2018 Q4 is the latest?
  8. MRZ 09 lost pro.flg file

    Hi fanourio. I have MRZ09 that has no USER DIR content. If your script can help would you please upload it to be accessible. The unit cannot paste to USER folder but pastes to any other media easily. Thank you in advance for your time.
  9. OEM settings greyed out AVH-1300NEX

    I've mitsubishi mirage 2014 with pioneer AVH-1300NEX after market installed. also I plugged in the Metra Axxess ASWC-1 to the wiring harness but it didn't work. im trying to reach the OEM settings but it is greyed out (im on parking mode)
  10. Hi Oris1391 Did you get a solution for your unit.? I have a similar issue like yours. Probably your solution might work for me too. How did you solve it.
  11. Dear Ishlevi

    The problem you had with your unit is exactly the same like mine (mrz09)??. No program, USER DIR missing, error number 7 at the bottom right corner of black screen noted. HOW DID YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM ? Would you please help me if you have  had a solution for it? Thank you in advance for your time.

  12. Hi DZO

    Sorry if I am bothering you too much with requests. Would you please suggest, based on your knowledge and experience, how I can tackle the problem I am facing with Pioneer Carrozzeria MZR09, posted previously on page 47 (with image) and also on page 49. I just can't figure out why the unit copies data from any source and can paste to any media but cannot paste to USER folder: which in my case it is empty. There is no DIR content:  These files are missing:-  PRGO, PRG1, RW, SETUP, SESTEM, VOLUME.       How do I enable the unit to paste these backup files in USER folder? Or what should I do.? 

  13. I have an Avic-W4400nex installed in a Toyota. All steering wheel buttons work perfectly when i use my Apple CarPlay and iPhone. When i use my Samsung S8 and wired Andriod Auto, the phone pickup and hang-up steering when buttons do not work. The other buttons still work. I have to use on-screen pickup and hang up virtual buttons. Does anyone else have this issue?
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  15. not to revive an old thread but I was having the same problem on my avic-5201nex unit and so decided to update the firmware then got an error saying "not enough storage" when trying to update maps from the avicsync. called pioneer and they said "the unit isn't designed to update maps from the phone". I don't really understand the answer given.
  16. NEX CARPLAY Problems

    I did the update and it did not fix the issue. Just got off the phone with Pioneer tech and they said they are still working on the problem. They also said that they tried a beta version of the OS 13 update and it still had the problem.
  17. Last week
  18. Same harness for NEX8200 as NEX5000?

    Thanks a lot. That's good to know. I don't believe the 8200 I bought comes with anything other than the wiring harness which I won't even need since I'll use the existing harness...so I don't think the remote wiring would even be an issue. If he does send it, I'll consider using the 8200 harness and rewiring.
  19. Better yet... Here's a link to an old thread. Follow the instructions and you should be ok.
  20. 4000nex image on 4100nex

    i need the 4100 nex sd card image and all i can find is the 4000 nex image. will the 4000 image work on the 4100?
  21. Everything was working fine and then stopped. When I try and make a phone call it connects and the person on the other end can hear me but I can't hear them. Then after about 10 seconds the call disconnects. The calls come through fine on my iPhone XS Max, but not on the bluetooth of the AVIC-8000NEX. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alan
  22. I make reset radio and I forgot the password of AVIC-F860BT
  23. I make reset radio and I forgot the password of AVIC-F860BT
  24. F88 DAB firmware v 1.04

    I have just found links for the older v 1.04 firmware should anyone need it. https://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&v_code=52270&v_langue=en As i have also found a site that does Speed Camera updates but it needs the older firmware to run it (i suppose you can always update the firmware again afterwards) http://www.speedcamupdates.com/pionner-avic-f88dab Will keep posted after i have tried it!!
  25. Custom Backround Request

    Hi can anyone customise this wallpaper? Would like the background color to be black and add a phrase to this wallpaper - "Born from Jets" just below the logo. Looking at 1024x600 resolution. Thanks in advance.
  26. NEX Proud Owner

    Source off
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