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  1. Backups and Images

    I wanted to start a thread of backup files for our stock units and any modified images. If this forum has helped you at all, contribute with your backups as a big thank you! State full Make/Model of your NEX unit, which firmware version installed at the time of backup, and which files are being uploaded. Here's my submission: Pioneer AVIC 6100NEX, firmware version 1.5 NOR Flash and BSP backup: http://bit.ly/2cLq29d Internal SD card backup: http://bit.ly/2k5Y6fz *Update* Working on getting a new set of files up, these might be corrupt. Standby... *Update 2* New files uploaded, enjoy!
  2. The AVIC Development Mod

    I'm about to pull the trigger and crack my 6100 and update maps, however, I want to make sure Bluetooth will not be broken after this procedure. I know it's an issue on 4000 units, I want to make sure it isn't a problem for 6100 units. Thanks!!
  3. Adding HERE Maps To Thumb Drive For Synctool Update

    So I'm wondering the same thing, can I just throw the folder that 69sixpackbee was referring to and it's Pioneer license onto my 6100 and be good to go? Or do I have to crack iGo with the instructions on this forum? If so, can NextGen and Here maps be used interchangeably or do I have to pick one? Thanks in advance. I spent a lot of time on gpspower and found bits and pieces of the puzzle
  4. Start car/head unit in low volume or mute

    Same thing here, would love to see this feature implemented. I've trained myself to mute it as I leave, but my better half has not xD
  5. 5100NEX warning message

    Bump! I'd love to turn this off on my 6100...