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  2. w8500 compatible with samsung

    I have a Samsung S10E and it works beautifully with 8500. Actually connects faster to this than to my old 8200. I use Pandora most of the time and with the 8500 the app doesn't have to be open. With a minute of starting 4runner pandora auto connects. I love using the Android Auto wirelessly too... just press the button. Disconnect... press button. Very nice.
  3. AVIC-W8500NEX Sporadically Reboots

    You're not alone. I had a 8200nex for 3 years and loved it. Moved it to my wife's van. Bought the 8500nex in mid December. Within 2 weeks it rebooted 5 times. Contacted Pioneer and they said to return it and replace it because it was likely to fail soon. Checked all wiring connections and had to reflash Maestro with replacement. The second unit seemed to be fine for the past 2 weeks. Then after 2 hours into a 3 hour roadtrip it rebooted. Was using Android Auto wirelessly connected to my Samsung S10E and playing Sirius XM. After reboot seemed fine. 4 days later (today) after just 15 minutes of driving only streaming Pandora (no Android Auto) it rebooted. So no common pattern yet. I have about a week left to be able to return this to Bestbuy... but I really love the unit. This is sad. Will call pioneer first though tomorrow.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hello, I am looking for my latest software version on a AVIC - F90BT When I go to my system settings page and look for system information I have found the system information is "grayed out" Ha? any Ideas as to what could be wrong? Thank you lbeylo
  6. Last week
  7. This is the weirdest thing - over the last couple months the 8200 I have had installed in my wife's car for the last few years has randomly decided to not start up sometimes. It works with the backup camera as she gets out of the driveway, but then it won't do anything else - and if she ends up going into reverse again at some point the backup camera doesn't initiate a 2nd time. Does anybody have any idea what this would be? It didn't start like overnight - it started happening like once a week, now it won't turn on at all. Is it totally done?
  8. F900Bt original firmware

  9. Hello, I have a problem with AVIC-F9770BT I don't remember my password. How do I run testmode or Condis Hackmode has no SD input is only 2x USB
  10. F900Bt original firmware

    Thank you, but this file is corrupt or empty I'm searching for Hungarian TTS or TTS Pro for F900BT, i hope there is on the Original DVD.
  11. Perhaps you accidentally clicked on a push notification and now you are subscribed to it and receive a newsletter. This cannot be ruled out, try accessing the site under VPN https://www.ratrating.com/tops/internet-protection/vpn-services/all and check if there will be more ads? If so, look for problems in the browser.
  12. What the hell is up with all the spam from here?

    Check again, maybe you didn’t save the settings, and if it’s disabled, then try to disconnect from the mailing list via mail
  13. Password AVH Reset

    Interested in easy fix please
  14. I have a AVIC 8500NEX and have paired it to my Android phone, Essential PH1w/Pie, and the incoming phone calls come through the 8500 ok but the incoming text messages do not. I looked at all the settings on the 8500 and no luck. with the stock 4runner HU texts came through just fine. .
  15. Any news about the update mate?

  16. HI i have an Avh-x8850bt, but i cant unlock, because my pasword is numeric, and i remember but in the service retire the car battery, and the display is out of calibration, i had instaled in my unit an SD card with the firmware actualization 1.06, i atach the file, i cant enter to test mode by te port USB1, to caalibrate, and put the numeric password, i hope you can help me, best regards...


    like this:




  17. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Still have any for x930bt?
  18. Este posibila o instalare si pentru avic f950bt?Daca aveti idee cum se face as dorii sa aflu pas cu pas.Multumesc
  19. recommended 2018 map update f900bt

    Can you upload this content on a torrent so we can download it easier?
  20. Password AVH Reset

    realy i do the same and still the problem...
  21. AVH-P3300BT Update?

    Hi guys.. new here.. I was referred to this forum from someone. I have a Pioneer AVH-P3300BT unit and I'm wondering if there is a way to possibly modify the ROM or update it in any way possible. or is this unit just a paperweight at this point..? TIA for any help!
  22. TestMode

    You mus be acced from port USB1, behind the unit, normaly is the superior USB.
  23. Program start up error

    Ok, First let me say sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place I'm new to this place.. So I've been out of the car audio game sense 05 other than installation of brand new equipment in my own vehicles.. Well I'm trying to help my neighbor. He fixes and sells car's. Well on 1 of the cars the battery went dead and from there on out all the HU displays is Program start up error I tried to do a hard reset but that didn't solve the issue.. I been reading on here about test mode.. Is that what I should be trying next? and farther more will it even let me try that method sense it stays stuck on that screen? Geeze who would have ever thought a dead battery would kill a perfectly good head unit.. Man how the game has changed since 05 Sense he is selling the car I'm tempted to just tell him to just go buy a new cheap Walmart radio and let me install that and junk this old unit.. But I'm not ready to give up on this unit just yet.. I like challenging stuff like this.. OH! PS. The model number was so small and dark and half rubbed off so I can't tell what model it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/3x60Btf
  24. F900Bt original firmware

    Here there is VOICE.zip
  25. F900Bt original firmware

    Here you can find the original firms. https://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/support/software-firmware-downloads/avic-f900bt If someone has the original TTS DVD please uploaded it. Thank you.
  26. Driving home from work and I ran out of gas, opps. Tow truck brought gas car radio was working fine, I got home next morning went to take kiddos to school, Avh-4100nex prompted me for password. Odd I thought to myself the radio was never disconnect and car battery is good. I put in the password, however when I go to hit enter the button icon is unresponsive as the delete button is in turn selected. I next used a toothpick as it is not as fat as my finger to select the enter icon. Once again the back space icon is selected instead. In fact the entire keyboard bottom row of "key icons" of the touch screen are responding as if it was the row above. 20200116_140616.mp4
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  28. To install the hack? A few seconds. If your question is about installing the map update, it belongs in the map update thread. Should take around 20-30 minutes.
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