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  1. I wanted to start a thread of backup files for our stock units and any modified images. If this forum has helped you at all, contribute with your backups as a big thank you! State full Make/Model of your NEX unit, which firmware version installed at the time of backup, and which files are being uploaded. Here's my submission: Pioneer AVIC 6100NEX, firmware version 1.5 NOR Flash and BSP backup: shorturl.at/uLT16 Internal SD card backup: shorturl.at/gBHL2 *Update* Working on getting a new set of files up, these might be corrupt. Standby... *Up
  2. I'm about to pull the trigger and crack my 6100 and update maps, however, I want to make sure Bluetooth will not be broken after this procedure. I know it's an issue on 4000 units, I want to make sure it isn't a problem for 6100 units. Thanks!!
  3. So I'm wondering the same thing, can I just throw the folder that 69sixpackbee was referring to and it's Pioneer license onto my 6100 and be good to go? Or do I have to crack iGo with the instructions on this forum? If so, can NextGen and Here maps be used interchangeably or do I have to pick one? Thanks in advance. I spent a lot of time on gpspower and found bits and pieces of the puzzle
  4. Same thing here, would love to see this feature implemented. I've trained myself to mute it as I leave, but my better half has not xD
  5. Bump! I'd love to turn this off on my 6100...
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